Built during the year in Xining network platform to prevent corruption under the lights black

April 7th, according to the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Propaganda Department staff, the end of the year will be built in Xining covering the city, the county level network reporting platform, a full range of anti-corruption.

this year, Xining city will urge the coordination group to guide County anti-corruption work adjustment of personnel, improve the rules of procedure, conscientiously implement the central office "on the investigating staff suspected of Party members and strengthen cooperation and coordination of the opinion" violation of the law in criminal cases, strengthen the clues for the establishment, in collaboration with the public security, procuratorial and Audit Department of coordination mechanism, the formation of the overall anti-corruption efforts. Improve tracking supervision mechanism, coordination of anti-corruption coordination group to determine the matter, to carry out regular supervision and inspection, strict accountability. Guiding counties and towns to strengthen the network reporting platform construction, completed before the end of the city and county level network reporting platform; 2016 completed by the end of the city and county and township network reporting platform, network reporting platform, city, county and township level three full coverage problem; to further broaden the source of clues, before the end of April this year the County Commission for Discipline Inspection to set up a sound problem clues collective evaluation system, five types of clues disposal in strict accordance with the provisions of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the disposition; guiding the county, township discipline establishment and improvement, do lead to joint handling, cross handling, handling and other cooperation mechanisms in the year before the end of June, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Based on handling the cooperation area, and actively explore the discipline the reform and innovation of integrated power handling, supervision mode. read more

Land department to the state decentralization of 10 non metallic mineral mining rights approval auth

to thoroughly implement the spirit of the administrative examination and approval system reform, decentralization policy response, further strengthen the state, the administrative department of land and resources management functions, the provincial land and resources department recently issued the "notice", authorizes the state (city) land and resources department approval and registration of mining rights relating to definite provisions, to the state city amplification of rocks, limestone, quartz rock and other 10 non metal mineral mining rights approval authority. This is the Provincial Department of land and resources on the decentralization of the approval authority for mining rights issued second documents. read more

Promote the establishment of labor information platform

In order to solve the long troubled masses of the job search process policy information is not smooth, Datong days ago established mobile phone SMS information service platform for migrant workers. Labor information will be sent to the hands of workers in a timely manner, for the job seekers to provide convenient and fast "zero distance" service.

The tourism industry of Xining New Year

recently held a reporter from the Xining municipal tourism work conference that this year, Xining city will build service center, Chinese wolfberry health Garden industrial tourism shopping, fine repertoire to the community, led by China on hundred travel wholesalers to Nanjing step on the line 4 project, the new building of Xining city tourism new look.

at present, Xining city tourism develops rapidly, need a certain amount of service center this year, the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau will accelerate the construction of service center, service center will be established to provide individual counseling, guide assignment, tourism law enforcement information release and other public service, the tourists can understand Xining City restaurants, hotels, transportation, in the shopping information service center. read more

Xining industry and commerce to take effective measures to strengthen the circulation of food safety

this year, the Xining Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau to take effective measures to strengthen the circulation of food safety supervision, for the public to create a good market environment.

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer protection chief Wang Xiangyu


Wang: we are engaged in food production and management, in strict accordance with the statutory conditions, certification laws and administrative regulations and the provisions of the State Council, the relevant license file, the license file has been obtained, the business sector will not be registered. To guide and supervise the implementation of the food business operators certificate and invoice and two single system in the business activities of the food business regulation, establish and improve purchasing accounting in business, commodity commitment and substandard food delisting system, to ensure the quality of qualified food listed in Xining area. read more

Xining key emission reduction projects in Qinghai Huadian flue gas denitration project started

recently, the reporter from the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Xining municipal key emission reduction projects in Qinghai Huadian Datong Power Generation Co. Ltd. 2× 300MW unit flue gas denitration project has started construction, the construction of the project to Xining thermal power plant denitration reduction work with substantial progress.

Qinghai Huadian flue gas denitration project is the focus of emission reduction projects in Xining, plans to invest 250 million yuan, the key projects include the removal of flue gas denitrification project of the two boilers, desulfurization system capacity expansion project. Before the end of the project to complete the construction of 1 units 300MW flue gas denitration facilities in 2014 to complete the construction of another 1 units. After the completion of the project is expected to cut 4500 tons of nitrogen oxides, reducing industrial emissions of nitrogen oxides by about 9%. (author: Zhao Junjie) read more

Qinghai Province Xining Radio Management Office Management Office study of the spirit of the meetin

10 the morning of 20 August, the Xining management organizations of all Party members and cadres to seriously study the radio management system to carry out the "service for people striving for excellence" spirit mobilization meeting. Requirements management of all Party members and cadres to deeply understand the spirit of the meeting, to fully understand the significance of the "service for the people to excel activities in the province’s radio management system, combined with the actual work, highlighting the characteristics of the industry, to ensure the effectiveness of the activities. read more

Wind makes our city PM2 5 concentration by half

affected by cold air, 18 at night, the wind blew in our city, the city after a night of wind baptism, the morning of the 19 day, out of the house of people obviously feel the air quality improved a lot, the sky has become bright many, the reporter learned from the municipal environmental monitoring station, to continue to plague the fine day multi day air in our city (PM2.5) concentration decreased by half.

it is understood that every January and December is the coldest month of the city, all kinds of pollutant gas emissions of coal-fired heating quantity is the maximum, without considering the external influence under the condition of the two months of the year is the annual air quality in our city the worst month. read more

Xining City north of the State Taxation Bureau of the provincial civilized unit award

recently, the State Administration of Taxation of the north of the city was awarded the honorary title of "civilized unit" by the Qinghai Provincial Committee of civilization.

in recent years, the north area of the IRS in the correct leadership of the higher authorities, adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as the guide, the full implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, and vigorously promote the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, adhere to the "wealth for the country and law enforcement for the people of the tax work, carry out the civilized industry, civilized unit the post of civilization and other activities, and achieved remarkable results in the cultivation of good morality, practice the noble occupation ethics, cultivate harmonious relationship, civilization tax image and continuously improve the quality of tax cadres. District Office in the overall strengthening of tax collection and management, the quality of construction, construction of a clean and honest government, cadre style construction and wind construction, in the consolidation of spiritual civilization achievements at the same time, continue to develop new ideas, new initiatives launched the activities to build spiritual civilization development in innovation, innovation in development, for District Bureau of the work has played a positive role in promoting, make new contribution to the development of local economy. (author: Zhang Xiaoxin) read more

This year due to the violation of the provisions of the eight Xining investigate and deal with the p

Since the promulgation of the provisions of the central eight, Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau insisted that the central authorities to investigate and deal with violations of the provisions of the spirit of the work included in the focus of the eight. Since this year, were investigated in violation of the provisions of the eight issues 14, 10 people given party discipline, the organization for 5 people.The provisions of the eight

in the correct four winds, Xining City, innovative methods of supervision, at the node. Pay attention to the key time node of the publicity and education and supervision and inspection, the 7 traditional festivals every year as the focus, to focus on every holiday before the holiday, festival, festival of the three special inspection work within the city. Before the holiday, issued a notice to remind the ICAC, and the establishment of independent supervision posts "in the county departments; centralized supervision and inspection section, take the bus into hotel, unannounced visits to check checks invoices and other ways to carry out a thorough investigation of the consumer; after do criticism. New year’s day, Spring Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period group consisting of 24 of the city’s various departments and units of work discipline, work efficiency, service attitude and the implementation of the provisions of the central eight launched 4 investigations, issued a "briefing" thorough investigation of 3 style construction period of enforcement of work discipline and 82 units to implement the existing problems of information system, management and other aspects of the bus were named briefing exposure. read more

Wetland park wetland construction starts next year

In 70s the

century, some young people love in Hanoi Huangshui Huangshui River swimming, then along the river bank, and now these unseen. The reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, shortly before the State Forestry Administration approved the establishment of Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park in our city next year will be fully launched in Xining Huangshui Huangshui River National Wetland Park Wetland Protection Project, through the implementation of the project, the restoration and improvement of landscape diversity of riverine wetlands, improve the ecological environment of the city, let Xining walking towards life city, city of happiness.
according to the approval of the State Forestry Administration, now basically confirmed Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park location, and Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park is rich in animal and plant resources.
[location] Xining Huangshui Park National Wetland Park is located in the Huangshui River Basin in the city section of the Xining City, which is a tributary of the Huangshui River and Beichuan River, including the Huangshui River flowing through the city area of 39.1 kilometers, the Beichuan river flows through the city 10.8 km range. In the people’s Park T shaped river river as the center, north to the Beichuan River Bridge, South to the Beichuan River and the Huangshui River junction, west of the Huangshui River into the East Jiefangqu sluice gate, Huangshui River Gorge small pavilion, a total area of 508.70 hectares. Preliminary investigation of
there are 44 species of wild animal living with
to repair the protective characteristics of the wetland landscape through the implementation of
[contents] construction at present, the Municipal Office for approval, the city established the Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park Management center. The Xining National Wetland Park Wetland Protection Project of the main construction contents, protection and management of wetland restoration, science education, scientific research and monitoring projects.
[present] through the landscape project implementation to protect and restore wetlands in Huangshui River Basin, reed, Typha latifolia wetland plants and ecological restoration of riverine wetlands, improve riverine wetland landscape, provide suitable habitat for migratory birds; with the Huangshui River Basin wetland ecosystem constantly to improve their recovery and improvement the microclimate function strengthens continuously; at the same time, improve and restore the landscape diversity of riverine wetland, promoting the construction of livable city to accelerate the pace of Xining. read more

Cigarette consumer behavior

since you want to do the business of consumers, naturally also need to have a more comprehensive understanding of consumers, so as to have a better marketing strategy, so that business has been better development. Cigarette is a kind of hobby. For cigarette consumers, when the consumption situation unchanged, the consumption of cigarettes is basically stable, and when the consumption situation changes, the cigarette consumption behavior will change accordingly. The following is my personal view of the four typical behavior: read more

Entrepreneurial wave swept across the country fourth times

now entrepreneurship is a hot word, I take you, you bring money, let’s start it!" This is one of the most favorite words between friends. Today, the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" is, as the country continued decentralization, optimize entrepreneurial ecology, become the most vivid Chinese economic practice. "News network" from today launched a series of reports, China’s creation era, first of all, we pay attention to China ushered in the fourth entrepreneurial tide". read more

How spicy spicy grandma investment

Malatang, in our life, has always been a very attractive to consumers delicacy. Moreover, it is still very popular, the market is also very high sales. How spicy spicy grandma? Brand food, join selection has many advantages. Spicy spicy grandma is the best choice to join the project, entrepreneurs worry entrepreneurial business with a small capital!

spicy spicy grandma have investment opportunities? Spicy spicy grandma is very good investment opportunities, hot market prospects, can bring you success to get rich on the peak, let all people to join, you can recover the cost in the short term. Spicy spicy grandma in the current market very high brand awareness, but also by the numerous consumers sought after, have a very vast market space for development. Spicy spicy grandma conforms to the development trend of the delicacy and market trends, it is the market, to meet the many needs of consumers, but also to ensure the health and nutrition products, so that consumers eat more safe and secure, so the development prospects in the market more popular and brilliant. read more

How to locate the restaurant

do gourmet business, how to position is particularly critical, many people choose to invest in the food and beverage industry, choose a good income can be more lucrative. Many food products on the emergence of a road craze, look at the text of the relevant introduction!

the well-known catering stores customer positioning principle, catering to the restaurant to the scene by the consumer himself, not like other commodities that can ask someone to buy. Food and beverage products are formed by the combination of tangible and intangible services, and the customer’s consumption process and the production process of food and beverage products. Famous food and beverage service can not only improve the quality of service, but also make the customers satisfied. Food demand is the basic needs of human survival, three meals a day, every day so. Food consumption has the characteristics of repeatability and synchronization. read more