Fast profit is a blessing or a curse Personal webmaster or trap three traps

in the era of the internet global coverage, the main way to do many companies and individuals to promote business. In recent years, the increase in the number of sites to make all kinds of frequent coalition.

these years, large and small, such as advertising alliance webmaster alliance emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, has opened a door for personal webmaster to make money, how to face the dazzling individual stationmaster alliance? Is a university asked here, Xiao Bian also remind you webmaster need to beware of the three traps. read more

These 15 free learning sites each entrepreneur should know

lead: free, high-quality online education resources in recent years has continued to grow. Use the following resources, you can learn more about marketing, entrepreneurship, business management skills.

becoming a successful entrepreneur means that you need to play multiple roles, especially when your business is just starting and you don’t have enough staff to take care of every aspect.

the cost of learning new skills required to start a business is high, but fortunately, free, high-quality online education resources in recent years, showing sustained growth. Use the following resources, you can learn more about marketing, entrepreneurship, business management skills. read more

VC refused to finance literature website

May 24th, the mom in the world — financing national tour owners meeting, spread the latest insider, VC has made it clear that it would not carry the risk of investment in the development of literary website, let originally survive in the clip gap in the literature website is can’t do anything. This is the editor of the Admin5 in the national tour of the General Assembly on the invitation of the mother of Ali’s VC scene questioning dialogue.

Admin5 editor: "after Shanda in recent years the continuous acquisition of starting point and Jinjiang literature network and occupy half of the country literature market, literary website is no longer affected by VC are welcome." read more

Group purchase industry now lodging precursors from barbaric growth to savage

editor’s note: in a wink, 2011 last month. In the upcoming 2011 farewell occasion, carefully comb history of domestic new economy industry this year, to see if it can bring what experiences and lessons for the development of the 2012 seven emerging industries, is the most important. From this week, the new economic weekly will use 5 full pages, multi angle, wide field of view analysis of the characteristics of the new economic industry development in 2011, to readers.

reporter He Jun

from March 2010, China’s first group buying site was born so far, less than 2 years, the number of sites to buy the same as the cell split as the storm increased to more than 5 thousand. So, this piece of virgin land between the group purchase market night was filled with dense seedlings. Every seedling all do everything possible to get access to the sun and rain, growth, in order to usher in the autumn harvest. It is best to be able to turn from herbaceous to woody, evergreen. read more

Consumers buy a house out of the service fee Sue reconciliation awarded 30 thousand

SouFun compensation

Zhang Xi

purchase period has been communicating with developers to bargain, the deposit is ready to sign a contract, but was told the salesman to spend 15 thousand yuan to buy third SouFun group purchase service, can enjoy the preferential price of 100 thousand yuan. The unexpected costs, let people purchase sun Mao Yizhisuzhuangjiang Soufangwang and developers Shanghai ridge King court both.

a few months later, after the court coordination, the two defendants compensation on the spot by sun Mao 30 thousand yuan. It is understood that, in fact, the payment of compensation is soufangwang. read more

Kuzhan appreciation Web Design appreciation of 18 cases of simple case

design of the simple style of the site, always inspire people’s inspiration. From the designer’s point of view, how to use these simple visual elements to create a simple and effective website is a very interesting thing. Today, we collected a number of simple web design cases to stimulate your inspiration, so that we can understand, in fact, do not need a lot of elements piled up, you can achieve a sense of design, simple website.

source: Web Design ledger

Aesthetic Invention read more

Official announcement on the promotion of easy media Li Linglong resignation

recently, the media have inquired about the media publicity Shenzhen branch Li Linglong turnover and company operation, then our thanks to the media attention, some media is not clear the truth, caused by the relevant reports are not true, in order to avoid confusion loss reported facts, issued the following statement, to straight:

Yi Yi media was founded in August 2002, and changed its name to the promotion of advertising network ( and set up headquarters in Zhuhai, founder of Mr. Tan Tingfei. The company is investing in mainland China, not Hongkong. read more

How to open the SNS user’s white collar process

according to the major categories, SNS is divided into social network service and social networking service two. Network’s focus on the reality of social relations to network performance, so network is usually the real name of the invitation, and closed, typical is Facebook; networking is emphasized to make new friends here, so networking is usually a non real name, and put more emphasis on self display, MySpace is a typical. Of course, these two points are not completely separated, but in the beginning of the entry point and temperament will be different. Now Xiaonei, both in the above network, also some people in the above networking. read more

Guoxin office to talk about the definition of pornographic information pornographic works of art are

Beijing, June 20, (reporter Liu Yuying) National Internet Information Office official 20 on the "anti pornography · net net 2014 special action when answering a reporter asked for obscenity, pornography has been defined.

Guoxin office 20 bulletin, this year, the cumulative processing, closed pornographic websites of 1222. Before the end of April, a total of 422 closed pornographic websites. And how to define pornographic information, also caused concern.

the responsible person, China’s "criminal law", "National People’s Congress on punishing smuggling, production, trafficking, dissemination of pornographic materials criminals" etc. the law expressly refers to pornographic material depicting explicit sex or promote pornography obscene books, films, videos, tapes, pictures and other pornographic materials. read more

PP assistant selling 100 million Another grassroots counter attack

recently heard the news, UC and PP assistant has reached a wholly-owned acquisition agreement involving an amount of more than $100 million, the settlement is nearing completion. However, the parties are a little secretive about the transaction, there is no confirmation message.

this rumor is dramatic, keywords eye-catching is just this year to completely get rid of takeover rumors UC, although they did not recognize this list of business; and PP assistant will make people feel a little strange, plus up to 100 million dollars worth, a lot of people on the "illusion" of the company is out of nowhere: who is this man? What can read more

CM plans to launch Xxx domain name registration and promotion

news: it is reported that since December 15th 10, ICANN.Xxx officially approved a new top-level domain, the United States ICM Registry days before the launch of the first founder of plan for.Xxx open registration, said it will allow qualified companies to obtain.Xxx domain name registration and promotion rights.

It is understood that the founder of

, plans to include the.Xxx domain name registration, registration based on how to promote the company, provide information submitted to apply for participation in the.Xxx domain in the promotion plan, many participants, will be the birth of the first.Xxx domain name registration company promotion. read more

Daily topic nternet lottery life and death was once again halted huge market will go

A5 webmaster network ( February 28th news, the Internet lottery was halted message for the lottery website is undoubtedly a heavy blow. In February 25th, the State Sports General Administration issued a circular calling for the strengthening of the management of sports lottery, which involved the use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets. After the announcement, part of the provincial lottery management center has been suspended to accept the Internet lottery sales orders, which spread to many Internet lottery companies. read more

The end of the second phase of the Shanghai webmaster Association

Shanghai legend, focus on Taiwan

2007 May 27th, Shanghai East Nanjing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street, not far from the Bund. Shanghai second party webmaster Association, in nearly 10 days of preparation, finally held as scheduled in a teahouse on the street walk. According to statistics, there are more than 80 webmaster, Internet peers to participate in the gathering.

party sites related to the electronic commerce, Web2.0 community, college life, tourism, automotive, education, and other aspects of Wap, including the structure of participants webmaster, CEO, vice president, investor, manager, operations director, technical director, sales director, BD, design etc.. These are sufficient to explain the real desire of the webmaster, Internet operators to communicate with peers. read more

nsiders said Baidu due to technical reasons to reduce included new sites

today and a Baidu internal staff dinner chat, he said, in fact, Baidu is not like some small webmaster website said that is not included in the new, but the recent domestic Internet fast development, Baidu’s database server has been running at full capacity. Due to technical reasons, Baidu has been unable to solve this problem, only to constantly update the device to meet the needs. This year the situation reached a peak, because the content increased dramatically under some time ago server instability, but Baidu can improve included in the new threshold, while reducing the number of garbage station page, to reduce the pressure on the server. But some valuable sites have increased to meet the needs of users included. Because Baidu has a lot of confidential data on China’s Internet, and Baidu also provides search services for the Chinese government’s database. For various reasons, large-scale cooperation with foreign companies can not improve the stability of the server. read more

Online travel sale website and will be B round of financing scale billion yuan

[Abstract] to the financing of investment for Fosun brothers and CDH venture capital. Will CEO Air China said that the current funds have been credited to the account.

coming CEO Air China

August 15th, the online travel website to sale announced recently completed B round of financing, investors in this round of financing for Fosun brothers capital and CDH, the scale of financing more than one hundred million yuan, the company CEO King Air China said the current funds have been credited into account. read more

Jiangsu to increase the literature video and e commerce site management

Jiangsu provincial press and Publication Bureau, copyright bureau of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu province pornography Working Group Office recently issued an emergency "on the fight against IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods and further notice" use of copyrighted software, deployed to carry out a six-month crackdown on IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy the special action of goods. Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Yangzhou, Nantong, Zhenjiang, Yancheng, Xuzhou and other places are the focus of this special action inspection area. read more

Brush powder division blew operation nsider 100 thousand fans 7 days to fix

"how many fans are there in your micro-blog? Do you want to have the same appeal as the superstar? Your number of fans determines your voice in this era!"

"play micro-blog, Tun fans, to create personal awareness, to expand the brand influence, the number of fans (the number of listeners) = influence!"……

a well-known shopping site, brush fans advertising overwhelming.


era, everyone in micro-blog, share information. Colleagues, classmates, relatives and friends to become concerned about each other’s fans, the number of fans, it seems that the greater the influence. In this context, an alternative career – "brush master" will emerge as the times require. read more

VeryCD site can not be accessed or closed SARFT

Tencent Francisco December 9th afternoon, the number of users to reflect on the science and technology Tencent, yesterday also can access the well-known VeryCD download site about 2:30 afternoon suddenly can not access, analysts say or with SARFT recently about the new policy.

is reported that, in addition to Beijing users can not visit, Shenzhen and Shanghai and other places are also unable to respond to the user’s visit to the Verycd site. VeryCD is based on the open source P2P network sharing software eMule, the media resources to provide a website. VeryCD started in September 2003 and uses eMule as the basic shared client. read more

Sources said the Sohu PPTV marriage fizzled buyers for no nternet service company

hunting cloud network reported on July 30th

PPTV on sale, confused for months, has spread to Ali and other Sohu to negotiate the acquisition, but as of today has not been finalized, but also for the industry frequent news readers called "menstrual news".

but below to say that this part of the content, we really have to pay attention to the. Because eventually won PPTV is not Sohu, nor Ali, but a new big buyer.

is the hunting cloud network news has just received from an insider close the deal at the core, but the person refused to disclose the buyer company name, only that the company listed in domestic, and in which the field is definitely a giant, no Internet business. read more

Domestic buy network for ten months the first half of the total loss of 3000

August 31st, Gaopeng retrenched staff attorney high occupation revealed that at present the total number of layoffs of 7 city 9 City Gaopeng in Southern China area is about 70 people, the number of layoffs last month in Beijing, up to 50 people.

in the summer of 2011, the group purchase website heat with the temperature gradually rose to peak at the same time, also began to spread advertising, unable to pay on time layoffs — even though some things when the company responsible person, this is "normal personnel changes". read more