The nternet has made my dream of starting a business

this is an entrepreneurial season, this is a pioneering age, this is a promising age, this is a hard time. In this beautiful day, what have you done? What have you got? What do you see? Every day I ask myself what I got what? All the time, I would like to open a shop, can suffer from the problem of capital, the light has the idea I have been standing still, one day, I to see such a set of data on the Internet: the total size of 2006 Chinese Internet users personal Internet consumer market of about 276 billion 746 million yuan, 187 billion 653 million yuan year-on-year increase of 47% compared to 2005. Including online, shopping, playing games and other online spending, including the per capita monthly Internet consumption level of 169.57 yuan / month, compared with 157.8 yuan in 2005, an increase of 7.46%. So I decided to start pitching with the Internet, start my shop trip, shop online, and I planned it step by step. read more

Zhang He focus on creativity win in networking and execution

Thousands of stationmaster lecture hosted by

Anhui Internet Alliance has been to the thirty-third period, the period of the original guest Lin Jun boss because work to the guests, so the old K as we call Zhang He: enterprises win network marketing planning agency founder, China venture capital network operations director, Xuzhou City Gift Network Marketing Center Manager, a lot of network marketing channel experts, iResearch columnist. 1998 began to focus on the Internet, in the electronic commerce industry, website promotion, search engine optimization, website planning, profit pattern analysis has a profound understanding, has a wealth of practical experience of enterprise network brand marketing. Has the good housing network, makeup Hall International, lose weight, B Chinese medicine perfect power, sugar towards vision, LuxeHome design, double silver Electromechanical, Nanjing, Iran, Dr. network group purchase of plastic film, water cube structure redbrillian chassis, electronics and other enterprises to provide the whole network marketing planning solutions. read more

The site was solved by K

believe that we have experienced by the K website, our website a few days ago, global used mechanical and electrical were also Baidu to K, the reason is because I have to modify the site title, keyword and description and can also be changed, because I want to improve our website in the baidu keyword ranking so I made two key words, one is the "second-hand electrical", one is "the value of second-hand equipment," said that the "second-hand second-hand electrical key global electromechanical", is the first and third in Baidu and Google, but the second-hand equipment in the 120 place, so I changed the title and description, so is K, but now, recovery, and increase the weight to the first. The keyword "second-hand equipment" in Baidu also ranked up to 20, yesterday, today is 17, compared to the portal to do keyword ah, but also to the corresponding optimization, so we are K and don’t be afraid, let me come and share experience! read more

Webmaster in network promotion need to pay attention to several details

you are still on the road of entrepreneurship struggling webmaster, I am leaf van sickle, today we talk about the Internet, the way we struggle will face a great challenge and impetuous

no matter what you do, we all know to be prudent, do the Internet is even more so. We are constantly reminding ourselves that we must not be impetuous and can not be disturbed by some outside things. But who can really do things without impulsive


as the saying goes, "those who learn from others are geniuses." success is a process of learning, learning from other people’s strengths, and making up for one’s weaknesses. In the process, you will inevitably encounter setbacks, temptations, etc., hinder your success. When these things, we must be prudent: read more

Tell you how an editor works on a website

here, do not talk about what WEB2.0, and do not talk about what DIV+CSS, and do not talk about what profit model, here alone on the basic some of the communication with you. I have engaged in the website editor in less than a year, for "make their own learning, to see through the essence, grasp the essence, at the time of this writing, confidence is insufficient, but my death, write not good place, welcome to the website (pages) to make high hand and senior criticism.

site analysis and location read more

Talking about the law of high conversion rate of websites visitors who are good at scanning

continues to analyze the user’s general needs today. The main point of this article is:

users have a common demand: that is, it’s easier for me to scan, not to read,


as a rule, go ahead with the outline.

this paper introduces the first part: the ungrateful visitors

1, look at the web page like a newspaper

maybe you’re planning to redesign your website page and really take into account user requirements.

for the convenience of users, you may as the user concerns are piling up on the page, and his imagined users will seriously appreciate every corner of your site. For example, below left, you could be the site as works of art in read more

Lu Wu notes talking about local gateways

local portal is always a dream for me. Unfortunately, the university is graduating and has not been fulfilled. Once with several friends, but for various reasons, finally failed. There are many reasons for failure, and we have done very badly in every respect. Now let’s talk about some of the recent events and local gateways and some of our own insights. In order to know some friends and I have the same.

went to Hangzhou with a friend last month. There is a sand net. It was from Qian Tang’s newspaper yesterday that they learned about their deeds. They also started from the student period, after two or three years of effort, and finally have the results. I’m excited. I think they are students too. So do we. They can succeed. We can work harder and succeed than they do. So on the way, I was still talking with my friends and asking them some questions. It was a deep feeling when they got to their company and talked to their boss, who was only two years older than we were. read more

want to give up do stand a webmaster helpless

I give up the cause of ——————-

data interchange for trade station

1: mainly because Chinese garbage station flood, appear a batch of so called stationmaster!!!


2: practitioners quality is too bad, provoke me, I will burst your advertising!!!


3: search unfair treatment, promotion I ranked first!!


4: advertising revenue and traffic is not in direct proportion, I will not pay you, what you are resistant to!!!


5: does not have perfect legal provisions for protection, filing, closing servers, sky overhead hosting fees, Mars bandwidth!!! read more

Five suggestions for running blog successfully

blog as a carrier of information, can quickly publish articles, timely and effectively communicate with readers, but also set personalized display and integration of rich and colorful, has got more and more attention. Blog as a product of the Internet 2, more and more people began to use, to successfully run the blog, you need to pay a lot of sweat. The following Xiaobian give you five suggestions to help you successfully run the blog.

first, consider your niche in the blog audience segment

although many bloggers tend to write as many blogs as possible with high traffic and high search rankings, it’s not the best way to improve website traffic. If you sell antique books or writing gardening blog website, you may not write some articles mechanically in order to cater to the public. Even if your blog attracts a few viewers, the conversion rate may be bleak because they are not interested in your product. Instead, you should write good blogs about your product and focus on your target audience. read more

Example analysis of local enterprise website operation

Tokunobu Masataka culture communication limited company website is the basic situation of the website owners mentioned website is K, now do not know how to deal with, what is the reason to be Baidu K, what is the description of the site owners own live

my website changed headlines in June, and later what was included was normal,. Last month, I deleted all the articles I didn’t have. Many are already included, intends to submit the death! Is the dynamic link, not submitted, submitted to robots, but also what the content page to delete update snapshot…. Site homepage hasn’t been number one. And the numbers are pretty unstable. Baidu index volume has been dropped, or no change, the day before yesterday suddenly increased by 4, yesterday, an increase of 1., I will update 2-3 a day.. read more

50 days site record serial Ninth days website links promotion

Links, each site will have, many of our webmaster friends site after will go Links, to increase PR value, hoping to get a good ranking in the search engine. The website’s friendship link is the website foreign cooperation starting point and the foundation, today will talk about my understanding to the website friendship link.

, first of all, there are several benefits of website links:

1. links can increase pr.

2. links, set up keywords, you can improve the site’s ranking.

3. links are good starting points for deep collaboration between websites. read more

can accept defeat but can’t accept surrender

has been studying SEO technology for almost 2 months. The main research Baidu, opened a lot of online articles, since the Baidu algorithm update, we have many stations have been K off, very sad, really. There are also many by surprise, which is why, in the Baidu warned all follow the natural original, do not attempt to optimize the original update is king, a website is whether the language must have thousands of pages is the HTML language, this language to love for a spider crawling. Ha ha, now Baidu included very slowly, know why, because there are many websites to collect pseudo original, want to cheat Baidu, this kind of hair is not much. The correct way of the world is the vicissitudes of life. This sentence is quite appropriate here. read more

How to choose a good brand of electric vehicles

investment in the brand, we have to make the choice of brand. Good brand, high quality brand, will bring you more good development. Investment in electric cars, we have to understand the market policy, understand the future development of the situation, and then choose the brand investment. So, how to choose a good investment in electric car brand?

A, enterprise operation is stable

this is perhaps the first brand dealers in the choice of cooperation issues need to be considered, other industries are so, the electric car industry should be even more so, because the electric car business started as a grassroots low entry threshold is low, the various forces businesses will be mixed in the enterprise operation is scientific, whether health directly affect the future development of enterprises and the brand, as well as the fate of cooperation. read more

How to solve the problem of updating the home page without updating the page

recently talked about, which has encountered an internal page update and a home page that has not been updated. Here first to give you the analysis of the existing problems,

1. pages published almost daily articles, the day will be included.

2., the quality of the content is very poor, are copy paste other people’s stuff, and even the basic pseudo original are not.

3. is not ranked on the site.

4., for example, just included articles, in Baidu search less than the title. read more

Founded more than a year the valuation broke 3 billion U S dollars s it a free fish or a salted

Abstract: it is said that this was less than two years of second-hand business market has Chinese IDG, Sequoia Capital and other heavyweight investment funds favor, the two sides have entered the stage of negotiations; while the original community model will be split, set up a special division of independent operation, and follow the "rookie Division" mode the introduction of Ali investment.

November and December, these two months can be said to be China’s most grand carnival month. Double eleven, black five, twelve more than a raging tide, waves of stimulus "cut the hand" nerve. read more

How to improve your website user’s activity

user activity is always a pain in the heart of the website operation. After all, our website data is not a linear equation, perfectly straight up, but as landing stocks like downs, full of expectations and BOSS in the eyes under the stern gaze, it is the real portrayal of ECG operators.

(for example only in this figure)

this article discusses how to promote and arouse inactive users from two aspects. Welcome to peer advice.

1. How to increase the active user

due to the usual sense of active users and active rate calculation are included in the new registered user login and the mobile terminal starts, so fundamentally speaking, the so-called living is to continually improve and pull the new old user retention rate. read more

How do social products operate from the decline of Renren

when we analyze the decline of, many people say that is because Chen Yizhou would not do stock products, some people say everyone is too small secretary hate every day harassment information, is said to have product experience is too poor, somehow somebody else is copying the Facebook. In fact, the real reason is the operation of renren.


Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent at the beginning of the competition, the Tencent micro-blog product experience has been better than Sina micro-blog, why Sina micro-blog finally succeeded, because Sina micro-blog’s operation ability to seize the opportunities, firmly grasp the user. Ma Yun Ding Lei’s contacts, easy to believe, even more is the first launch of the M chat, from the function of experience are less than WeChat, why not? The problem is in operation, the social product function is becoming more and more small, the operation ability is to determine the success or failure of read more

Electricity supplier UGC community operations Raiders

this paper focused to explore how to do business platform UGC topic operation (ensure value, high active), as for the upstream supply chain, B (business operation) topic and business platform relationship, not on within product iteration etc..

one, the electricity supplier UGC community background combing

is not particularly familiar with UGC friends, you can first understand the definition of UGC:

UGC (User-Generated Content) user generated content production, which is compared with the PGC (Professionally-produced Content) a content source, specializing in the production of content simply by professional individuals and institutions more professional, authoritative content for output belongs to PGC, such as movie entertainment, publications, professional media information; on the other hand, your circle of friends, micro-blog graphics, knows the answer, the second shot colored video, mostly belonging to the UGC. UGC is a model of mass production content, which is born with the rise of Internet 2. read more

Art designer LOGO design ideas

      in our site design, LOGO often appear as the company or the site logo, plays a very important role. A well made LOGO, not only can well establish a corporate image, but also can convey rich product information. In the survey we have limit we found that a web page beautiful or not is often the first visit of the user to decide whether to further browse standard, and LOGO as the specific image of the first printed in the visitor’s eyes, the importance of


said, we have to talk about the traditional design of LOGO: the traditional LOGO design, focuses on communication image and information, really attract our eyes, not the LOGO logo, but behind the image information. For example, a fashion magazine, believe that the first thing you notice is the beautiful woman or decent clothing, if you are interested in will go further to understand other related information. LOGO website design, with traditional design has many similarities, but because of the network itself and different browsing habits, it also has many characteristics and different sites. For example LOGO simple general requirements clearly, in a small amount of expression of the image and ground of heart, in addition to some information, but also beautiful and harmonious. Therefore, an excellent traditional design master, not necessarily for a website design; A master of Fine Arts in web design, maybe just a rookie in a traditional design…… read more