Chongqing golden claw dry pot how to worry about the quality of the project venture

we all know, Chongqing dry pot food, always very attractive to consumers. With the characteristics of food, always very attractive to attract the attention of franchisees. Chongqing golden claw dry pot? Not only has a very high popularity, but also joined the Chongqing golden claw dry pot project, bringing new business opportunities to become rich, is a very good business projects!

how about Chongqing golden claw dry pan?

gold claw dry pot is Sichuan gold claw catering key brand, not only has its own product R & D center, central kitchen, marketing company, has a complete set of professional, standard, catering franchise system science, nutrition is an important means to the rapid development of the gold claw. Chongqing gold claw dry pot? Gold claw dry pot has begun to see spot run trend sweeping the country, and creating a stunning commercial miracle in many places. read more

Several stories about women’s online Entrepreneurship

for female entrepreneurs, the risk of large, high-tech projects are not suitable to do, more suitable to do some small risks, small investment business. So, what do women do? The following entrepreneurial stories may give you the answer.

entrepreneur Hu Xiaoling

Hu Xiaoling is the most love to eat free life an endless enjoyment of Chongqing, "Dengying Beef" not only that, she also live in the "tasting" into "money". She in the online Chongqing spicy snack shop Hotfood, buyers across the country, operating a variety of native spicy food reached more than 100, the peak season can have a monthly net income of 5000-6000 yuan. Shop first to consider the cost of opening a grocery store in Chengdu, the cost of at least 1000 yuan per month. And open a shop on the Internet, free shop rent, free transaction fees, the cost is very low." read more

Don’t bring bad feelings to your career

life is not a simple thing, there will be a variety of troubles, a lot of people prone to emotional state. It doesn’t matter how important it is, it’s important not to be able to bring this feeling into our work. If it is a shop to do business, with a bad mood to operate, I am afraid there will be a very adverse impact on the business.

is open, the boss who understand the truth Friendliness is conducive to business success. will inevitably encounter, but not liking things in life, the bad mood will be very easy to stores, service will be greatly reduced, and therefore more or less some loss of customers. read more

New York Times China is approaching the United States in the artificial intelligence contest

Chinese time this morning, "New York Times" in a threatening manner to entitled "China Gains on the U.S in the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race" article. Analysis of reports of artificial intelligence development of China articles, and to warn local media not only concerned about the progress of domestic companies.

New York Times original

according to the New York Times website reported that U.S. Defense Secretary Robert · (Robert o. Work) in an interview, said that the most intelligent artificial intelligence in Google and Facebook. Now, China has more and more intelligent artificial intelligence. In the field of artificial intelligence technology, the United States no longer has a strategic monopoly advantage. Artificial intelligence is widely regarded as a key factor in the new generation of war. read more

High conversion rate of ten sites

owners are pursuing traffic, and sometimes it is a blind pursuit of. Owners should first establish the concept: the flow is the cost, is to pay, is to spend money out, rather than income.

maybe because I’m a host server, this idea is natural and ingrained to me. In Singapore, bandwidth is one of the most important costs for servers, and prices are rising. Customer site traffic, is a headache, rather than a happy thing.

only target flow into the order, is the income.

those who have investment, you can do the flow, and then study how to make money except for the site. read more