Sunwell Synthetic Feather Hair Extensions Kit – Good value for the amount you get in the pack

first_imgEnjoyment, fast and uncomplicated to use – great kit. Applied the shunwei feather hair extension at a faculty fundraiser. We had the most well-known stand. The staff and i identified the kit genuinely uncomplicated to use. The colours of the feathers are great and assorted. Hair washing is not an issue and the extensions did not slide out. We eradicated the feathers with the kit soon after about 5 weeks. Critical: the hair extensions are as effortless to get rid of as they are to put in. Would suggest this merchandise.Features of Sunwell Synthetic Feather Hair Extensions Kit with 39 Synthetic Feathers, 50 Beads, Pliers and Hook Tool1) Material: High Quality Synthetic Feather Heat-Resisting Fibre. Our Synthetic Feather Hair Extensions can be washed, curled or straight at 100-150 degree.2) Hair Texture: Straight, Salon Quality Feather Hair Extensions Kit.3) Color: 13 Colors, Length: 15-16 inch (38-40cm), Weight: 0.35lb (160g).4) Package: 39 pieces Synthetic Feather Hair Extensions, 50 Silicone Micro Beads, a Pair of Pliers and a Hook Tool.5) Please Note: These are synthetic feather hair extensions which are professionally dyed to look like feathers but not real feathers.Terrific for bash or just to change the hair fashion. Very same as other feather extensions, terrific for social gathering or just to change the hair model.My nieces aged 5 to eleven liked them as did their mom who is forty six.Excellent benefit for the amount you get in the pack. Superior worth for the total you get in the pack. They do are likely to grow to be a bit matted and fewer sleek looking after a several times though.Adore the selection of colours that arrived and i have. Purchased these as a last minute acquire for a pageant. Arrived very swiftly and the pack is made up of all the things you have to have to increase the extensions into your hair. There are no guidance but the process is extremely simple – thread the bead in excess of the hook tool, then take a compact, slim sample of hair exactly where you want to utilize the extension. Twist marginally and hook it with the tool, pull the bead up and around the end of the tool and then pull the tool down to drag the chosen hair by way of the bead. Thrust the end of the extension through the bead also and position wherever essential on the head. Use the pliers to squeeze down on the bead to flatten and keep the extension in spot, you can then trim the extension to a ideal size if wants be. There are loads of you tube videos on this if you want to observe how it really is finished. Really like the range of colours that came and i have washed, dried and straightened my hair numerous times now with these in and they glance terrific just about every time, no difficulties at all.Definitely fantastic value, nicely packaged and rapidly delivery. Truly excellent cost, properly packaged and rapid shipping. Possessing by no means used these in advance of, it was fantastic that the kit came with the applications desired. A excellent hair accessory for festivals. Vivid hues, lovely and gentle, complete kit. . Vivid shades, wonderful and tender, entire kit. Would be 5*s, but the striping is just not reliable throughout the whole packet.Wonderful feathers for extensions. Fantastic products, benefit for income, rapid delivery.I bought this as a birthday current for my daughter. I acquired this as a birthday current for my daughter and she loves it. The kit contains all you have to have. It can be a little bit fiddly to get the dangle of it but there are a great deal of tutorial video clips on the web to help you with it.Love the selection of colours that came and I have Fun, fast and easy to use – great kitI bought this as a birthday present for my daughter Really great price, well packaged and fast deliveryBright colors, lovely and soft, complete kit. Great feathers for extensionslast_img read more

Other People’s Priorities

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now Your inbox is the place where other people’s priorities live.If an email is simply something that you’re supposed to read, if it’s “for your information,” then it’s someone’s priority that you read their email so they can be confident you’re aware of something. This OPP is really someone’s CYA.If an email is a request for you to actually do something, that request is being made by someone who believes it is a priority. But whose priority is it? If they didn’t believe it was a priority for you it wouldn’t have ended up in your inbox.A lot of the email you receive is a request for information. You know something someone else needs to know, and they need your help with that information. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have some other way to find the information. But, if they know you have it, they’re happy to unload their priority onto you.Your Priorities FirstInstead of waiting in front of an open inbox all day for other people’s priorities to arrive (being completely reactive) close your email. No seriously; just close it. When you open your inbox, process your email. As you process that email, determine the best and most effective way to respond to other people’s priorities.If someone needs to share information with you, archive it to a “read later” folder. If someone requests that you do some task, add the task to your calendar, defer the task, delegate to someone else, or shoot a quick email back renegotiating the timeframe so that it better meets your schedule. I know this isn’t always possible, but a lot of the time it is.If you have information that someone else needs, determine the urgency with which they need that information. Then decide the best way for you to respond–and the best medium. If you’re in sales and you’re in your car a lot, print the emails and make the calls from the road. There’s no reason to travel to a client site and waste the time in the car when you could be blasting out some of the work you need to complete for others.It’s difficult to achieve all of your own necessary outcomes, but it’s impossible to do so if you’re always vigilantly standing by waiting for other people’s priorities to arrive. It’s important that you don’t neglect other people’s needs. But it isn’t necessary–or effective–to allow their priorities to become yours.QuestionsIs your inbox open right now? Really? You still haven’t closed it? Seriously. It will be okay.How much of your inbox is someone else’s priorities?What percentage of your email is really just someone covering themselves?How can you use time that would otherwise be wasted to respond to other people’s priorities?How do you make time for your priorities?last_img read more