10 months ago​Tottenham plan Howe contigency if Pochettino joins Man Utd

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say ​Tottenham plan Howe contigency if Pochettino joins Man Utdby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham will look at Eddie Howe if Mauricio Pochettino leaves the club this summer.With Pochettino linked to jobs at Manchester United and Real Madrid, there is a possibility he will leave Spurs.And according to the Daily Mail, Bournemouth boss Howe is the man chairman Daniel Levy would target to replace the Argentine.It would cost a club £40 million to buy out Pochettino’s contract at Spurs, as he signed a new deal this past summer.English papers have suggested he is open to a move to United, as he knows it is an opportunity that may be too good to turn down. last_img read more

Dabo Swinney Yelled At Refs In The Tunnel After First Half Clock Controversy

first_imgDabo Swinney celebrates and talks to an ESPN reporter.dabo swinney hype video clemsonClemson ended the first half with a 44-yard field goal attempt that was blocked by Alabama and fell short. The Tigers were forced to burn their final timeout and lost an additional play after referees somehow allowed several seconds to tick off the clock after a first-down completion.The refs are taking heat for this on social media, and Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney made sure to let them know they messed up on his way into the locker room. In hallway on way to locker room, Dabo Swinney screamed repeatedly at officials “you made us use a time out” on late first half scenario— Brett McMurphy (@McMurphyESPN) January 12, 2016Our only hope? That clock snafu and the points it might have cost Clemson doesn’t end up costing the Tigers the game in the long run.last_img read more

Here’s An Updated 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Ahead Of The Sweet 16

first_imgSweet Sixteen Bracket for the NCAA bracket.If the first two rounds of the 2016 NCAA Tournament weren’t the most exciting in the event’s history, they’re certainly in the running. We saw a 15-seed knock off the national title favorite. We saw numerous buzzer-beaters – including one from half-court. We saw a 12-point comeback in just 44 seconds. And we witnessed historic dominance from one conference – the ACC.Now, we’re onto the Sweet 16 – where the insanity seems to have settled. In fact, Gonzaga – winner of the West Coast Conference – is the only school from a non-power league left. That being said, the Bulldogs are dangerous.Here’s an updated look at the bracket. All four No. 1 seeds remain – though many have tough matchups this week. One week from now, we’ll know which teams will be participating in the Final Four.Sweet Sixteen BracketHere’s the schedule for games on Thursday and Friday. Elite Eight contests will be played Saturday and Sunday.Thursday:(2) Villanova vs. (3) Miami: 7:10 PM ET on CBS(2) Oklahoma vs. (3) Texas A&M: 7:37 PM ET on TBS(1) Kansas vs. (5) Maryland: 9:40 PM ET on CBS(1) Oregon vs. (4) Duke: 10:07 PM ET on TBSFriday:(1) Virginia vs. (4) Iowa State: 7:10 PM ET on CBS(6) Notre Dame vs. (7) Wisconsin: 7:27 PM ET on TBS(10) Syracuse vs. (11) Gonzaga: 9:40 PM ET on CBS(1) North Carolina vs. (5) Indiana: 9:57 PM ET on TBSIt’s been a historic year. Are there more surprises in store?last_img read more

Government Moving to Build Resilience of Water Infrastructure to Address Water Crisis

first_img Prime Minister Andrew Holness in Parliament last evening (May 15) outlined several measures to improve water production capacity in Kingston and St. Andrew. At present the water levels in the Mona Reservoir is at 27 Percent and the Hermitage Dam, 33 percent. The Government is moving to do major upgrades of the water transmission systems while looking to source new wells and springs and establish a new water treatment plant from Rio Cobre, to assist in alleviating the water shortage in the Corporate Area.Prime Minister Andrew Holness in Parliament last evening (May 15) outlined several measures to improve water production capacity in Kingston and St. Andrew. At present the water levels in the Mona Reservoir is at 27 Percent and the Hermitage Dam, 33 percent.Prime Minister Holness said the major upgrade of the transmission system and the construction of a 15-million-gallon water treatment plant on the Rio Cobre in St Catherine will improve water supply and meet future water needs.The Prime Minister said it will cost some US$160 million to upgrade some water distribution systems in the Corporate Area.“We are nearing completion of the water works along both Hagley Park Road and Constant Spring Road. Once finished, we will see upgraded transmission mains and a more reliable system of distribution in the areas”, stated Prime Minister Holness.Prime Minister Holness expressed hope for rainfall in the coming months to increase the water levels in the storage facilities.“We are hoping that when the heavens do open and the rains come, we will be in a better position to save this precious resource and to improve the conditions of our people. We also urge persons to conserve where possible as this too will help in these difficult times”, said Prime Minister.In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness said he is aware of the cries of homeowners and business operators within the Corporate Area and sections of St. Catherine, bemoaning the lack of sufficient supply of potable water.“I am faced with the issues first-hand as my Constituency is one that consistently suffers from the lack of a reliable supply of potable water. We understand the great level of frustration and inconvenience this has caused in affected households and places of business and we appreciate the patience and understanding being experienced by residents”, said Prime Minister Holness.The Prime Minister apologized to the country for the shortage of water that has inconvenienced residents across the Corporate Area for several weeks. Story Highlights Prime Minister Holness said the major upgrade of the transmission system and the construction of a 15-million-gallon water treatment plant on the Rio Cobre in St Catherine will improve water supply and meet future water needs. The Government is moving to do major upgrades of the water transmission systems while looking to source new wells and springs and establish a new water treatment plant from Rio Cobre, to assist in alleviating the water shortage in the Corporate Area.last_img read more

Commentary SECs depth argument seems unrealistic

In college football it is widely accepted the Southeastern Conference is the best.Seven straight national championships is hard to argue with, especially when six of those title games have been by double digits.But the argument that the SEC is the deepest conference in America because any team can beat any team doesn’t seem to be realistic.From the start of the 2012 season until last Friday, the top six teams in the SEC based on their conference record: Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas A&M had a combined total of one loss to the bottom eight teams in the conference.Now after five of those teams lost to lower tier SEC squads – LSU to Ole Miss, Texas A&M to Auburn, South Carolina to Tennessee, Florida to Missouri and Georgia to Vanderbilt – the conference is being touted as the deepest in America.That just doesn’t seem logical, you cannot go from being blatantly top heavy to ultra deep just because the stars lined up one weekend and a bunch of teams lost.One week simply does not make a deep conference.If things continue along this trend and the top teams continue to falter then maybe that argument could be made, but for now, it doesn’t have enough merit.Even if you look at the SEC’s national titles over its collective run of dominance it is top heavy. Of the four championships won since Florida claimed their second in 2008-09, Alabama has won the title three times, with arch-rival Auburn being the only team to unseat them.And after the BCS rankings were released Sunday, the Crimson Tide, ranked No. 1, look poised to bring home another this year.If you are a league that supposedly boasts parity then shouldn’t those championships be more spread out? Wouldn’t you expect a team like Georgia or Texas A&M to contend for a championship?Last season the argument was made that the Big Ten conference was made up of Ohio State, who could not participate in the postseason because of sanctions stemming from tattoo-gate, and then everyone else.Couldn’t you make the same argument with Alabama this season?Sure, until someone manages to unseat the SEC as reigning national champions they will remain as the class of college football. But the conference doesn’t need the added hype making it seem better than it is.The gap in talent between conferences is closing, but until the SEC is brought back down to earth things will remain as they are in college football. read more

SPI International has just signed a nonexclusive

first_imgSPI International has just signed a non-exclusive agreement with New Films International (NFI) that will bring NFI’s library to SPI’s worldwide channels.The NFI catalogue features Hollywood’s stars including: Robert Downey Jr, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Hugh Jackman, Natalie Portman and Matthew McConaughey.SPI International said the deal will also strengthen its growing catalogue of new and classic arthouse films with a selection of titles featuring stars including isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu.SPI acquired non-exclusive TV and VoD rights to New Films International content for territories including CEE, CIS, the Baltic countries, ex-Yugo republics, Africa, Asia and Australia.“NFI’s movies will enhance our arthouse programming and bring color to our actual Filmbox movie channels,” said SPI’s President Loni Farhi .New Films International CEO & Founder Nesim Hason said, “I am extremely happy to be signing this deal with Loni Farhi and his team. SPI is doing so well I have no doubt that their brand will soon become a household name all over the world.”last_img read more

Modern Times Group MTG has signed an agreement t

first_imgModern Times Group (MTG) has signed an agreement to sell its Ukrainian pay TV operation to local commercial broadcaster 1+1 Media Group, subject to local regulatory approval.In addition to offering various packages of up to 110 channels via satellite, Viasat Ukraine provides the TV content for mobile telecom provider Kyivstar’s OTT TV offering, which includes up to 130 TV channels and video-on-demand services.MTG’s Ukrainian operation has been struggling for some time. The company said in its recent full-year report that a solution was “currently being finalized” with regards to the unit.“The sale of our Ukrainian operations is part of our ongoing strategic portfolio review. The Ukrainian team have created popular TV entertainment platforms and products, and we wish them every success in the future,” said Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, MTG President and CEO.1+1 CEO Alexander Tkachenko said that his group planned to develop the operation’s subscriber base. He said that fighting piracy would be a priority.last_img read more

Can Netflixs business plan elevate the company fr

first_imgCan Netflix’s business plan elevate the company from teenage upstart to dependable adult? Kate Bulkley reports.Eighteen is a difficult age for humans and so, it seems, for at least one media company. Netflix, which came to life in 1997 as a DVD rental company by post and then in 1999 as an SVoD service, made headlines in 2010 when it became the biggest source of internet traffic in primetime in the US.Netflix took the media business by storm. Users loved its ease of use and its inexpensive and flexible pricing and it transitioned easily through its teenage years into a major media player. It picked up programming awards for its original series like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards and launched internationally, while its stock price rose almost as fast as its subscriber numbers. Cable pioneer John Malone admitted that companies he invests in were caught out by the super-fast rise of Netflix, which fed on subscribers’ disillusionment with big cable bills.Netflix has recently tweaked its model to achieve CEO Reed Hastings’ ambition of breaking even next year and achieving what he described as “material global profits” in 2017. Some investors on Wall Street even think it could become a US$100 billion (€90 billion) company by market capitalisation.But there are problems afoot. The root of concerns over Netflix in 2015 remains its business model: how can it justify a soaring stock price and a market valuation of nearly US$45 billion – over 255 times earnings – when for the past four quarters Netflix’s cash flow has been negative?Netflix recently dropped large chunks of its library to focus on acquiring original programming. It has also been signing up both cable and telco distribution partners, increasing its footprint as it moves towards its stated goal of being in 60 countries by 2016. It has continued to beat the odds with its growth plan, adding a better than expected 3.28 million new subscribers in the second quarter. In October it will launch in Spain, Portugal and Italy and it aims to add more countries by the end of next year, including China and India. Subscriber numbers stood at a healthy 65 million in Q2.Netflix’s stock has recently plunged – falling by 21% over three days in August – partly on the back of China’s problems and their potential impact on global economic growth, but also because media analysts had already begun questioning a model based on continued growth.While there is plenty of evidence from the US that people want to pay less and cut the cord in favour of a ‘skinny bundle’ from the likes of Netflix and others including Sling TV, naysayers are also looking at how Amazon and other digital players are starting to nip at Netflix’s heels. For example, in Japan Netflix recently announced a partnership with Softbank to distribute its service but Amazon also has a Japanese business and is hungry to compete, including moving into the funding of original programming, emulating the Netflix model. Meanwhile, Netflix has plans to launch in China, but local player Alibaba recently announced that it will launch a similar service there.At the same time, Netflix has said it will not be renewing its licensing deal with Epix, so a major part of its library (including the likes of The Hunger Games and the Transformers series) will move to its competitor Hulu. Original material from stars including Ricky Gervais, Idris Elba and Adam Sandler is great but, as anyone in the TV business knows, not all the new projects with big name talent actually work. Will Ricky Gervais really create more subscribers than Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence?Nor is Amazon standing still. Origination is now on the top of its agenda, most recently with the acquisition of the former Top Gear team Jeremy Clarkson and his chums. Together they will make a new motoring show that could help make Amazon a brand name for middle aged men all over the world.But even more interestingly, Amazon has recently announced a download service – something that even Netflix has shied away from. The multi-layered Amazon is still a long way from challenging Netflix in terms of subscribers (the UK figures alone show this – 4.4 million subscribers for Netflix against 1.2 million for Amazon, according to Ofcom), but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is not usually the kind of man to play the underdog role for too long.On top of Amazon, Netflix also now has to keep Spotify, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and loads of other high profile web brands in its sights because they are turning more towards video content to attract eyeballs. YouTube is also set to add SVoD channels to its platform, bringing another potentially bruising source of competition to the body of Netflix.All in all, by the time Netflix lights the candles on its 21st birthday cake in three years time, things might look considerably different than it did as a teenager. Nothing stays the same for very long in the media business. Even for Netflix.Kate Bulkley is a broadcaster and writer specialising in media and telecommunications. tellkatenow@aol.comlast_img read more

Researchers reveal method to produce the perfect cheese fondue

first_img Source:https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/pressroom/presspacs/2019/acs-presspac-february-20-2019/a-scientific-method-for-perfect-fondue.html Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)Feb 20 2019Cheese fondue is an icon of Swiss cuisine and a dinner party staple. While it may seem like a simple dish, getting the texture right can be a challenge for optimal mouthfeel, dipping and flavor release. This requires the perfect balance of cheese, wine and starch. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Omega reveal how to use these key ingredients to produce deliciously melted fondue.Once a fad of the 1970s, fondue has made a resurgence in recent years. And on a cold winter night, there’s nothing better than dipping a piece of bread into warm, gooey cheese. But that’s only part of the picture. Traditional versions also include wine and seasonings, as well as starch for cohesion. Chemically speaking, fondue is a multiphase system of colloids that require just the right inputs to achieve cheesy perfection. One wrong move could leave the preparer with an unappetizing bowl of separated cheese solids and oils. So, to gain further insight into the flow of fondue, Pascal Bertsch, Laura Savorani and Peter Fischer wanted to assess the effect of starch and wine on the dish.Related StoriesSchwann cells capable of generating protective myelin over nerves finds researchAXT enhances cellular research product portfolio with solutions from StemBioSysTAU’s new Translational Medical Research Center acquires MILabs’ VECTor PET/SPECT/CTThe researchers started with equal amounts of two traditional fondue cheeses — Gruyère and Vacherin — in water. The addition of a potato starch slurry prevented irreversible separation of the dish. To mimic the effects of wine, they added a mixture of water and ethanol. This decreased the viscosity of the fondue, which is required for optimal mouthfeel and dipping coverage. They also incorporated acid to study the effect of lowering the pH, and this generally had the effect of lowering the fondue’s viscosity. The researchers also explored alternative thickening agents. Less carrageenan and xanthan gum were required compared to the amount of potato starch needed, but it was carrageenan that provided the creamiest results. Overall, the study shows that a few minor tweaks can result in cheesy perfection every time the fondue pot is brought out.last_img read more