Four Guaixiang nternet network management Chinese mom jury

China’s Internet really rely on these 60 mothers to "young I young, as well as the young people" illustration / Wang Luxia

it’s not realistic for children to have access to computers.

established at the end of last year the domestic Internet "Mom jury" before the formal appointment, which has a Chinese characteristics ", again by the industry and the media attention. 60 members of the "Mom jury" on the domestic Internet will influence the mental health of minors to report content, review, and ultimately the formation of the relevant departments to give advice. However, many industry analysts expressed doubts, although the mother as a child "born protector", but they can do domestic Internet content "reviews"? In addition, the standard is not It differs from man to man. pornographic and vulgar, "bad sites", how their mothers in a word to judge read more

Car home CEO Qin Zhi vertical site road where

car home CEO Qin cause

car home CEO Qin cause

in recent years, rumors of an "vertical theory" has never been interrupted. Investors have been appreciated vertical website really cornered? Actually not. IResearch released from the "2012 economic report" Chinese network can understand that in 2012, the online advertising market reached 75 billion 310 million, the vertical industry website advertising share showed a slow decline, in 2011 fell 2.7%. Video, electricity providers and other community sites, snatch the traditional vertical website cake to a certain extent, on the other hand, promote the thinking and attempt of vertical sites on its development. read more

Taobao wireless big reform shops can make their own membership card

[Reuters] the state power was once considered the "transaction customers" Taobao began to try to help sellers to retain their customers. Billion state power network has learned, released 2014 days before the wireless card, currently only 4 more than Taobao and Tmall open seller drill.

It is reported that

, a member of viscous management tools after Taobao platform has included gold coins, Tmall integral integral whole network types, users can use Taobao in any shop in Taobao integral consumption, is not conducive to a single store to form their own loyal customers. The wireless membership card is the shop for their own customers to issue a special certificate of rights, store wireless integration only in the store circulation, you can through the integration of activities, incentives have integral buyers to buy again. read more