Teaching jobless how to find jobs

first_imgJennifer SternAccording to the latest Afrobarometer survey, released in early March, South Africans believe unemployment is the country’s most pressing problem. Some 59% of those surveyed put joblessness at the top of the list – far more than the 39% who cited crime as the biggest problem.At 21.9%, South Africa’s unemployment rate is high. And as the global economic cataclysm gradually makes itself felt here, it’s only going to get higher.Obviously, joblessness is highest among those who lack skills. But the problem is that they not only lack the skills to carry out work, they lack the skills to get the work in the first place. And that’s where Cape Town-based employment agency DreamWorker steps in.Run by Ronald and Tania Bownes, DreamWorker operates from Athlone, an excellent base to access the most of the Cape Flats – the sandy expanse of flat land to the east of the city where the apartheid-era government created a huge ring of townships. With three year’s funding from provincial government, they work with the bottom quartile of the employment pyramid – people that commercial employment agencies are not interested in.With Ronald’s background in project management, brand building and management consulting, and Tania’s in advertising and marketing, the couple were previously responsible for reviving  the dormant Community Employment Initiative, which they joined in 2006.The venture took off pretty quickly and, within two years, it had attracted the attention of the provincial government, and was ready for serious expansion. But not everyone wanted to expand, so Tania and Ronald left CEI, which was rebranded as WorkNow! and started DreamWorker.One of the first things the Bowneses noticed when they started working with relatively unskilled unemployed people was that the lack of skills extended further than work skills. These people also had limited work-seeking skills.“We teach them the softer skills,” Ronald says. “Body language, how to prepare themselves for an interview, how to open up, or not be too cool. We teach them how to present themselves.“We don’t do formal training, but each person leaves a bit more savvy and bit more confident.”“I know they’re in a desperate situation,” Tania adds. “I know they’re helpless. We give them a sense of empowerment.”What makes DreamWorker so different from commercial employment agencies is that it’s free – to both the work seeker and the employer.“We don’t charge a fee, because we are funded by the government,” says Tania.Face to faceWhat sets DreamWorker apart from other organisations that help the unemployed find jobs is their focus on the individual.“Every single person gets a one-on-one with an interviewer,” says Robert. It’s a simple but time-intensive system.“We connect physically with each person,” says Tania. “We make eye contact, shake hands.”Each job-seeker has to register by filling out a form. Some of them have to be helped to complete the form.“We want them to give us as much info as possible to sell them,” says Tania. “We want to know them fully. We ask them for certified copies of relevant documents and written references if possible. And a typed CV if they have. Anything we can use to sell them.“We then have a chat. We don’t call them interviews.”Ronald explains: “Unemployed people often have no confidence. They come across badly. Sometimes they exhibit a false bravado. This is more an issue with the men. They hide the pain and desperation with bravado. The ladies tend to lack confidence, so they undersell themselves.“We give them homework.  We send them home with a piece of paper and ask them to write what their skills are, what they can offer.The applications are then graded on a points system. “We grade according to education, references and experience,” Ronald says. “On the one hand it’s qualitative, but it’s also quantitative.  We also give negative points, for example, for attitude, social difficulties, or a history of alcohol abuse.“A lot of people come here very disempowered, but we say, ‘Start again. Help us to help you.’”But the compassion is tempered with a healthy dose of pragmatism.“We can’t help everyone,” Tania says. “It’s not fairyland, if they have a background of alcohol or drugs, we won’t jeopardise our programme unless we know they’ve been fully rehabilitated. Same for criminal records.”Here Ronald laughs, and tells a story. A man came to them and, up front, told them he had a criminal record. Asked for details, he told a story of when he was returning from a football match with some friends. They’d had a few drinks, and really needed to – well, get rid of a few of those drinks. They were caught urinating on the side of the road, and arrested.“We decided we could overlook that,” Ronald says, smiling. “He didn’t seem like a big security risk.”The big questionDuring the interviews, they always ask their “big question” that helps overcome people’s reticence. Ronald says some people close up; they look away, they seem depressed. So one day, he asked someone, “What is your dream for your life?” And the response was amazing. The person just opened up.“I sometimes sit with ladies of 40 years old, who can’t speak English,” he says. “As soon as I ask them the question, ‘What is the dream you have for your life?’ their body language changes, their voice changes. They become eloquent.“Some of them come up with the most amazing things, but the most common theme is educating their children.”Tania adds: “And there is such gratitude to people who have helped them – a sense of giving back. There is a sense of helping those who have helped them.  It’s not just about me, me, me.”Ronald relates one woman’s particularly touching response.“Actually, I would like a bakkie,” she said. “It must be an open bakkie that I can put a mattress in the back.”She went further to explain that, in the townships, there are many people who get sick or are injured over weekends or after hours, and they struggle to get to hospital. She would like to use her bakkie to drive sick people to hospital. During the week, she’d sell vegetables from it. That was her dream for her life.“You know that the small income they are going to get they will share with someone else – their granny or someone. It’s a common theme. Help my cousin, help my granny, educate my kids,” Tania explains.Round pegs and round holesDreamWorker takes a lot of trouble to place people carefully.“We deal with a lot of domestic workers,” Tania says. “We find out what they enjoy and what kind of person they are. Do they like children, are they chatty or quiet? And then we give prospective employers a few people to interview. They can employ them just for one day; try them out.“It’s really important, especially with domestic workers, that you match people by temperament. One person wants a domestic worker to be a friend and to be involved in the family, while another might want somebody quiet and independent who will just get on with the job.”But they also deal with corporate clients, the biggest of which is food and clothing retailer Woolworths. It started off when they were working in Hout Bay with the EIC. They had a really good relationship with the local store manager, Fuad Cassim, and have supplied Woolworths with a lot of cashiers and shelf packers.“It’s a personal connection,” Tania says. “Fuad is a good supporter and marketer. He gave us a break, rather than using commercial employment agencies. And it’s paid off.”She tells of one of their success stories.“Lance Geswindt. He was a sweet guy, very shy, very reserved. He’d had a job cleaning kitchen extractors. He went to the Eastern Cape, and when he came back the company had closed.” With the country’s history of migratory labour, many black South Africans regularly return “home” to the rural areas to visit family.“He was shy and didn’t have a great sense of self, but he had potential. He worked for us, just for a day, moving furniture. Ronald gauged his personality. He was young and hungry.“So we got him a job in Woolworths as a shelf packer and he took to the training, the system. He took to everything. He learned cashiering as well, and he became a controller in the Hout Bay store.“He’s supporting his mom. She’s a single mother, and a domestic.“Not every story is a Lance. But we are here for the Lances. Without this process Lance would not have got into Woolworths. Fuad knew us, and trusted us. All the various bits worked together.”“We close the gap between a relatively unsophisticated employee and a relatively sophisticated employer,” says Ronald. “It’s not rocket science.”Changing consciousness“First and foremost, we’re in the consciousness-shifting business,” Ronald explains. “Secondly, it’s about empowerment, and then about finding a job.“We have to shift people’s perceptions about themselves. “But if goes further than changing the way unemployed people present themselves.“We need to get people excited about employing people,” Tania says “We need to change that mentality. Let people be part of a new process, a new consciousness of employment.  If you can just employ someone for one day a week, that makes a huge difference to their lives.”There are three levels of employment, all equally important, explains Tania. DreamWorker helps people to find work for a day, for example, clearing a plot of land, or regular work one day a week, such as domestic work or gardening or – the big prize – permanent full-time employment.The dream“[Provincial] government’s goal is to halve unemployment in the Western Cape by 2014,” Ronald says. “Our 2020 vision would be no unemployment in South Africa by 2020.”“If 1-million families employ one person for R100 a day that would be amazing,” Tania says. “If you just employed one person for one day a month, it would make a difference. Just to wash your car, mend your clothes, whatever.”Although DreamWorker is about helping people, it is built on solid business principles. When they first got into the game, Tania and Ronald spoke to Charles Maisel, the founder of a similar employment project, Men on the Side of the Road. They asked him how they could extend the model, and he gave them a simple answer.“Give it away,” he said.“So whoever wants to start it up, we’ve got the model,” says Ronald. “You’ve got to find funding, of course, but we’re available. We’ll help you set it up. We’ve produced a tight admin system. All the forms, processes everything. We can hand over the model and mentor you. That’s what we did in Hermanus.”The Hermanus satellite office is funded by the Western Cape Department of Social Development.“They’ve been going for nine months,” Ronald says. “Now we’re doing it again in Somerset West. “He explains the simple arithmetic behind the dream. “In Hout Bay we created 25 000 work days in one year. And that translates into excess of R3.5-million worth of wages recycled through the community, money that wasn’t there the years before.“So each office has the potential to facilitate approximately 30 000 work days a year, or more, resulting in excess of four million rand of wages back into the hands of the previously unemployed.”DreamWorker is a lean, mean operation, Tania explains.“Our office is tiny but the influence is immense. For every R1 the funder has given us, we create R10 worth of wages. That’s a 1 000% return.  It takes a while to get there. But once an office is fully operational that’s what we expect.”Do you have queries or comments about this article? Email Mary Alexander at marya@mediaclubsouthafrica.comRelated articlesEating, earning from city farms Finding jobs on the roadside Paprika farming boosts economy Amamjobjob for the people Cagey crafts from cage diving Useful linksDreamWorker Men on the Side of the Roadlast_img read more

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, June 25, 2019

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We come to you this morning with a slightly better forecast, as we make an attempt at drying out. We do get full sunshine today over the entire state behind a frontal boundary that swept through overnight. That front was responsible for triggering some thunderstorms, but there were at least a few holes in coverage of that moisture. Any residual showers this morning will leave east and northeastern parts of the state quickly today as high pressure takes control.  Sunshine rolls right on through tomorrow afternoon. We continue to watch a system moving out of the upper Midwest across the Great Lakes, which will allow for some cloud cover and minor moisture to sag slowly southward late in the day Because of that, we can’t completely rule out a chance of scattered showers late tomorrow evening down to US 30, but the moisture is very minor. We expect a few hundredths to .1” with coverage at only 30% from US 30 north.  Additional dry days are expected back to back for Thursday and Friday. This period will feature good evaporation and plenty of sunshine. Temps will be near normal. IF you miss the action tomorrow night, that means a large chunk of Ohio could be looking at 4 straight days of dry weather, the longest stretch in some time! Unfortunately, our dry pattern comes to an end over the weekend. We have scattered showers that develop in northeast Ohio Saturday bringing up to .2″ and coverage at 60%. BUt, the rest of the state stays partly sunny and dry. Sunday clouds increase statewide and showers develop, triggering .1″-.7″ with coverage at 60%. Most of that rain will be from I-70 north, but we are not going to fully limit it to only those areas…southern locations need to be on the lookout for more of a renegade shower here and there.  Additional organized moisture returns for the start of next week. Scattered showers Monday will bring a few hundredths to .3”, but with coverage limited to no more than 40% of Ohio, mostly western areas.Tuesday through Thursday we see 2 rounds of moisture sweeping through the state. These combined batches of moisture will total .4″-.95″ over 80% of Ohio.  This will be a significant rain, but the upper end will be limited to thunderstorms, so exact placement of the heaviest rains will be up for discussion closer to the system’s arrival. Independence Day next Thursday will turn out to be a pretty good day, with any morning showers leftover from the Wednesday system leaving quickly and being replaced with sunshine. The map at right shows rain potential through July 4th…the first time in a long time we can show you a multi day precipitation map with no red on it! The extended 11-16 day forecast starts off with a continuation of dry, sunny weather for July 5th. The holiday weekend gets interrupted by scattered showers for Saturday the 6th bringing a few hundredths to a quarter of an inch with 60% coverage. However, this may turn out to be the only significant rain potential in the entire extended window. We look for sun to return Sunday the 7th, and then the pattern stays partly to mostly sunny and dry for the first half of the following week, Monday the 8th through Wednesday the 10th. Temps overall remain near normal on through the extended period, which means we still do not see any excessive heat building here.last_img read more

Avoiding Burnout

first_imgAuthor: Christian Maino Vieytes, B.S. Nutritional Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park, M.S. Candidate, Division of Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Wellness EquationWellbeing and self-care are multifaceted1. The dimensions of health and wellness include physical, social, emotional, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual2. Nevertheless, the pillar that tends to dominate our attention is that of the physical domain3. We constantly hear about how we need to be exercising more and eating better. But the equation and path to wellness remain subject to the effects imparted by the other variables. Our health is not complete unless all dimensions of wellness achieve equilibrium.In the context of our modern lifestyles, we fall prey to the increasingly difficult task of achieving this balance. Work, school, personal life matters, among other concerns, dominate our consciousness and demand constant consideration. Left unchecked, continuous accretion of these stressors results in a perpetual state of exhaustion, which is termed burnout. Burnout leads to decreased job performance, loss of confidence, and can even spiral into a depression4. If left unchecked, it can potentially culminate in physical manifestations, such as illness5.A key principle stands out when attempting to address burnout. First is that of self-awareness. The first step in addressing a problem is to acknowledge the existence of one. Are you restless and easily irritated? Have the things you enjoy in your life lost their sense of fun? These are questions that help us comprehend the level of exhaustion our minds and bodies have reached.Strategies for Minimizing BurnoutFeeling overwhelmed? Implementing the three “R’s” (Relax, Reflect, and Regroup) can be helpful. Relaxing involves what we think about when we wind-down. This can look very different across individuals. Spending time with family/friends, sitting on a park bench, or even exercising are all viable examples of how relaxation can be achieved. The next “R” corresponds to reflection. The goal here is to delineate the events or sources of tension that have contributed to the present state of exhaustion or anguish that has resulted. In many instances, reflection is not possible if we cannot attain a relaxed state. Otherwise, the mind runs rampant, and introspection is not achievable. Self-awareness is the gateway to minimizing burnout. Two specific approaches for self-awareness will be described below. The last “R” refers to regrouping. This component emphasizes the strategizing of new approaches to prevent burnout from occurring again in the future.It is generally understood that changing your habits is a difficult undertaking6. Large scale changes are difficult to sustain, which is why it is usually recommended that you start with small, feasible changes in your routine. Moreover, habits occur without our explicit awareness, which highlights the importance of what was mentioned earlier with respect to maintaining a high degree of self-awareness and monitoring7. The steps of habit change can be succinctly summarized as follows. First, a decision to make a change must be made8. Second, a corresponding behavior must be adopted. Third, the behavior needs to be repeated. The last criterion in that stepwise progression is perhaps the most important. Habits are reinforced with repetition. Often, self-awareness can be promoted and rectified by using a simple acronym: HALT, which stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired9. When one acknowledges that burnout has taken hold, using the acronym is useful to evaluate whether anyone of these contributing elements is out of balance. This is a simple approach that highlights the importance of satisfying our most basic needs as human beings, first.Yoga and meditation are increasingly garnering attention as practical options for combatting stress and emotional overload. For many, these practices also tap into the spiritual domain of wellness that was discussed above. A 2013 study conducted on highly-stressed medical students found that levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that circulates in the blood and tends to be higher in those with higher levels of burnout and stress, were significantly reduced after practicing a mindfulness meditation10. Another, often overlooked, technique is to seek social interaction. We look to others for guidance; social support has long been recognized as an effective means of addressing stress11. Loneliness is another factor to be considered as a cause of burnout that can affect our social wellness negatively1.SummaryThe self-care equation is not geared toward any one particular domain of wellness. Instead, we strive for balance in our lives in order to reduce the occurrence of burnout. Many of the themes discussed herein, follow the traditions of Buddhism, a philosophy that emphasizes balance of the mind and life12. Our lives may seem chaotic at times, but the focus should be on cultivating a sense of self-awareness so that we can distribute energy and resources towards addressing our most elementary needs as human beings. We then, through practice and repetition, foster new habits that allow us to introduce peace and calmness into our lives.ReferencesAdams T, Bezner J, Steinhardt M. The Conceptualization and Measurement of Perceived Wellness: Integrating Balance across and within Dimensions. American Journal of Health Promotion. 1997;11(3):208-218. doi:10.4278/0890-1171-11.3.208Adams TB, Bezner JR, Drabbs ME, Zambarano RJ, Steinhardt MA. Conceptualization and Measurement of the Spiritual and Psychological Dimensions of Wellness in a College Population. Journal of American College Health. 2000;48(4):165-173. doi:10.1080/07448480009595692Stoewen DL. Dimensions of wellness: Change your habits, change your life. Can Vet J. 2017;58(8):861-862.Maslach C, Leiter MP. New insights into burnout and health care: Strategies for improving civility and alleviating burnout. Medical Teacher. 2017;39(2):160-163. doi:10.1080/0142159X.2016.1248918Salleh MR. Life event, stress and illness. Malays J Med Sci. 2008;15(4):9-18.Heatherton TF, Nichols PA. Personal Accounts of Successful Versus Failed Attempts at Life Change. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 1994;20(6):664-675. doi:10.1177/0146167294206005Wood W, Quinn JM, Kashy DA. Habits in everyday life: thought, emotion, and action. J Pers Soc Psychol. 2002;83(6):1281-1297.Lally P, Gardner B. Promoting habit formation. Health Psychology Review. 2013;7(sup1):S137-S158. doi:10.1080/17437199.2011.603640Melemis SM. Relapse Prevention and the Five Rules of Recovery. Yale J Biol Med. 2015;88(3):325-332.Turakitwanakan W, Mekseepralard C, Busarakumtragul P. Effects of mindfulness meditation on serum cortisol of medical students. J Med Assoc Thai. 2013;96 Suppl 1:S90-95.Thoits PA. Social support as coping assistance. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. 1986;54(4):416-423. doi:10.1037/0022-006X.54.4.416Wallace BA, Shapiro SL. Mental balance and well-being: Building bridges between Buddhism and Western psychology. American Psychologist. 2006;61(7):690-701. doi:10.1037/0003-066X.61.7.690last_img read more

10 months agoMan City boss Guardiola: Congratulations to Crystal Palace

first_imgMan City boss Guardiola: Congratulations to Crystal Palaceby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester City boss Pep Guardiola says they won’t lose their fighting spirit after defeat at home to Crystal Palace.With the Blues trailing league leaders Liverpool by four points, Guardiola refused to be drawn into talk of panic, crediting Palace for their triumph and urging a response from the Champions on Boxing Day.”We have an incredible team – fantastic players,” he stated. “We started quite decent and created chances. We scored a fantastic goal and after they passed the halfway line they scored.”The first two times Crystal Palace crossed our halfway line, they scored. We played good. Their second goal was an incredible goal.“We reacted well to the second goal and in the second half, we started okay. We put more people in the box.”The third goal… the penalty was really tough for us. We cannot concede the penalty we conceded. We have to try and avoid it. Football is like this – three shots on goal and three goals.“We scored a goal – a little bit late but even then, we had chances to score. We did absolutely everything.“They arrived two times and before the penalty, they hit the post but they didn’t have another shot on target.“Congratulations to Palace. Defensively, they were brilliant. I give a lot of credit.“That is football and sometimes it happens. The teams are good and there is a lot of quality.“Now, we must go onto the next one. There are a lot of games to play. We have to recover mentally and recover our physicality.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

10 months agoLiverpool boss Klopp: Man City were luckier – including Kompany

first_imgLiverpool boss Klopp: Man City were luckier – including Kompanyby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool boss Jurgen Klopp felt fortune wasn’t with them for defeat at Manchester City.Klopp was also left angry that City captain Vincent Kompany escaped dismissal for a challenge on Mohamed Salah.He said, “It was a big pressure. Very intense game. We were unlucky in our finishing moments. Unluckier than City I would say. Sane scores and the situation with Sadio when he hit the post. They had periods where they dominated the game and everybody felt the intensity. But we came back and had big chances. It is always like this. You have to score in those moments. When Aguero scores there is no angle. In similar situations we didn’t score.”It was not our or City’s best game because we both made it difficult for the other team. I have already said to the boys this is OK. We lost it but it will happen. Tonight it is not nice but it is not the biggest problem.”I really like Vincent Kompany but how on Earth is that not a red card? He is last man and he goes in. If he hits Mo [Salah] more he is out for the season. It is not easy for the ref and he may not see it how I see it.”Our expectations are high. We can play better. On the other side it was an intense game. You have to take the game how it is. You can’t always dominate it. With a bit more luck we could have got 2-2, which would be perfect for us.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

a month agoLiverpool legend Aldridge: We must be ready for Klopp’s eventual departure

first_imgLiverpool legend Aldridge: We must be ready for Klopp’s eventual departureby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool legend John Aldridge says the club must prepare for manager Jurgen Klopp’s eventual departure.Klopp this week laughed off a suggestion from his agent that he could leave Liverpool because of the inclement English weather with the comment coming amid constant speculation over whether he will sign a new Reds deal. “It will be a sad moment when the time does come for him to say goodbye but hopefully that’s a long way off yet,” Aldridge said in his column for the Liverpool Echo. “I’d love him to stay forever but ultimately we can trust him to do what’s best for himself and Liverpool Football Club.”One thing we do know… when he does go, he’ll leave us in a really good situation and a better state than he found us in when he arrived, which is not always the case with other managers. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Here’s An Updated 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Ahead Of The Sweet 16

first_imgSweet Sixteen Bracket for the NCAA bracket.If the first two rounds of the 2016 NCAA Tournament weren’t the most exciting in the event’s history, they’re certainly in the running. We saw a 15-seed knock off the national title favorite. We saw numerous buzzer-beaters – including one from half-court. We saw a 12-point comeback in just 44 seconds. And we witnessed historic dominance from one conference – the ACC.Now, we’re onto the Sweet 16 – where the insanity seems to have settled. In fact, Gonzaga – winner of the West Coast Conference – is the only school from a non-power league left. That being said, the Bulldogs are dangerous.Here’s an updated look at the bracket. All four No. 1 seeds remain – though many have tough matchups this week. One week from now, we’ll know which teams will be participating in the Final Four.Sweet Sixteen BracketHere’s the schedule for games on Thursday and Friday. Elite Eight contests will be played Saturday and Sunday.Thursday:(2) Villanova vs. (3) Miami: 7:10 PM ET on CBS(2) Oklahoma vs. (3) Texas A&M: 7:37 PM ET on TBS(1) Kansas vs. (5) Maryland: 9:40 PM ET on CBS(1) Oregon vs. (4) Duke: 10:07 PM ET on TBSFriday:(1) Virginia vs. (4) Iowa State: 7:10 PM ET on CBS(6) Notre Dame vs. (7) Wisconsin: 7:27 PM ET on TBS(10) Syracuse vs. (11) Gonzaga: 9:40 PM ET on CBS(1) North Carolina vs. (5) Indiana: 9:57 PM ET on TBSIt’s been a historic year. Are there more surprises in store?last_img read more

Delhi Cabinet gives nod to free bus travel for women

first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi Cabinet on Thusday approved free rides for women on DTC buses as well as its cluster buses from October 29 in order to provide them with a safe travel experience. During the cabinet meeting held in New Delhi on Thursday, Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot announced that women can avail the free bus ride facility from October 29 onwards, which is also Bhai Dooj. “It would be a choice for the women travelling in DTC buses and cluster buses if they want to buy the ticket or they want to avail the free bus service. In case they want to buy the ticket, they can simply collect it from the conductor and if they want to avail the free service, they can get a single journey pass from the conductor and travel,” said Gahlot. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”Single journey pass means that the passenger has to buy that pass every time she boards the bus. This service has been introduced in order to provide women with safe travel experience,” Gahlot added. The Delhi Assembly had on Monday approved additional grant of Rs 479 crore for the Transport Sector, which includes funds to provide subsidy for free rides for women in DTC buses. The supplementary grant for the transport sector was moved by Finance Minister Manish Sisodia and includes Rs 140 crore for free transport for women by buses. “Rs 90 crore was kept for DTC buses while Rs 50 crore was kept for cluster buses to provide subsidy to female riders,” the proposal said. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsOn June 3, CM Kejriwal announced that his government is planning to roll out a free travel scheme for women in Delhi metro and DTC. He said the Delhi government will provide subsidy for free travel to women in DTC buses, cluster buses and Delhi Metro in the national Capital. It is pertinent to mention that out of the total estimated budget, Rs 140 crore has been earmarked for DTC buses while Rs 150 crore has been set aside for Delhi Metro. The proposal for free metro ride is still under process as it includes several technicalities, he added. On August 15, Kejriwal announced that women commuters will be able to travel free of charge on DTC and cluster scheme buses starting October 29. The facility will be available in both AC and non-AC buses.last_img read more

Rep VanWoerkom announces June coffee hours

first_img Categories: VanWoerkom News State Rep. Greg VanWoerkom, of Norton Shores, recently announced where he will be available to meet with Muskegon County residents during scheduled coffee hours for the month of June.“I am hard at work making sure we the priorities of my district and its residents are represented at the Capitol,” Rep. VanWoerkom said. “If you have anything you want me to advocate for, please join me at one of my upcoming hours and share your thoughts.”Rep. VanWoerkom will be available Monday, June 17 at the following times and locations:7 to 8 a.m. at Toast ‘N Jams, 3462 Henry St. in Norton Shores;8 to 9 a.m. at Ravenna Round Table, 12396 Stafford St. in Ravenna;9:30 to 10 a.m. at Country Charm Coffee & Café, 1558 Newaygo Road in Bailey; and2 to 2:30 p.m. at Blue Lake Township Hall, 1491 Owasippe Road in Twin Lake.Additionally, Rep. VanWoerkom will be available on Friday, June 21, from 9:30 to 10 a.m. at Gary’s Restaurant, 906 E. Colby St. in Whitehall.No appointments are necessary. Those who are unable to attend at the scheduled times, but would like an opportunity to talk with Rep. VanWoerkom may call his office at (517) 373-3436 or email GregVanWoerkom@house.mi.gov.### 14Jun Rep. VanWoerkom announces June coffee hourslast_img read more

Vodafone Spain has is launching an aggressive disc

first_imgVodafone Spain has is launching an aggressive discounting campaign for its TV service for this week’s ‘Black Friday’ sales drive, providing its TV Esencial package free of charge for the first 12 months to customers that sign up before December 2.The offer is open to new and existing Vodafone fibre customers. Vodafone’s main rival, Telefónica, is currently offering its Movistar Premium Extra service at a discounted price of €9.90, which will revert to the standard price in January.Vodafone is also offering online discounts of up to 56% on a range of accessory products in the run-up to Christmas, including external hard-drive, headphones, virtual reality headsets and wearables.Rival Orange has meanwhile also announced Black Friday offers, targeting new mobile customers with discounts of 50%.last_img read more