What are the limits of the Xining line

recently, a lot of people on the implementation of the Xining Regional Road ban, the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the line is not very well understood, they hope that through the evening to know.

learned from the city traffic police detachment, the permitted weight more than 1 tons (including 1 tons) trucks, more than 13 passengers (including 13) Limited access to areas in the following road, prohibited passenger cars and two motorcycles daily 7:30 to 22:00 on the East Jianguo Road, West to our road; south of summer Avenue, South Gate Street and West Street to the north; 71 Road, victory road, bridge street and Menyuan road.

permitted weight more than 5 tons (including 5 tons) trucks, more than 30 passengers (including 30) bus and truck speed, tricycles, tractors and daily 7:30 to 22:00 the following to the road area within the scope of prohibited and restricted traffic: the east of Huang River Road, West to the sea lake road Kunlun; South Road, north to Qilian Road, Kunlun road and include.

permitted weight more than 10 tons (including 10 tons) to pass the prohibited area range of large trucks, heavy trucks in all-weather road to the following: Xing Road, West Lake Road East Qiming; South Nanshan Road, north to Qilian Road, and includes the people and road, Nanshan Road, Kunlun the big road, Biological Park Road two, Nanchuan Road (latitude in green road to the North) and Nanchuan Road (Fu Lu Xiang North).

Restrict the passage of prohibition, area of

motorcycle and electric bicycle daily 7:30 to 22:00 the following to the road: East Jianguo Road, west of Cold Lake Road; South West Main Street and Kunlun Avenue; North Binhe Road, 71 Road, victory road and Haiyan Road, main street, and contains xiadou South Gate Street, Changjiang Road, West Main Street and bridge street.  


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