What are the advantages of online shop

  into the era of networking, it is necessary to use e-commerce business, online shop is not a rough choice. What are some of the special advantages of online shop relative to other industries? Because of its small investment, flexible operating mode, operators can provide a good profit space, so many people become entrepreneurial approach. In this small series to introduce the specific advantages of online shop three.

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Google improved search quality search results highlight the author

Google search results in the article placed the author photos and links

[TechWeb] June 29th news, according to foreign media reports, in order to improve the quality of Google search, Google launched a new feature, the search results will highlight some of the author of the article.

Google Product Manager Sagar Kamdar said, the prominent signature is a great way to identify and highlight high-quality content, and the center of the network. People tend to want to know more about the author, read more articles, and even want to interact with the author." read more