Xining 10 million yuan to help farmers build a small barn

previously hit the wheat is not good storage, sun and rain insects eat rat bite a lot of losses, and sometimes the price is too low to sell quickly. Now, most of the government funds to help farmers build a small barn". Recently, according to the Xining Municipal Food Bureau, this year, the city will start the construction of scientific grain farmers work, the first batch of 20 thousand farmers to build a small barn to help farmers better store grain.

farmers’ scientific grain storage construction will take the form of a combination of central financial subsidies, local governments at all levels and the farmers themselves. At present, Haidong Prefecture scientific grain pilot has been carried out, my city in the investigation and promotion for farmers scientific grain related knowledge basis, actively seek state funds, will be the first in Huangzhong to start the work before harvest, to ensure quality and quantity to complete the 20 thousand small granary building tasks, investment of about 10 million yuan, to help farmers scientific grain reduce food losses, improve the farmers’ enthusiasm of scientific and technical level of grain storage. read more

Provincial Population and Family Planning Commission care care Xining floating population family p

At the beginning of winterAt the beginning of winter

. However, in the East District of Wangjiazhuang small commodity wholesale market, it is crowded, bustling, warm atmosphere, the provincial population and family planning "care, care of floating population of three rural service activities are carried out here.

many of the floating population is attracted by the red arch "Qinghai provincial population and Family Planning Commission ‘care, care of floating population" three rural service "banner, have come to consult and collect all kinds of family planning propaganda . read more

Xining fire deployed eighteen fire safety work

Xining city police fire brigade to implement eighteen fire safety battle television and telephone conference held in the Ministry of public security fire department attaches great importance to act quickly, with the Xining fire situation, the fire security work of research and deployment. It is reported that the Xining fire department with the highest standards, the most stringent requirements, the strongest efforts, pay close attention to fire hazard investigation and remediation and fire rescue forces, strict management, and resolutely safeguard the city’s fire situation is stable, create a harmonious fire security environment for the party’s eighteen big victory held. read more

Xining Railway Station to start the construction of the transition line

The day before, the Xining Railway Station station renovation project carried out smoothly, the transition line started construction. The project will be completed by the middle of next month after the train is scheduled to be completed by the middle of next month.

reporter yesterday from the Qinghai Tibet railway hub of Xining Railway Station renovation project construction headquarters learned new Xining Railway Station scale according to the line 17 line, the other 4; basic platform 1, intermediate platform 8 planning and construction. The station by the side line station, elevated station building and platform canopy, between the station and the platform, through the elevated waiting hall and underground channel connected; in accordance with the order of the transition program, and will be divided into high-speed elevated station building field and speed field area; the station building height of 42.09 meters, a total construction area of 131276 square meters. read more

Green Chinese Ambassador

why do you want to build Sanjiang National Park?

Sanjiang National Park is now what?

2017, what else to do?


1 month 16 days, in the first six session of the twelve National People’s Congress on the press conference, the National Park Service source of Sanjiang party secretary Li Xiaonan media attention, concern a series of questions were answered, the source of Sanjiang National Park, green China towards the world "ambassador" we are walking leisurely, great practice this is our country and the model of ecological civilization construction, realize the transition from Qinghai is the only way which must be passed small province economy to ecological province, ecological province. read more

During the Spring Festival holiday in 2012 no food safety incidents occurred in our city

to ensure that the people of all nationalities live a peaceful and stable maintenance of the Spring Festival, food production and operation order and social stability, the Xining Municipal Food Safety Commission Office issued the "on notice" during the 2012 Spring Festival, food safety, requirements of the county, Municipal Food Safety Committee of the member units to do before the food safety inspection work and holiday food safety inspections.
in the Spring Festival holiday period, the city’s various regulatory personnel were deployed 447 passengers, vehicles 66 times, inspection of food production units 1664. Through the various regions and departments of solid and effective work, to protect the city during the Spring Festival holiday in 2012, the food market security and stability, no major food safety incidents.
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Municipal Women’s Federation women know the sisters to join the chain called the public to enhance t

in July 30th, the fifth member conference of the Xining women intellectuals association. At the meeting, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation and Xining female intellectuals Association joint sisters to the majority of women and family members of the initiative: "I do civilized people of Xining" as their responsibility, social morality, civilized citizen; occupation morality, do civilized worker; family virtue, do civilized member.

"proposal" for the majority of the city’s women and family members should strictly abide by social morality, social morality norms according to requirements of the work, ready to participate in social welfare activities, helping vulnerable groups. We should take good care of collective property and urban cultural relics and historic sites, public facilities, safeguard national natural resources and natural environment, strictly abide by the laws and disciplines, and consciously abide by and maintain public order. To love their own work, to establish the idea of serving the people wholeheartedly. Enhance the sense of dedication, enhance the sense of social responsibility. To zunlaoaiyou, equality, harmony, thrifty, neighborhood unity. To continue to develop and improve the quality of their own conduct, for the country to teach children moral education. We should take an active part in the national fitness campaign and advocate a healthy, scientific and civilized way of life. To continue to enhance the personal character training, consciously participate in the quality of the people to enhance the activities of the family and others to set an example. read more

Datong County the first primary school and other 6 schools of the school safety project started con

2012 in the morning of August 18th, Datong Qiaotou first primary school and 6 other schools held the school safety project groundbreaking ceremony, which marks the Datong County to social operation way of financing the construction of the school safety project in full swing. Datong County People’s government deputy county magistrate Li Tianlu and County Finance Bureau, housing construction bureau, the development and Reform Bureau, Land Bureau, bureau of education and other relevant units attended the opening ceremony. read more

Brand project to join the real water heater

how about the water heater? In our life, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join to the true water heater project, is a very good project to get rich with opportunity.

more yuan design style, more energy-efficient design concept, the first shot for the development of the brand. Life because of the real water heater and change, life because of the real water heater, more brilliant! To the true water heater? The headquarters of dedicated service, allowing you to create wealth no menace from the rear! Consumers trust the brand, nature has its originality. Healthy life can be more easily obtained, a good career prospects, bring good returns, which is directly linked to the achievements of the dream of wealth. read more

Entrepreneurial failure lessons Shop ten thousand loss in January in the end why

this year after new year’s day, I would like to open a fast food restaurant. The location after a period of time, found a fast-food restaurant in a school gate to transfer, so quietly to the shop around launched a "reconnaissance", fast food restaurants are located in the gate of the school, there are hundreds of students in this school, next to a construction site, workers at there are hundreds of people. Therefore, a more optimistic attitude towards the future. Besides the fast-food license, such as their own to start a run, the license is time-consuming and laborious, not ready to transfer a. After several days of negotiations, although the store equipment up to two thousand or three thousand yuan, I also accept the transfer fee of more than 10000 yuan. read more

28200 new jobs this year

March 13th, the city held the meeting of human resources and social security work in the city, the reporter learned from the meeting, this year the city will promote urban and rural workers full employment and employment service enterprises as the starting point, and strive to 28200 new jobs for urban, rural and pastoral areas labor employment 310 thousand people, among them should previous graduates overall employment rate 87%.

guide college graduates employment: this year the city will be market-oriented employment, closely combined with the actual situation in Xining, the employment of college graduates to adapt to the market mechanism, improve the ability to recruit candidates for training. Further promote the construction of college graduates employment trainee base. Strengthen employment guidance services to encourage college graduates to actively integrate into the market, into the grassroots. read more

80 empty nesters with electronic nanny

In order to solve the problem of the elderly and Empty Nester unattended, North District Civil Affairs Bureau invested 8 million yuan for the 80 Empty Nester equipped with a wrist type calling device, the pager has positioning, call intercom function.

Five measures for ecological planning and layout

Blue sky and green water, green building through which, in order to reflect the concept of ecological protection in housing construction. Recently, the Provincial Department of construction, strengthen the protection of land resources, water resources, ecological environment and other resource requirements in the future will be the construction preparation, provincial important resource and ecological environment protection as the mandatory content planning, build ecological security spatial layout and adapt to the urban layout. Set up the concept of green low carbon city development, strictly control the scale of urban and rural construction land, per capita land use indicators, protect the natural landscape pattern, strengthen the construction of urban ecological environment. Planning road red, green building, green river water control blue line, the construction of public facilities and cultural relics protection of the yellow line purple line, the nature of land use planning and city green line conditions to strengthen the management of construction projects, to ensure the smooth implementation of urban and rural planning in strict accordance with the law. Implementation of green building action plan to establish a market mechanism and financial incentives to encourage the combination of mechanisms to improve the relevant industries, enterprises and consumers. According to local conditions, on the basis of actively introducing, digesting and absorbing the advanced green building technology at home and abroad, the paper focuses on the selection and creation of the green building technology suitable for the native land, and the localization of the green road. To set up the declaration of scenic areas and strengthen our province Kanbula national scenic area set up the declaration. Accelerate the establishment of provincial scenic spots. The completion of the master plan of Datong mountain and Tianjun Mountain Scenic spot. Do a good job in Delingha 4 scenic spots such as cypress hill declared the establishment of the fifth batch of provincial-level scenic spots. To increase the intensity of urban air pollution control efforts to do all kinds of construction of urban built-up areas, demolition of the site of the enclosure, hardening, watering, transportation vehicles clean and green site or cover the five 100%". To strengthen the urban planning area, engaged in construction waste dumping, transportation, transit, backfilling, consumption, the use of disposal activities and supervision, to reduce the impact on the environment. Increase the urban sewage and garbage treatment to guide the country to carry out good urban green building, waterlogging, water, environmental remediation and waste drainage and sewage treatment facilities construction work. Implementation of urban living garbage, sewage treatment fee system, research and development of urban living garbage, sewage treatment facilities, financial subsidies to improve the quality of urban living garbage and sewage treatment.   read more

Overseas progress of pure plateau cum plateau Medical Forum held

In August 20th, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial council for continuing medical education office and the provincial people’s Hospital jointly held the 2015 annual progress of haiwaichizi plateau cum plateau medical forum". Four "overseas" with the latest knowledge and technology, offer them to a true Qinghai plateau.Geriatrics department of Provincial People’s Hospital

Hao Peng in the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone stressed that the innovation as

to promote the sustained and healthy development of the economy is one of the major requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping investigation in Qinghai. In August 31st, governor Hao Peng to speed up the supply side of how to deepen the structural reform, the formation of the major issues in the economic system and mode of development with innovation as the main guidance and support, to Xining economic and Technological Development Zone in-depth research. Hao Peng stressed that the core position in the development of global innovation, relying on scientific and technological innovation to promote new energy and new materials and other strategic emerging industries to accelerate the development, transformation and upgrading, sustained and healthy economic development to build a new engine, new construction support. read more

From five festive meals to see how the public holiday

Holiday reunion dinner let family return;

authentic rice farmers to the city people’s Congress sinseong hoe……

warm index: assumes.


warm index assumes:Ms. ye


warm index assumes:

scenic beauty of an invigorating autumn climate, Qinghai has attracted many tourists in National Day during this tour, drink tea, eat mutton, unique Qinghai delicacy for many tourists have a thumbs up. Little Yang Shiming tourists from Guangzhou, he said, to Qinghai tourism have been directed at the spectacular and beautiful scenery, did not expect to come here for three days, here has been attracted by the delicacy, in three days, he has tasted all kinds of Qinghai delicacy, what the mutton, GA, yogurt patch niangpi, grains, sweet, yak jerky, let him eat enough, he bluntly love in Qinghai special holidays, people here are particularly enthusiastic, and through this delicacy feel a festive culture.

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Eastern cadres meet each other

recently appeared gratifying new phenomenon in east area, the cadres and workers of all love each other "test" after the meeting, ask what is the "Three Basics"? What is the "four comprehensive"? What is the three lesson? What is the "two responsibilities"? What is a three vote"…… If the answer would be very dirty things, also may be ordered to "clean up", because the district "knowledge test, Zhishijingda and town (community) level" Zhishijingda activity is the wave after another with a "knowledge the difference will make the whole collective lose lose face.
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Normative documents will be cleaned once every two years

For the formulation and filing of administrative standard document specification in our province, to strengthen the supervision and management of administrative normative documents, the maintenance of a unified legal system, promoting the administration according to law, according to the relevant state laws and regulations, combined with the actual situation in the province, in October 25th this year, the provincial government executive meeting examined and adopted sixteenth "administrative regulations of Qinghai province to develop and record file procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), decided on March 1, 2014 1997. read more

North District Labor and labor inspection 16 household units were rectification deadline

days ago, north of the city of Xining City area to carry out the 2011 Annual labor inspection work, focusing on the employer and the employee labor contracts, social insurance, minimum wage standards and regulations for special protection of female employees, the implementation of legal provisions of working hours and holidays, employment registration system and regulations etc. whether or not the perfect aspects to carry out a comprehensive examination. Qinghai Xinqing tool company 16 problems of labor units issued a rectification decision. (author: Wu Yachun) read more