CDC Power Struggle Deepens

first_imgEmbattled Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) national chairman George Solo has suspended three Executive Committee members of the party for time indefinite, worsening the existing “power struggle.”Some executive committee members early August 2014, expelled chairman Solo from his post for allegedly breaching the party’s guidelines.A communication to that effect was transmitted to the national electoral body—National Elections Commissions (NEC).Solo had since protested his removal before the Elections Commission, claiming that his colleagues’ action was against the party’s constitution. Pending an official ruling from the NEC, Solo issued a statement in Monrovia suspending Mulbah K. Morlu, vice chairman for operations, youth league chairman, Jefferson T. Koijii and deputy secretary general for administration, Samora P.Z. Wolokolie.According to Solo’s statement, “these individuals are suspended for time indefinite and they are expected to submit to the special investigative committee for investigation.”Solo’s statement continued, “The chairman has set up a six-man special investigative panel headed by its executive committee member Mike Doryen to probe them for grossly violating the party’s constitution.”In reaction to Solo’s assertions, Wolokolie said, “We consider that trash.”“I can’t respond to an embattled chairman,” Wolokolie concluded.For his part, Mulbah Morlu, vice chairman for operation declined to speak, adding; “That man is not chairman any longer.”However, Solo announced the suspension of all political activities of the CDC and asked all partisans to refrain from party activities related to gatherings as per health regulations and the “State of Emergency” until the party sees it necessary.Meanwhile, NEC failed to resolve CDC’s saga after several conferences with parties involved, forcing Commissioner Jonathan Weedor to revert to the Board of Commissioners for further investigation, NEC Spokesperson Joey Kennedy said.“Commissioner Weedor, who has direct oversight responsibility over CDC, could not resolve the matter and has asked that the matter be brought to the Board of Commissioners’ attention; so that will be communicated soon,” the NEC official said.According to party sources, Solo is currently before CDC Grievance Committee and the statement issued under his signature at the moment further cripples his chances of retaining his position as chairman.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

No duty to protect

first_imgVan Nuys Al Gore was right Re “Major meltdown” (April 29): Your April 29 edition showed a picture of a collapsed roadway. The article said it was due to an explosion and fire caused by a crashed gasoline truck. No, you got that all wrong. The “meltdown” was caused by global warming. Gee, Al Gore was right after all. – Leonard E. McGinnis Granada Hills Tenet’s book Re “Rice challenges ex-CIA chief on allegations” (April 30): In the case of attacking Iraq without any credible evidence, former CIA Director George Tenet was probably telling the truth about CIA findings. On the other hand, former national security adviser Condoleezza Rice ignored 56 CIA warnings regarding Osama bin Ladin and other terrorist threats to our country. As to Tenet playing the victim and allegedly being distressed about the more than 3,350 U.S. military deaths in Iraq, his $4 million book deal is ludicrous, since he played right along with going to war and accepting the Medal of Freedom. Nothing was stopping him from resigning or warning the nation. For Tenet, his book is more for the benefit of the “CYA” than the CIA. – Jerold Drucker Tarzana Party of victory? Re “Dems still party of defeat” (Their Opinions, April 30): Rich Lowry using the phrase “party of defeat” to describe the Democrats just won’t fly. The Republicans have controlled all three branches of government for more than five years. Except for that disgraceful “Mission Accomplished” photo op, there has been nothing to suggest that the GOP is the “party of victory.” On the contrary, the Republicans are the ones who have engineered this nearly hopeless mess. Our troops are in the middle of a civil war in a place where al-Qaida could not exist without our presence to incite the local populace. The Democrats are still willing to give the president all the money he’s asking for. They just want him and the Iraqis to account for it by showing us some accomplishments. What is defeatist about that? Does “victory” demand a blank check indefinitely into the future? – Robert C. Von Bargen Santa Monica Losing the truth Re “Dems still party of defeat” (Their Opinions, April 30): Rich Lowry is a manipulative, transparent buffoon. America has been in Iraq for more than four years now, and nothing positive has happened except that Saddam Hussein’s statue has been overthrown. More than 3,000 American lives sacrificed just to topple a statue. Even Gen. Petraeus was less than positive about our progress in his message to Congress last week. Admittedly, while the general didn’t use the word “lost,” if you read between the lines that is exactly the feeling you were left with. I wish the conservative “wrong”-wing columnists would get their truths together and not try to pull a fast one over the eyes of the American public. – Gene Cofsky Tarzana No amnesty We need to start protecting our country and way of life that we and other American citizens before us have worked so hard to achieve. Current immigration proposals are similar to the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens. Most citizens I know are opposed to any form of amnesty for illegals. Call the current immigration proposals whatever you want, but the American people understand what “amnesty” means. We can no longer be the backbone for the Mexican economy. I believe that now is the time for society to stop catering to the special interests and activist groups and to start standing up for American citizens and the immigrants who are here legally. – Earl E. Smith Burbank Virginia Tech shooting I don’t understand the Bush administration’s reaction to the Virginia Tech shooting. On the day of the shooting, the administration had the FBI, CIA, U.S. military, National Guard, French Foreign Legion, British commandos and even the guy from the grassy knoll on the scene, but when Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, only the local police were left to help for days. – Jerry Pennington Van Nuys May Day When I was a child growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, we used to leave May baskets on the steps of our friends and neighbors to celebrate May 1. A May basket was usually made by hand from construction paper and filled with flowers like violets and dandelions – whatever we could find. It was rather like the reverse of Halloween, when we tended to soap windows. I think it’s a nicer way to celebrate than ditching school and jamming streets and freeways! – Margy Lee Northridge Not just a lie Re “Penalty for sex, war” (Your Opinions, April 30): Bill Clinton was not impeached because he lied about having an affair with a woman who was not his wife. Once again, Bill Clinton was impeached because he lied at the Paula Jones trial. He was found in contempt of court by the judge and fined $80,000. – Philip Crispi Glendale Dumb or astute? Some five years ago, a dumb president called George W. Bush declared that three countries made up the axis of terror – Iraq, Iran and North Korea. If you notice, today North Korea has detonated a nuclear device and is blackmailing the Far East, Iran is progressing toward a nuclear device, and the world is having a fit. Iraq is in the middle of a religious war and is providing combat experience to various mad sects of Iraqis, Iranians and others. Now is he really dumb or astute? I guess it depends on whether you are sensible or a Democrat. – Joseph Nicassio Valencia Oh spray can you see? I’ve noticed that graffiti have greatly proliferated over the last couple of years. Virtually every entrance and exit to the city are now covered with graffiti. The authorities need to do something about this eyesore and those who cause it. I know Mayor Villaraigosa is aware of the problem as your paper has photographed him at nearly all of the places I’ve spotted it. Hey, wait a minute … ? – Bruce Jones Eagle Rock160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “Gridlock, gangs top concerns” and “Suspects hide for hours in garage” (April 28): Yikes. Concern about violent gangs. Two bank robbers in the garage, and the homeowner can’t get through to the police. A reminder of the riots 15 years ago when we learned the police have no duty to protect us. Meanwhile, you could turn in your piece for peace, though predictably no criminals came forth. The article stating an “SSK assault rifle was turned in along with enough ammunition to blow away 59 bystanders” indicates your agenda is showing. I doubt the father who turned it in was in danger of using it, though he violated the law by bringing it there. Also, I believe you meant SKS. – Lenee Landis Sylmar Ceding the streets I got a good laugh from a TV news piece about the anniversary of the L.A. riots. The reporter stated that the Los Angeles Police Department “temporarily ceded the streets.” The word “temporarily” is what gave me the laugh. Here in the San Fernando Valley, gangs and criminals rob local stores, break in and trash homes and steal numerous vehicles by the hour, people drive as fast and as illegally as possible, and God forbid you call 911 about the crackheads arguing in front of your house; you’ll get yelled at for making a “nonemergency” call. The ceding of these streets by the LAPD continues full-time here in the Valley, where residents delude themselves into thinking all that will go away by changing their town name to Lake Balboa. – David Dills last_img read more