Small business of the five major projects

current entrepreneurs, most of them do not have enough money, only the dream of entrepreneurship, but we can not kill the dream of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to find a suitable business without the project. Below, small series will share with you the first choice of the venture.

Family planning policy:
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Shenzhen housing prices in June average price of 61 thousand and 800 per square metre

prices in this year ushered in a frenzied growth phenomenon, not only in some second tier cities, the growth of crazy prices in the same tier cities in the form of hot, soaring prices in the wild! So, what is the price of Shenzhen in June? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

recently, Shenzhen City Planning Commission announced in June the housing transaction data, 2016 June, Shenzhen city’s residential sales 3253 units, closing an area of 346 thousand and 500 square meters, the average transaction price of 61756 yuan / square meters, the average price last month rose 10.6%, up 101% over the same period last year. read more

Beauty franchise business taboo beware of these things

beauty industry profits are very rich, so many friends want to open a beauty shop. Beauty stores in order to have a good business, but also must have some skills. Beauty stores want to operate well, we should beware of some of the issues in the process of operation. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the beauty stores should beware of what matters in the business process.

Beware of a

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What should we pay attention to food wholesale business

food wholesale is now deeply concerned about the project, if you want to do wholesale food business, then pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, you want a good shop, then to understand in detail!

investors in the choice of the location of food wholesale stores, we must field visits to find stores, food wholesale business to pay attention to what? The demand for market research can clarify the specific location of sites, but also survey such as the surrounding environment, traffic, shop whether potential problems. In addition to these basic points, food wholesalers for this information will certainly be investigated clearly: read more

Women’s shop decoration style is very important how to decorate the suction eye

now the clothing store market, competition has become increasingly fierce, at the same time, more and more people start business clothing store, to successfully open a clothing store, especially women’s clothing store, a style of decoration to attract customers is very important.

now the pressure of competition is more and more women’s market. Businessmen are very headache, do not know what to do! For women’s clothing store, in order to attract customers, but also work in the decoration, a good image of the store in order to attract more customers. So how does the dress shop attract customers? read more

How about the toy shop How to open

how about the toy shop? The toy industry has a great development prospect, in these years of hard work, get a lot of investment the attention of entrepreneurs to join, less cost, return to the fast, easy business to make money for small business project, let us together to meet.

observation of emotional investment

if you can put yourself in for the sake of customers, through the customer’s eyes to observe, understand the needs of customers, so as to provide quality and efficient service. When different types of customers, employees need to provide different services, such as irritability treat customers, have patience, gently with his article about the dependent; treat customers, employees should be good for them, some useful advice, but don’t put too much pressure. read more

Some basic entrepreneurial experience sharing network

Now the

network business is becoming very popular, more and more young people began when the first venture will look to the whole business network, at the same time in the online business also has a lot of good business experience to share.

More and more information of potential customers

1. you can get their attention, and resources are limited, so you must try to provide free information useful to their life or business, to get their attention resources, and reached the final goal of buying.

2. regularly sends emails to your customers and potential customers via email. read more

What are the advantages of online shop

  into the era of networking, it is necessary to use e-commerce business, online shop is not a rough choice. What are some of the special advantages of online shop relative to other industries? Because of its small investment, flexible operating mode, operators can provide a good profit space, so many people become entrepreneurial approach. In this small series to introduce the specific advantages of online shop three.

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Google improved search quality search results highlight the author

Google search results in the article placed the author photos and links

[TechWeb] June 29th news, according to foreign media reports, in order to improve the quality of Google search, Google launched a new feature, the search results will highlight some of the author of the article.

Google Product Manager Sagar Kamdar said, the prominent signature is a great way to identify and highlight high-quality content, and the center of the network. People tend to want to know more about the author, read more articles, and even want to interact with the author." read more