The three step is to quickly obtain accurate keywords Taobao guest

Because High conversion rate of

analysis of user search habits is helpful to choose their own website keywords, as for how to analysis, you can refer to the relevant search, usually, "

Taobao off because it is the cause of so popular, as far as I know, the first time do station are in the beginning of Taobao customer type of website, because Taobao guest type site updates without what, just stick to the promotion of good. For Taobao customer website, choose keywords is the most is the most important, for Taobao keyword is how to return the guest, the most direct impact on so many webmaster said Taobao customers have become more and more difficult, it is mainly the inappropriate choice of keywords. Today I share a few Taobao keyword: customer selection method read more

The revision is Qunying webmaster tools K how do you see

Webmaster Tools beyond love Qunying station anti chain

Webmaster Tools screenshot

Dongguan website: 贵族宝贝qqoao贵族宝贝/New-939.html, please keep the author Luo Taishuai link, thank you.

This paper originates from the

anti heroes now buy black chainThe authors reported earlier

2, right down, from 5 to 4, visible website, right down is love Shanghai nirvana.

search Qunying webmaster tools was hard to find, point into a look, found Qunying Webmaster Tools revision, change range is not big, but the ranking is not, but there are several obvious features: read more

Fell in love with the sea line to the influence of the chain tool brings us and ts Enlightenment

effect: the chain construction quality, the construction of the chain to increase the difficulty of

The ! The influence of In March 1st

inspired a: love >

two content optimization has become the focus of Shanghai Longfeng work more difficult

is the most time-consuming and energy in Shanghai Longfeng construction of foreign chain operation, at least I think so, especially to obtain the high quality of the chain is very difficult. Love Shanghai launched a refuse chain tools, it is to let Shanghai Longfeng practitioners shield the garbage outside the chain, because of the fact that the garbage outside the chain not only to the number of Shanghai dragon, is likely to ruin your own website. The quality and quantity of the chain chain before so far, now this situation is exacerbated by the. Finally forced everyone to build the chain of good quality, it is easy to say, it is very difficult to do. The basic requirements of the chain is the correlation and universality, such as optimization of a mechanical equipment enterprise station, then to find the best site for machinery related, and this website can as one of the chain resources, the universality is more difficult. read more

Comparative analysis of internal chain optimization rankings way

site is mainly for the convenience of users browsing in the location click close, since this place can give users convenience, it can also be set by the keywords. Such as dry cleaning equipment with dry cleaning machines or machine equipment replacement, but the replacement of the words to ensure that the search volume, not ambiguity. In this way, can make the column page keywords are extended, and the text links are also diversified.

text navigation for the ranking of

web site chain optimization is an important work in the chain is a kind of reverse link, also has an important role in ranking, and the webmaster can completely self control. If you think the chain is not done well, it will look back to the station link, also can effectively enhance the website ranking. Today, by comparing several websites to analyze how to improve the internal chain optimization. read more

Love Shanghai to join the top20 site outside the chain analysis

from rival chain weight sources can be seen outside the chain of the total weight, the number of home chain, home page weight, the weight is more important reference data, under normal circumstances, love Shanghai is in accordance with the data to be sorted, but do not rule out some other more favorable factors such as domain name the content of quality advantage, site layout and user experience advantage.

can be seen from the above data love Shanghai ranked in the chain or the data show that, outside the chain of quality and quantity in the weight of the chain and the chain source the total number of sources is we often say that the. In this paper, we hope to see a foreign chain analysis and how to do the chain have a more profound understanding of the science of the chain from now on. The Chinese flavour coot 贵族宝贝hanwei100贵族宝贝 finishing reproduced please specify, we welcome the exchange of QQ1879172298 read more

Network identity will be the real name after Shanghai Longfeng what will change

will license

CCTV interview last week for the false information after reports, today people’s Congress and apply for network access procedures after the draft should provide true identity. False information resulted in a person’s loss, but also to the criminals made void. In fact, the CCTV news broadcast, I feel the network real name system is sooner or later, but there may be a lot of details to consider, after all, only the source to control well, do not let the false information on the Internet spread. read more

For the second study Hamilton path sprocket

but from this picture, we can find a problem, the link structure of the so-called Pyramid round link and the difference between them.

path for Hamilton this issue, an article written is a mess, and because the interval is too long, not even a long way, so this article from another perspective. What we consider in Shanghai Longfeng this circle, whether the existence of this natural path, in what circumstances will have a loop. To explore this question, we first look at the form of the current round of links is probably what. read more

A 16 year old Shanghai Dragon Road

then select a theme (h-think), the theme is in.

< meta name=" keywords" content=" Anyang Shanghai dragon, Anyang construction site, Anyang site optimization, Anyang network company, Anyang website "

< Title > the construction of the Anyang Shanghai Dragon – Anyang site, Anyang site optimization, Anyang network company, Anyang website < /title; >

by more than a month of learning, I understand the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix, knows all the meaning of the term, at a variety of expert blog a lot of school, so I want to build a local Shanghai dragon blog, to test his own method of learning through practice. Their funds are limited, the GoDaddy bought the cheapest info domain name, domain name, space and other out of order but also tens of dollars. Blog program is used Z-Blog, the program selected, I started to write the site title, keywords, description. You see I wrote read more

Come to talk about the 2 edition of the Shanghai love Scindapsus algorithm soft industry have little

against false website hit collection, pseudo original website issuedAccording to the

at the beginning of this year, Shanghai got the real love and declared the world is for kitchen knife, chopping, half a year after the grind, the knife again declared, not only can cut vegetables, cucumber. This is the love of Shanghai Green 2 upgrade algorithm.

simple, 1 against the main link in the transaction, 2 against the soft link, knife or the knife, the ultimate purpose is to fight spam chain. So I understand the "obvious promotion of" soft "is essentially a simple type of marketing articles" in the announcement in Shanghai gives a few examples, the following simple analysis of Lou song song. read more

Do Shanghai Longfeng optimization must learn to keep spider

believe that many webmaster do not pay too much attention to the exchange of Links, now there are many webmaster use to buy high weight link to boost the overall weight of the site and the spider crawling, since we choose to exchange Links then you should choose the snapshot included more, not more than seven days, the webmaster can exchange the daily update site Links the.

believes that the search engine spiders for new sites are not too cold, since many new Adsense the site is the need to grab a spider can eventually included increase, if a few days or a few weeks spiders are not crawling to your site so we can go to our website to guide the pre emptive spider, we can go to some of the more popular weight is relatively high the forum site of some keywords and link the message, so effective for the release of the chain, the general high weight site spiders are frequently basically you can see a spider down you left. Just climb into your site to crawl. read more

A mobile page is optimized to show how the site self examination and rectification

A:1. self mobile site operations are normal, traffic statistics channels are accurate, the server access is normal;

[Q4] website traffic anomaly in the feedback center how to submit feedback?

A: love Shanghai search will regularly update the index database, such as site index volume dropped significantly, but no significant fluctuations can not flow, feedback the problem, continue to observe the data fluctuation;

4. to confirm whether or not do their own excessive optimization, if yes, anti cheat system of mobile search will automatically be on site. read more

From the Sohu micro blog ranked Shanghai love network marketing McCain disappear


recently, often in the webmaster forum, Taobao saw an advertisement: Shanghai dragon fast ranking minutes, what no station, without the chain, you can get love Shanghai ranking and so on, and here the hero is a Sohu of micro-blog, micro-blog in the end Sohu fast ranking is the webmaster or free lunch clouds just

Shanghai auction market share and price as evidenced by this trend… Google’s departure information intervention of SEM to love Shanghai is not a good thing with the domestic legal policy is becoming more and more things in a short life more and more unstable factors in the market disruption… Within a short time Shanghai dragon just play a network brand promotion effect either do or do not portal station group talk about network marketing by Shanghai dragon is nonsense… The national policy restrictions in many industries do not like what the club to sell the answer selling counterfeit invoices, but these can be achieved through the auction ah, ha ha, you know ~ read more

From on the new station on the line to the four factor ranking

2, add the high quality of the original article, love to Shanghai for the first time included a good impression, to prepare for the post;

Review of

is the first factor: the new station is not included stage

at this stage of the PR value of the site is 0, the chain number is small, high quality links rarely, love Shanghai rarely included, snapshots will slow love Shanghai. This is a clear sign of the new station, everything is new, so some high quality sites will not Links to exchange with you, this time the focus of the work is not how quickly he ranked to the home page, but regular updates (content recommendations and related keywords) and rules to increase the number of the chain (outside the chain website construction and related keywords), through the two work to lay a solid foundation. Below is a list of the stage need some items, the degree of emphasis and so on read more

From the choice of keywords to optimize keyword ranking

A brief overview of

keywords ranking optimization selection, the first to see the projects you have to do, their first to set their own keywords, such as you do the project is whitening products, website keywords you certainly cannot do without the two words, two suggestions, one is based on the sales of the products you sell to choose, such as you sell which product is the fastest selling, you can use this product to do keyword, first select the target keywords your target keywords, there is the search words, but also from the words you want to drive traffic to your site, you must set a few words, and then go from the screening, because we have to face keywords the degree of competition, so do not blindly choose, second attention is the key to your website and your website is relevant to the subject, whitening, words can not write to lose weight Class, you can write, but the search engine can distinguish! Give your own website localization, then go to their website to search for keywords according to mining. read more

How to accurately estimate the Shanghai dragon cycle

site was attacked, peer malicious obstruction and customer fail…… These old money also does not have what good way to really see the character.

two, the degree of competition

due to various reasons, Shanghai dragon Er will have some gap in technology, this is very important to recognize their own, do not boast of the sea in front of the customer, not in order to receive the list of customers being led by the nose.

The first kind of The

simple orders from Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon cycle accurate estimation, is a very difficult thing. Even now a batch of famous Shanghai dragon Er, can not be accurately estimated every time. Once the prediction errors, the customer experience is often compromised. So, Shanghai dragon cycle estimate is as accurate as possible and in the need to communicate with customers in time to set aside the fluctuation. read more

2011 domestic network advertising alliance comparative analysisApplication methods and promotion sug


address extension:Hong, QI, Road

alliance weakness:

products: AdSense, for, content for content AdSense and AdSense for search for search of AdSense

the cheating punishment is severe, many titles will inevitably hurt the innocent.

settlement payment: full 100 yuan monthly payment. Through the Bank of China, ICBC and other bank remittance methods, need to fill in personal real information, bank information, real address, etc., used to confirm that you can receive payment confirmation letter. read more

Entrepreneur 40 days finally broke throughTalk about today’s forum phenomenon

now Wangzhuan forum like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in full bloom, it is a good thing, the code Wangzhuan has been more and more accepted and loved. Wangzhuan should become one of the industry after the popular. In the past, net, E metal, make friends of the three forum will go to a place to do Wangzhuan people, then we thought more simple than now, more down-to-earth learning knowledge Wangzhuan, a problem to talk about in the forum for a long time, I have experienced now. Still miss the wonderful time wangzhuan. read more

Fashion elite B2B blog BoF received 2 million 100 thousand financingCurious Wang Jian Entrepreneuri

by the husband and wife Pepsi, adversity may make the team fall into confusion and suspicion. Technical colleagues accused the product colleagues of blindly directing the wrong way, and product colleagues accused the technical colleagues of failing to complete the project on time and missed the market opportunity. If we do not take timely measures, the whole team may be due to the loss of excitement and in go-slow state, this is the real crisis of products.

adversity and prosperity are relative concepts. Adversity is not a failure, when we are in a time of rapid growth, the slowdown could mean stress, but this time from the product life end point is far away, and the product may again rapid growth. read more

05 years in September China Unicom value added network SP payment complaints assessment notificatio

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

two, non coercive

online advertising through Internet advertising information around the clock, 24 hours uninterrupted spread to all over the world, it can be said that regardless of the weather spread. Internet users can browse ad information anytime and anywhere on the Internet. These effects are beyond the reach of traditional media. In fact, this is one of the advantages of the Internet media, which is different from the traditional media. It can be published all over the world on the Internet advertisement. However, this advantage does not seem to have a very strong appeal for many customers. read more

Mao Daqing entrepreneurship ninety nine dead life is trueDo station must know a little experience

to give you the money!

Beijing News: over the past year, you converted from the traditional economy of professional managers into Internet entrepreneurs, can adapt to this identity conversion?

can add snail 1113210015

now more and more people do Tao Tao do now! There are a lot of people are using the site to gain.

reprinted please indicate copyright information

! This price may be some small problems for some novice! The official version appeared then cracked version will follow! There are a lot of crack on the network, I believe that there is also a part of the users will purchase crack. A part of the seller will provide source code and authorization source, these two things for you. First, I don’t say what they mean here. read more