Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ kickstarts Asian Games 2014 at Incheon

first_imgTo achieve international superstardom means you become virtually synonymous with your country. Over the course of the last couple of years, that’s exactly what has happened to South Korean pop artist Psy.His Gangnam Style single became the biggest rage on the internet in 2012, and on Friday, the 36-year-old was the headlining act of a glittering opening ceremony to the 17th Asian Games at Incheon.Sixty-thousand spectators were packed in the main stadium like sardines in a tin, eager to welcome elite athletes from across the biggest continent on the face of the earth. Doubts were raised earlier in the week about the slow pace of ticket sales for the ceremony, but as the appointed hour of 7pm arrived on Friday, there was barely a seat left empty. Since well before sunset, people had started trooping in.Security was tight but not an irritant and infants, youth and senior citizens alike stood patiently in lines to get past the gates. However, those hoping to post ‘selfies’ from inside the stadium were in for a shock as mobile phone signals seemed to be jammed.Korean pop stars and celebrities were an integral part of the ceremony, at which the Games were declared open by Park Geun-Hye, the president of South Korea.While Psy’s performance was undoubtedly the centrepiece of the evening, well-known South Korean actress Lee Young-Ae lit the Games cauldron. Usually, it is big-name athletes who are given this honour but the organisers gave the responsibility to Lee, given her popularity across Asia.advertisementThe theme for the ceremony was “One Asia”. Given the turmoil that affects the 4.5 billion inhabitants of the continent, it was an apt theme, choreographed in two parts, before the 45 participating nations’ athletes and officials entered the stadium.Indians know full well how the country’s relationship with the neighbouring Pakistan is often frosty, and similarly, North and South Korea are also poles apart. Yet, when the North Korean contingent entered the arena, there was loud cheering from the crowd.To be sure, sport acts as a balm. There is turmoil in Afghanistan and Syria, yet their athletes have turned up for the Asian Games in the hope there will be peace in Asia one day – as envisaged by Incheon.The size of the contingents entering the stadium had been kept limited and at the head of India’s shortened team was hockey captain Sardar Singh. Nattily dressed in grey trousers and a blue blazer, Sardar marched proudly ahead of women athletes in turquoise blue sarees, though a lot of wellknown names were missing from the parade.Sitting in the VIP area, Randhir Singh, secretary general of the Olympic Council of Asia, greeted the Indian contingent with a wave while his face was beamed on the giant LED screens around the stadium.When OCA president Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah greeted the crowd in Korean, there was a big round of applause. He then delivered his speech in English. “These are your Games, so let us unite and share the excitement and passion of the next 16 days,” he said.Close to 10pm local time, bright fireworks lit up the sky to signal the beginning of the fortnight-long sporting extravaganza.In the days ahead, Koreans and other Asians of various nationalities will witness plenty of success stories and heartbreaks. But on this night, Incheon well and truly laid out the red carpet for the rest of the continent.s.kannan@mailtoday.inlast_img read more


first_imgSonowal left the AGP in January 2011 followingSonowal left the AGP in January 2011 following differences with the party leadership and went on to join the BJP in February 2011 in the presence of then party President Nitin Gadkari and other senior leaders.He went on to become the BJP state unit President in 2012 and was credited with raising the partys tally to seven from the earlier four and reducing the Congress margin to three from seven in the 2014 Parliamentary polls.Sonowal has been also credited with making inroads for the party in erstwhile Congress bastion of the tea districts of Upper Assam by ensuring party wins in Dibrugarh and Jorhat parliamentary constituencies.He, himself, wrested the Lakhimpur constituency from former Union Minister Ranee Narah of the Congress and was made the Union Minister of State for Sports and Youth Development.He also played a key role in ensuring the hosting of the South Asian Games (SAG) in Guwahati and Shillong.Sonowal, who belongs to the Sonowal-Kachari tribe, has contested this assembly polls from Majuli, the worlds largest river island and the seat of Vaishnavite culture.Born on October 31, 1962 in Molokgaon in Dibrugarh district to Jibeswar Sonowal and Dineswari Sonowal, he is a bachelor and a devout follower of Assams renowned Vaishnav saints Sankardeva and Madhavdeva.An ardent sportsman, the Union Sports Minister is a keen follower of football, cricket and badminton. PTI DG GSN GSNlast_img read more


first_img6th Last race: Tapathi Plate – (Div.I) – 1200 M.6th Last race: Tapathi Plate – (Div.I) – 1200 M.Pacquiao (Shapoor Mistry) 61.5 Zervan firstSpeed Queen 59.5 Sameer secondAl Dahma 58.5 J Paswan thirdCatharsis 59 Agarwal fourthAll RanWon by : 6-1/2Ls, 1-3/4Ls and 1-1/4LsTime: One min:10.69 secondsTote: Rs 27 for win.Rs 14, Rs 13 and Rs 34 for placesFavourite : PacquiaoWinner trained by : M EshwerForecast : Rs 48Quinella : Rs 31Shp : Rs 37Trinalla : 70 pct Rs 254 30 pct Rs 199Exacta: 70 pct Rs 4,429 30 pct Rs 1,980. PTI CORR DVR MVV SSClast_img read more

Pixel, Pixel XL: Google’s phones should make Apple, Samsung et al nervous

first_imgThe first Nexus smartphone came out in 2010. The Nexus One, as it was called, was manufactured by HTC. It has since launched a tablet, the Nexus 9, but no Nexus-branded smartphone. Six years hence, HTC is up to the task, one more time. The Pixel and the Pixel XL — launched on Tuesday — have been built by the Taiwanese OEM. Only this time, things are different.Unlike last year, when Google let OEMs decide almost everything pertaining to the Nexus; this year, Google wants to be — and is — in complete control. It has — to begin with — killed the Nexus brand which in itself is a major indicator of how things would be in future. The after effect is: this year’s Nexus phones are called the Pixel and the Pixel XL and these have been built entirely by Google. Not by HTC, but by Google. Also Read: Google Pixel, Pixel XL: Everything that you should know You absolutely have to be up to your neck in technology to know that Google, this year, outsourced the job — to manufacture the Pixel and the Pixel XL — to HTC. You absolutely have to be up to your neck in technology to know that the Pixel and the Pixel XL have been designed much on the lines of the HTC One A9 (and the HTC 10, a little). If you are not one, the Pixel and the Pixel XL would oddly remind you of the iPhone. They would remind you of the iPhone in more ways than one. Reason being that this year Google is following a whole new philosophy: if you can’t beat them, join them.Nexus was about software, Pixel is about hardware & softwareSince its inception, the Nexus line-up has been synonymous with high-quality unadulterated software. Hardware was important, but it was never peripheral to its existence. This year’s Pixel phones are about the hardware and software, working in consonance and not in isolation, just the way Google wants it to be. advertisementThe Pixel and the Pixel XL are Google’s first official entry into the mainstream hardware space. You can say, Google has been building hardware for quite a while now which is true, only none enjoys the kind of fandom that a certain Nexus 5 or for that matter even the Nexus 6P can brag about. Its Pixel Chromebooks, which are fantastic by the way, are still a niche product category when compared to its Nexus phones.But Nexus is dead and Pixel is the future. It is the future, because in 2016, Google sees itself differently, even more so with CEO Sundar Pichai and former Motorola veteran Rick Osterloh at the helm. With Osterloh’s hardware expertise and Pichai’s much-ambitious plans to put AI everywhere, it was only about time the philosophy — if you can’t beat them, join them — came to life. It has done just that with the Pixel and the Pixel XL.”Pixel, the first-ever phone made by Google brings together our software and world-class hardware, making the Google experience come to life,” the company said in a statement.Just like the new iPhone, Google’s first Pixel phone crams in the very latest in hardware and software. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor clubbed with 4 gigs of RAM. It will be available in 32GB and 128GB storage options. Just like the new iPhone, the Pixel does not have a microSD card slot.Google’s first Pixel phone runs Android 7.1 Nougat, in all its unadulterated goodness. “Pixel Phones will get software and security updates as soon as they’re available, directly from Google. When a new update is available, it can download and install in the background, so users no longer have to wait for the phone to update,” Google said.Having complete control over its hardware will ensure Google can work more closely with its in-house software team to achieve the best possible user experience out-of-the-box. There’s a reason why the iPhone stays slick and stutter-free longer than rival Android phones, you know. It is because its hardware is completely in sync with its software.There’s method to this madnessNexus is dead and Pixel is the future, for a reason, two in fact: the Google Assistant and Daydream. What distinguishes the Pixel from the Nexus is Google’s push for artificial intelligence (the company has for years invested in AI that has produced the Assistant) and it embracing the future, which is without a doubt, virtual reality.The world got its first glimpse of the Google Assistant when the company launched the messaging app Allo recently. It works like Siri, and it comes baked in to the new Pixel phones. This is because Google’ new phones focus on being AI first.advertisement”Building hardware and software together lets us take full advantage of capabilities like the Google Assistant. It lets us harness years of expertise we’ve built up in machine learning and AI to deliver the simple, smart, and fast experiences that our users expect from us,” Rick Osterloh, Google’s SVP of hardware said.But you know where all that push for AI comes from? CEO Sundar Pichai, of course! “Assistant will create a conversation between our users and Google. The goal is to create a personal Google for each and every user,” Pichai said.Google Now has been completely replaced with Google Assistant in both the Pixel and the Pixel XL, as text-based control gives way to a completely voice-driven (almost) approach. You can still use text, but Google is really banking a lot on voice-driven synergy here. “Your Google Assistant is always ready to answer questions and help you get things done,” Google said.To that effect, these phones also come with Google Duo video-calling app built-in and something called as Knock Knock feature. Knock Knock allows users to see a preview of the caller before they even pick the call up.Coming to VR, the new Pixel phones are also officially Daydream-ready. Google has also launched a VR headset, that it calls the Daydream View, to make full use of the VR-ready nature of these Pixel phones. That being said, it is important to understand a couple of things here. While the larger Pixel XL comes with a 2K screen, the smaller Pixel has a display that maxes out at 1080p. For VR to work, in all its glory, it is important that a screen has greater pixel density. Technically, the Pixel XL should be at advantage, and much like Apple’s bigger iPhone 7 Plus (that alone sports twin cameras on the back) Google maybe looking to market the Pixel XL solely on this parameter alone. That and the fact that it has a bigger screen. What I am trying to stress here is that just like the dual-camera is the USP of the iPhone 7 Plus, Daydream VR could be the USP of the Pixel XL.The Pixel camera already looks like a winnerOne of the more interesting things about the Pixel is its rear camera. Unlike the iPhone 7 Plus which boasts of two cameras on the rear, Google decided to go with one camera, and yet it looks like a winner already.The new Pixel phones sport a 12.3-megapixel camera with f/2.0 aperture, 1.55um pixels and unlimited Google Photos storage. On the front you get an 8-megapxiel camera. But, specs only tell half the story. The new Pixel phones score an impressive 89 as per DxoMark, which is the highest rating ever for a smartphone camera, Google has claimed. You know why it’s doing that? It’s because the iPhone 7 (and the iPhone 7 Plus) is already building great buzz around its camera. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is no slouch either. In fact, well before the Pixel came along, the Galaxy S7 was the only flagship Android phone to beat in terms of camera prowess. Now that the Pixel — which has a Sony IMX 378 sensor by the way — is in the picture, Samsung’s phone may have some stiff competition. Not to mention, even the reputation of the iPhone 7 may be at stake. This is because Google’s Nexus phones, in the past (especially the Nexus 6P) have had pretty great cameras.The Pixel looks oddly like the iPhoneThe Pixel builds upon the HTC One A9. But, that is something not everyone would know (as mentioned earlier). But, then since the Pixel does not have an HTC branding, it is even harder to tell from an iPhone. Yes, it looks a lot like it, especially from the front. From the back, though, it looks like a work in progress, a prototype if you may. But, then that’s just one opinion. There would be some who would fancy its design. Having said that, the Nexus 6P (even the Nexus 5X) looked better than the new Pixel, just saying.The new Pixel and Pixel XL focus on a new ‘premium’ design, according to Google and boast of an all-metal — carved out of aerospace-grade aluminum — unibody design, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, USB Type-C port for charging and data syncing and 3.5mm audio jack. The phones will be available in India in two colours: Quite Black and Very Silver.advertisementDamn, the Pixel is expensive. Well, so is the iPhoneThe Pixel is Google’s costliest phone ever. In India, the base Pixel with 32GB storage starts at Rs 57,000, which frankly speaking is a lot of money. The Nexus phones, on the other hand, were relatively more mainstream. The Pixel isn’t a mainstream phone. Clearly, it has a different target audience, an audience that looks up to the iPhone or the Galaxy S7. The Pixel is ambitious. Pixel is not the end, it is only the beginningGoogle’s new-age Pixel is replete with top-of-the-line hardware and fancy AI tricks. But, it isn’t perfect by all means. It doesn’t have a microSD card slot, nor is it water-resistant. Its design is all the more generic, and it has no stereo speakers.Also Read: Google launches Pixel & Pixel XL, pre-orders in India from October 13In a way, the Pixel is a lot like LG’s G5 modular smartphone. Just like the G5, the Pixel is an expression of what Google is capable of doing. It doesn’t have to be perfect, for now, but at least Google has made its ambitions clear. Apple and Samsung should of course be worried. But, so should third-party OEMs that rely on Google’s software. Google just upped its game, and that should make all rival companies a little nervous.last_img read more

Watch: Is this the most bizarre run out on the cricket field?

first_imgThe Uganda vs Thailand match on Sunday in the ICC Women’s World T20 Qualifying tournament witnessed one of the most bizarre run-outs in world cricket.The throw which was aimed at the bowler’s end, hit the stumps at the striker’s end to effect a run-out.The incident took place in the third over when Nattakam Chantam played a shot down the ground and set off for a single. The Ugandan mid-on fielder quickly grabbed the ball and released it, aiming the stumps at the bowler’s end. However, the ball missed the target and went on to hit the the stumps at the striker’s end. As a result, Nattaya Boochatham who was running towards the wicket-keeper’s end was run out.One of the most bizarre run-outs you’ll ever see!Aimed at the bowler’s end, hit at the striker’s end! #UGAvTHA #WT20Q (@ICC) July 8, 2018Thailand eventually managed to score 67 in 20 overs at the loss of nine wickets. Nannapat Koncharoenkai top scored for the Asian side with 22 off 37 balls. Wickets were shared by six Ugandan bowers as Getrude Candiru and Immaculate Nakisuuyi took two wickets each.A victory in the match will give either sides a real chance of reaching the ICC Women’s World T20.Both team went into the match on the back of heavy defeats in the opening games.Uganda lost their first match against Scotland by nine wickets after they were bowled out for 43. Thailand lost their match to Ireland by seven wickets. The Thai women scored 92/7 in 20 overs as Ireland chased down the target with 22 balls remaining.advertisementlast_img read more

Cancer was like falling in ditch after mountain high of World Cup, says Yuvraj Singh

first_imgOn April 2, 2011, Yuvraj Singh lifted the precious ICC World Cup trophy at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai along with the player-of-the-tournament award. Shortly after Yuvraj was diagnosed with cancer and in his own words “it was a very dark moment”.Yuvraj Singh put in a mammoth effort in the 2011 World Cup with both the bat and the ball — 362 runs and 15 wickets — and he was right at the top of his game.Four years after his scintillating moment of 6 sixes in a Stuart Broad over during the 2007 World T20, Yuvraj Singh became the first ever player to take five wickets and score 50 runs in a World Cup match, after the performance against Ireland.However, all that success, happiness and elation came crashing down when he came to know he had cancer — “suddenly you fall in the ditch”.”The diagnosis of cancer shortly after the high of the World Cup victory, it took the joy out of everything, it was a very dark moment in my life,” Yuvraj told CricketNext.”When you win the World Cup, when you are Player of the Tournament, you are on top of the mountain. Suddenly, you fall in the ditch. It’s just life, you don’t expect that — you are left with no choice. I had to bounce back and I did it in what I thought was the best way I could.”Yuvraj went to the United States for his treatment and returned to India in 2012 after getting healed. If the journey to reach the top of world cricket before the World Cup was mammoth, this perhaps was the Everest.advertisement Yuvraj underwent three cycles of chemotherapy in the U.S. for a rare germ cell cancer between his lungs (Reuters Photo)Nobody gave Yuvraj a chance! With youngsters constantly being blooded in the Indian team, nobody thought Yuvraj would be able to make a comeback. But he did! It was not easy, he was berated for the slow innings in the 2014 World T20 final against Sri Lanka where the Islanders won by six wickets.Yuvraj, however, said that he wanted to prove a point by just playing for India again and that was his biggest motivation.”I wanted to prove a point, that I could come back and play for India. That was my biggest motivation. I wanted to prove that point to myself, as much as to anyone else. Everybody said you can’t, and I said I can. It was mind over matter. I had some good games, some bad games, I was in and out of the team.”But I still managed to play a lot of cricket after that – I played a couple of T20 World Cups and a bit of one-day cricket when everybody said that it won’t be possible. That’s the biggest joy in life, when people say it is not possible and you can make it possible. People thought that my career was over after cancer, and I came back and registered my highest one-day score. That was only self-belief, nothing else.”Last year against England, Yuvraj Singh played out a classic partnership with MS Dhoni, both in the wane of their careers. Yuvraj Singh scored 150 while Dhoni made 134. However, Yuvraj has not played much since then while Dhoni is still a crucial part of the Indian team. Last year against England, Yuvraj Singh played out a classic partnership with MS Dhoni (Reuters Photo)Yuvraj still wants to be very much a part of the Indian team’s plans and for that he even went to England for five weeks in the summer this year to work on his fitness.”I didn’t have a good domestic season last year, I had a bad IPL. I took a break and I thought that if I am looking to play another year or two years, I want to go playing this game happily because this game has given me everything.”So I went to England for five weeks to a training camp this summer, I worked hard on my fitness. I was in Cirencester, at a habitat centre. I worked with a trainer called James, a former Marine, for five weeks. And when I got back home, I had another three weeks on my own; I had eight weeks of fitness before I started the season. I didn’t have too much good (batting) practice before coming here, I just played one practice game against Madhya Pradesh. But I just felt mentally very good.”I felt that I was fitter, I was stronger compared to last year, when I was not in a good mental space. The key for me has always been to be in a good mental space, that’s when I have played good cricket. I have just focussed on being in a good space and obviously, the results showed. I have been hitting the ball really well and scored a few consistent scores. Let’s see what happens now.”advertisementSACHIN TENDULKAR’S ADVICE TO YUVRAJ SINGH Yuvraj has constantly sought Sachin Tendulkar’s help throughout his career (Reuters Photo)Yuvraj recently score a 96 for Punjab in the Vijay Hazare Trophy against Railways, missing out on a hundred by just a bit. Yuvraj felt selection was not in his hands but he wanted to enjoy his cricket — something that India’s most reverred batsman Sachin Tendulkar advised him.”Obviously, I am looking to play cricket till 2019, whatever cricket I get to play. Obviously, selection is not in my hands. What is in my hands is to work hard and get better at whatever I am doing – whether it’s batting, bowling, fielding or my fitness. From when I was dropped last year, I have been thinking that all I can do is focus on myself and my cricket.”I was speaking to Sachin (Tendulkar), who has always been my mentor, and he asked me, ‘Why do we play the game? Just for the love of the game. Yes, we do want to play for India, but also, the game has given us everything’. I just want to enjoy the game, to appreciate that it has given me everything; I respect the game. I have cleared my fitness (yo-yo) test, I have bowled, I have got runs. I have done almost everything that is in my control.”As I said, selection is not in my control. I am sure everyone is looking at the youngsters for building the team for this World Cup and the next World Cup. It’s up to the selectors and the coach/captain to decide, it is entirely their call. I just want to play whatever cricket I get to play till 2019, and then take a call.”last_img read more

Mike Gundy’s Record Against Every Big 12 Team (Not Named OU) Is Great

first_imgWhen I was working through our three numbers to know post this morning and saw that Mike Gundy is looking to go 10-2 against Texas Tech, I started wondering about his record against all Big 12 teams.Thankfully we have the internet, and you can discover goodies like this one on sites like this one. So let’s roll through them. From best winning percentage to worst.Kansas: 8-1 (89%)Texas Tech: 9-2 (82%)Iowa State: 7-2 (78%)TCU: 3-1 (75%)Missouri: 3-1 (75%)Kansas State: 6-3 (67%)Colorado: 2-1 (67%)Nebraska: 2-1 (67%)West Virginia: 3-2 (60%)Baylor: 7-5 (58%)Texas A&M: 4-3 (57%)Texas: 5-7 (42%)OU: 2-9 (18%)This does not include the bowl game against Missouri from 2014.It’s pretty fascinating to look at, though. Look at how good Gundy has been against the top eight teams on that list. He’s largely owned them. This fits with the narrative I described earlier this week that had him winning almost all the games he was favored in.The Texas record has been flipping in recent years given that he started with five straight losses against them. The Baylor record has been flipping, too, but the other way. Gundy started with wins in six of his first seven years against the Bears.And then there’s OU. It really doesn’t fit with the rest of the list. OU hasn’t been that many standard deviations better than Texas and Texas A&M and Baylor.The reality there is that Oklahoma State’s record against OU under Gundy should be at least a game better (2013) if not two (2012 as well!), and a few other years came down to the last few plays (2010, 2006). But OSU didn’t win those games when it could have, and as a result Gundy has a nasty-looking outlier on an otherwise really outstanding resume.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

Arsenal investigating Cologne chaos

first_imgUEFA Europa League Arsenal investigating Cologne fans chaos Ryan Benson Last updated 2 years ago 16:15 15/9/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) cologne fans-cropped Getty Images UEFA Europa League Arsenal Arsenal v Köln Köln Arsène Wenger The Gunners have launched an extensive investigation to discover how so many visiting supporters managed to get into the Emirates Stadium on Thursday Arsenal have launched a “full review” into the situation that saw far more than Cologne’s allocated 3,000 fans attend Thursday’s Europa League clash at the Emirates Stadium.Gunners 13/10 for PL top 4Kick-off was pushed back by one hour to 21.05 BST due to crowd congestion in London, with a reported 20,000 away supporters said to have travelled from Germany. Editors’ Picks ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Cologne’s allocation was set in line with UEFA rules, but thousands travelled without tickets and turned up at the Emirates, with the resulting congestion affecting the ease of entry for home supporters.Once inside the stadium, some travelling fans are said to have climbed over barriers in order to get into the home supporters’ section, where they mixed with Arsenal fans as segregation became impossible for stewards.After Arsenal’s 3-1 win, Arsene Wenger said that he had expected the match to be cancelled, before then admitting that he felt it was the right decision to let the game go ahead as planned as there was “no aggravation”.Arsenal will be investigating, however, to understand how the situation arose and what they can learn from the situation going forward.”Following last night’s UEFA Europa League match with Cologne we would like to stress that fan safety was always our paramount concern and informed all decisions made,” the Premier League club said in a statement.”We worked in full consultation with police and UEFA officials on the night and in advance of the game and had taken extensive steps in advance to prevent tickets being sold to visiting supporters.”This included a number of measures including ensuring no tickets were sold via general sale and that no red memberships purchased after the draw were able to be used to get tickets in the home end for this match. We also worked with our colleagues at Cologne to stop supporters travelling without match tickets.”The 3,000 tickets issued to Cologne fans was in line with competition rules but it is clear many more visiting fans arrived, causing significant congestion and disturbance outside the stadium before kick-off. Many tickets were sold through touts and this is very disappointing.”We have launched a full review into the circumstances surrounding the game and will ensure any lessons that can be learned are used in the future.”last_img read more

Here’s An Updated 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Ahead Of The Sweet 16

first_imgSweet Sixteen Bracket for the NCAA bracket.If the first two rounds of the 2016 NCAA Tournament weren’t the most exciting in the event’s history, they’re certainly in the running. We saw a 15-seed knock off the national title favorite. We saw numerous buzzer-beaters – including one from half-court. We saw a 12-point comeback in just 44 seconds. And we witnessed historic dominance from one conference – the ACC.Now, we’re onto the Sweet 16 – where the insanity seems to have settled. In fact, Gonzaga – winner of the West Coast Conference – is the only school from a non-power league left. That being said, the Bulldogs are dangerous.Here’s an updated look at the bracket. All four No. 1 seeds remain – though many have tough matchups this week. One week from now, we’ll know which teams will be participating in the Final Four.Sweet Sixteen BracketHere’s the schedule for games on Thursday and Friday. Elite Eight contests will be played Saturday and Sunday.Thursday:(2) Villanova vs. (3) Miami: 7:10 PM ET on CBS(2) Oklahoma vs. (3) Texas A&M: 7:37 PM ET on TBS(1) Kansas vs. (5) Maryland: 9:40 PM ET on CBS(1) Oregon vs. (4) Duke: 10:07 PM ET on TBSFriday:(1) Virginia vs. (4) Iowa State: 7:10 PM ET on CBS(6) Notre Dame vs. (7) Wisconsin: 7:27 PM ET on TBS(10) Syracuse vs. (11) Gonzaga: 9:40 PM ET on CBS(1) North Carolina vs. (5) Indiana: 9:57 PM ET on TBSIt’s been a historic year. Are there more surprises in store?last_img read more

The Champagne Connoisseur: David Speer

first_img Get to Know Alto Adige, the Northern Italian Wine Region Get Naked with Independent Winemakers with NakedWines Delivery Kit Helpful Wine Terminology So You Sound Like You Know What You’re Talking About Gamay Noir Wine Is a Cult Classic That’s Here to Stay Editors’ Recommendations What’s Amphora Wine? A Primer on One of the Oldest Ways to Make Wine In a city filled with myriad craft breweries, it’s sometimes hard to find a man that loves wine more than beer. But fear not, dear reader, they do exist. Enter David Speer, owner of Ambonnay, a sparkling-wine bar named after a picturesque Grand Cru village in Champagne. An 11-year veteran of the food and beverage industry, Speer only became a bubbly connoisseur a decade ago. Since late 2011, he has operated his Portland, Oregon, Mecca to bubbles—the only bar of its kind in the United States—with the intent on making Champagne accessible to everyone. With this egalitarian attitude and a revolving list of small producers, he’s succeeded. The Manual recently sat down with Speer for a Q & A.Why did you open a Champagne and sparkling wine bar in Portland of all places?Portland, unfortunately, isn’t known for its wine and it should be. We have a great wine culture here and the consumers here are open to lots of interesting and esoteric wines, especially if they are a good value. I opened this Champagne bar because I love Champagne and we have a lot of really good importers here with some of the best selections of Champagne in America.How do you select the wines for your list since you rotate your stock a lot?One, I work with small producers and worldwide demand for a lot of their wines is high so we only get so much. Beyond those logistics, I want to keep the list fresh. Being a small place focused on only one thing, it can get stagnate. I don’t have a strict set of rules on where it has to be from, I just really want top quality wines, whether it be a grand marc or from a smaller negotiant or cooperative. I just want it to be a great wine with a price that is appropriate.Not everything is Champagne, however. I have some great Austrian and Italian sparklers and French sparklers that are not from Champagne.Do you think the average drinker in Portland is hesitant to try wine because they are intimidated by it or because they are beer drinkers? What have you done to get them to try wine?There are a lot of people who are really into wine and part of that is because of the Willamette Valley [an hour’s drive away]. When I was in New York a few months ago, there were places with great lists and I thought Portland pretty much stood shoulder to shoulder with them. Here, a lot of it is getting people to try Champagne for the first time. A lot of people have had Cooks or another low-grade sparkler and they’ve developed headaches and they say, “that’s Champagne and I hate it. It’s too sweet.” Part of it is getting the Champagne in their mouths. A lot of guests don’t know a lot about Champagne. They know they like it but they don’t know much more about it. Part of it is making it accessible and not being snooty. A lot of places are snooty restaurants or clubs that are trying to be exclusive.  I have tried to make it accessible, not just price wise, but by allowing them to have fun and not being snobby.You were recently named one of the top-10 sommeliers in the country by Food & Wine magazine. How did that come about?Back in the October 2012 issue, they included Ambonnay as one of the 25 coolest places in America to drink wine. They were putting together a selection of top sommeliers in 2013. I think their focus was on sommeliers who were pushing boundaries and doing new and interesting things and I guess Ambonnay was on their radar. It was a pretty amazing list of people.last_img read more

Opening of EP Hotel an Economic Boost for Mobay – Bartlett

first_img He said that beyond the jobs generated, there is spin-off for manufacturing and other sectors from the use of locally made furnishings, and other products and services. “So, you can see how this property is adding dimension to Jamaica’s tourism product while producing a magnificent multiplier effect as its impact ripples through the Montego Bay community and beyond,” he noted. Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, says the opening of the S Hotel has created an economic boost for Montego Bay. Story Highlights Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, says the opening of the S Hotel has created an economic boost for Montego Bay.He said that beyond the jobs generated, there is spin-off for manufacturing and other sectors from the use of locally made furnishings, and other products and services.“So, you can see how this property is adding dimension to Jamaica’s tourism product while producing a magnificent multiplier effect as its impact ripples through the Montego Bay community and beyond,” he noted.“This is what we mean when we talk about strengthening the linkages between tourism and other economic sectors so that more Jamaicans benefit from tourism’s success and more of the tourism dollars stay right here the country,” he pointed out.Mr. Bartlett was speaking at the official opening of the European Plan (EP) property located on the Montego Bay Hip Strip on Gloucester Avenue on January 26.Unlike all-inclusive hotels where meals and most services are covered in one package, EP hotels focus on accommodation, with meals and services at additional costs or accessible outside of the property.The Tourism Minister noted that EP properties like the S Hotel create economic opportunity for surrounding communities – restaurants, shops, craft markets and attractions – as “guests tend to spend on services provided by local businesses outside the hotels.”“EP models are ideal for the more adventurous traveller; those seeking immersive vacation experiences and genuine engagement with the local community,” he pointed out.“They want the freedom to wander around town and discover eateries popular with locals, purchase authentic handicraft and experience the unique way of life of the destination,” he added.The Minister said that the Montego Bay Hip Strip offers a prime setting for EP hotels and he wants to see more investors “set up shop” along “this important stretch.”“I am referring not only to accommodations but shops, attractions and eateries,” he said.“Of course, current activity on the Hip Strip augurs well for the future. I am pleased to see hotels being refurbished and restaurants like Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records opening to join the veterans like Margaritaville, Blue Beat Ultra Lounge and Pier One in providing a variety of exciting entertainment offerings to both visitors and locals. I look forward to further developments,” he said.He noted that the area is on the Government’s radar for further development.“After all, it is the perfect location – a stone’s throw from Doctor’s Cave Beach, just five minutes from the Sangster International Airport and within walking distance of some of the best nightlife, restaurants and shopping,” he noted.The Minister added that he is looking forward to “a greater coming together of the public and private sectors to recreate a vibrancy on the Strip not seen since its heyday”.last_img read more

Nova Scotia Recognized for Tourism Excellence

first_imgA record nine Nova Scotia nominations are finalists for the 2010 National Awards for Tourism Excellence. Premier Darrell Dexter extended his congratulations to those short-listed for the prestigious awards. “Nova Scotia can be proud of these nominees, recognized for creating outstanding tourism experiences,” said Premier Dexter. “They make our province a top travel destination and help to create good jobs that grow the economy.” The awards, presented by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, recognize people, places, organizations and events that offer a superior tourism experience to travellers in Canada. “Members of Nova Scotia’s tourism industry are working hard to provide exciting reasons for people to come to our province,” said Percy Paris, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage. “Our record number of nominees recognizes that tourism helps to make life better for families in every region.” Grand Chief Membertou 400 has been named a finalist for Event of the Year. The three-day celebration honoured the life and legacy of the distinguished Mi’kmaq leader on the 400th anniversary of his baptism. Largely staffed by volunteers, the event brought 80,000 visitors to Halifax and was included in Her Majesty the Queen’s royal tour. It generated about $2.5 million for the local economy. “I would like to thank the government of Nova Scotia, and federal and municipal governments, for their generous support of the Grand Chief Membertou 400 celebrations,” said Deborah Ginnish, project leader for the Grand Chief Membertou 400 and executive director of the Mi’kmaq Association of Cultural Studies. “Their contributions allowed Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq community to introduce its rich culture to tens of thousands of Nova Scotians and visitors to our province, bringing great joy and pride to our people.” Three finalists were named in each of 14 judged award categories.The National Awards for Tourism Excellence will be presented at a gala dinner in Gatineau, Que. on Nov. 2 as part of The Tourism Summit, TIAC’s annual national tourism policy conference. More information about the awards and summit can be found at .last_img read more

Public School Administrators Association in Place Aug 1

first_imgPrincipals, vice-principals and other regional education leaders working in regional education centres and the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial, are now part of a new Public School Administrators Association, effective Aug. 1. The association is a formal, professional network in which principals, vice-principals, and other regional education leaders will support excellence in teaching, learning and leadership in the classroom to better help students, their families and staff. They will also identify their own leadership development needs and make plans for how those needs will be met. A 13-member, interim board is currently in place. Members of the first permanent board will be selected by association members at an annual general meeting this fall. As reported by the regional centres for education and the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial, about three per cent (24 of 711) of principals and vice-principals have requested to return to the classroom. The Nova Scotia Teachers Union will provide services to the association, as determined through an affiliation agreement that will be developed.last_img read more

Job creation trebles in Feb at 861 lakh shows EPFO payroll data

first_imgNew Delhi: Net employment generation in the formal sector almost trebled to 8.61 lakh in February compared to 2.87 lakh in the same month of last year, according to the latest EPFO payroll data. The retirement fund body Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has been releasing payroll data from April 2018, covering the period starting September 2017. According to the latest data, the highest job creation was recorded in January 2019 at 8.94 lakh against the provisional estimate of 8.96 lakh released last month. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalDuring February 2019, the highest number of 2.36 lakh jobs were created in the 22-25 years age group, followed by 2.09 lakh in the 18-21 years age bracket. The data showed that 80.86 lakh new jobs were created in the 18 months period from September 2017 to February 2019. However, the EPFO has revised downward the number of net subscribers added or new jobs created from September 2017 to January 2019 to 72.24 lakh from 76.48 lakh released last month. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostThe sharpest revision was for March 2018 in the latest report which showed contraction or exit of 55,934 members from the EPFO subscriptions. Last month, the EPFO payroll data had showed that as many as 29,023 members exited from its schemes in March 2018. In February 2019, the EPFO data had showed that as many as 5,498 members joined EPFO schemes in March 2018. On contraction in March 2018 numbers, the EPFO said, “March 2018 figure is negative due to large number of exits reported in the month of March, in view of it being the closing month of the financial year.” The EPFO said the data is provisional as updation of employee records is a continuous process and gets updated in subsequent months. This is age-band wise data of new members registered under the EPFO where the first non-zero contribution received during a particular month. For each age-wise band, the estimates are net of the members newly enrolled, exited and rejoined during the month as per records of the EPFO, it added. The estimates may include temporary employees whose contributions may not be continuous for the entire year. Members’ data are linked to unique Aadhaar Identity, it added. The EPFO manages social security funds of workers in the organised or semi organised sector in India and has more than 6 crore active members (with at least one-month contribution during the year).last_img read more

AntiRowdy squad busts IPL betting racket at Eden

first_imgKolkata: The anti-rowdy section (ARS) of Kolkata Police’s detective department busted a cricket betting racket on Friday night and arrested seven persons in this connection during the Indian Premier League (IPL) match at Eden Gardens.Three of the arrested persons are residents of Nagpur, while four of them are from Madhya Pradesh. “We have arrested seven persons on the basis of a source information regarding cricket betting at Eden Gardens during the cricket match played between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore. The group was nabbed by our ARS team after prolonged observation at F1 Block. 14 mobile phones including one betting accessory and other equipment have been seized,” said Pravin Tripathi, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime). Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaAccording to police sources, the arrested persons have been identified as Mukul Jain, Piyush Jain, Pratik Jain and Mayank Seth, all hailing from Sagar district under Motinagar police station, Madhya Pradesh. The three other residents of Nagpur who have been nabbed are Dipak Kumar Kaslikar of Etowari, Wasim Ahmed of Tehasil and Gobind Maniyar of Nandan I. All of them are in the age group of 20 to 35. It may be mentioned that only on Wednesday, two people were held along with Rs 1.70 lakh and two cell phones by South Zone Task Force in Telangana, after a cricket betting racket was busted during the match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings.last_img read more

Ohio State baseball sweeps Hofstra in first home series of 2016

Junior left fielder Ronnie Dawson (4) rounds the bases after hitting a home run during OSU’s 12-1 win over Hofstra on March 18 at Bill Davis Stadium.Credit: Giustino Bovenzi | Lantern reporterThe Ohio State baseball team followed its 12-1 victory over Hofstra on Friday with two more wins against the Pride on Saturday and Sunday by scores of 4-2 and 2-1, respectively.The Buckeyes’ three-game sweep improved their record to 11-6-1 and sets the stage for a televised showdown Tuesday with Xavier. Over the weekend, OSU’s offense pumped out 24 hits while its pitching staff allowed just four runs. Game 2With redshirt sophomore Adam Niemeyer, one of the Buckeyes’ strongest pitchers, on the hill, OSU seemed to be in line for another easy victory. However, the cold weather and Hofstra starting pitcher Chris Weiss kept OSU’s offense in check until the Buckeyes broke through with a three-run eighth inning. With OSU trailing 2-1, junior left fielder Ronnie Dawson provided the spark for the Scarlet and Gray, punching an RBI single through the right side of the infield to score junior catcher Jalen Washington. After an intentional walk to senior third baseman Nick Sergakis, senior first baseman Troy Kuhn singled through the left side to score Washington and Dawson, tallying the game’s final runs. Niemeyer (1-1) received a no-decision in his fourth outing of the year, scattering five hits during a career-high seven innings of work. Sophomore reliever Seth Kinker (2-1) picked up the win for OSU, while redshirt sophomore Yianni Pavlopoulos earned his fourth save of the year. Freshman John Rooney (1-2) received the loss for Hofstra. Game 3The final game of the homestand turned out to be a pitchers’ duel between two seniors: OSU’s John Havird and Hofstra’s Bowie Matteson. Hofstra drew first blood on sophomore center fielder Steven Foster’s RBI single to left center in the top of the sixth inning. In the bottom of the seventh, the Buckeyes finally solved Matteson, breaking through behind an RBI triple from freshman designated hitter Brady Cherry, which scored junior center fielder Troy Montgomery. With the game tied at 1-1, Dawson once again provided the heroics for OSU. On the first pitch he saw, the 6-foot-2 junior drove a hard-hit single to right field to plate Cherry. Havird (1-1) picked up the win for OSU, hurling a career-high seven innings and striking out three with no walks. Pavlopoulos picked up another save, his fifth..Over the weekend, Dawson batted .600 (6-for-10) with seven RBIs, one homer, two triples, one double and two walks. The Grove City, Ohio, native now leads the team with 21 RBIs. OSU’s next challenge is set to come Tuesday against the Xavier Musketeers (7-12) at 5:05 p.m. The game is OSU’s fourth of a seven-game homestand at Bill Davis Stadium. read more

Volvo CE and Skanska Electric Site project cuts carbon emissions and costs

first_imgA 10-week research project electrifying and automating the majority of equipment at Skanska’s Vikan Kross quarry, near Gothenburg, Sweden, has seen a 98% reduction in carbon emissions, a 70% reduction in energy cost and a 40% reduction in operator cost.The Electric Site research project, conducted by Volvo Construction Equipment and its customer Skanska, were even better than expected, the two companies said. As a result, the test period has been extended until the end of the year.IM has been on site at the project today and witnessed the machines in operation.“The results also indicate that the Electric Site project takes a big step towards helping Volvo CE achieve its future vision where work sites are 10 times more efficient, with zero accidents, zero unplanned stops and zero emissions,” Volvo CE said.Together, these results support the potential for a 25% reduction in total cost of operations, Volvo said, explaining the reduction in total cost of operations is just a prediction at the moment.“As the prototype machines are part of a research project and are not commercially available, it is impossible to give a guaranteed figure,” the company said.Uwe Müller, Chief Project Manager for the Electric Site at Volvo CE, said: “Over the last 10 weeks, we’ve made incredible progress, learnt a lot and seen huge potential in the Electric Site solution’s environmental, efficiency, safety and cost benefits.“In fact, we have decided that we want to learn more, so we will extend our test period with Skanska until the end of the year. The results we have seen so far confirm that this research project is a step towards transforming the quarry and aggregates industry and creating emission-free quarries.”The Electric Site project aims to electrify each transport stage in a quarry – from excavation to primary crushing, and transport to secondary crushing. It incorporates electric and autonomous prototype Volvo CE machines, new work methods, and site management systems, which together form a complete site solution. New technology encompasses machine and fleet control systems and logistic solutions for electric machines in quarries.Anders Danielsson, President and CEO of Skanska, said: “With climate change reshaping our industry, we need to find new, sustainable solutions and build partnerships with organisations that have different competencies.“Our ambition is that this collaboration with Volvo CE will help us and our customers to reduce our carbon footprint. The power of partnership will make it happen.”Melker Jernberg, President of Volvo CE, said: “At Volvo CE, we believe in a sustainable future and we are doing our best to build the world we want to live in. The Electric Site is one example of how we are trying to achieve this. With this research project we are combining intelligent machines, automation and electro-mobility to challenge traditional ways of working in the quarrying industry and explore new alternatives.“We will now further mature the technologies involved and the reliability of the concept. Developing, testing and validating prototype machines with a customer at an early stage in the process speeds up development and ultimately brings more value to us and our customers.”The Electric Site project involves eight HX2 autonomous, battery-electric load carriers, which transport the material from the primary mobile crusher up to the secondary static crusher. When it came to energy use per tonne, the HX2s proved they could help Volvo CE take a big step towards achieving its future vision where work sites are 10 times more efficient, the company said.The second-generation prototypes incorporate shared technologies and components from the Volvo Group. They use a lithium-ion battery to power two electric motors which drive the machine; the hydraulics are driven by an additional electric motor. The HX2 is fitted with a vision system, which allows it to detect humans and obstacles in its vicinity. It can follow an adjustable, pre-programmed GPS path.The LX1 prototype electric-hybrid wheel loader delivered more than a 50% improvement in fuel efficiency at the quarry, as well as significant reductions in emissions and noise pollution, compared with its conventional counterparts. Its job was to organise the piles of material at the site.The LX1 is a series hybrid that incorporates a driveline that consists of electric drive motors mounted at the wheels, electric-driven hydraulics, an energy storage system, a significantly smaller diesel engine and new machine architecture, including a new design of the lifting unit. It’s this combination that enables the substantial gain in fuel efficiency.The EX1 70 ton, dual-powered, cable-connected excavator prototype loaded the primary crusher at the quarry. The base machine for the EX1 is a Volvo EC750 crawler excavator that has been upgraded to incorporate an electric motor in addition to the diesel engine. At the quarry, the machine was plugged into the grid, so zero emissions were emitted.If the cable is connected, the EX1 will automatically start in electric mode. If not, it will start in diesel mode. The EX1 is operated in exactly the same way as a conventional Volvo excavator.last_img read more

Drum motors for extreme operating environments come under the SME spotlight

first_imgAlexander Kanaris, President of Van der Graaf, will put forward the benefits of using the company’s GrizzlyDrive™ drum motor with IronGrip lagging in extreme environments at the SME Annual Conference and Expo on Monday.In an abstract ahead of the conference, Kanaris said: “Conveyors powered by external motors and gearboxes, along with v-belts, chains, couplings and pillow block bearings, often operate with relatively low efficiency and require regular maintenance.“With rising electrical and labour costs, mining and aggregate industries are forced to evaluate ways to minimise downtime, reduce maintenance costs, increase worker safety and ultimately increase profits.”According to Kanaris, new drum motor technology has addressed efficiency and operator safety concerns. An internally driven conveyor drive, the drum motor “eliminates external components, houses the electric motor and gearbox inside the drum, increases operator safety, saving space, eliminates scheduled maintenance, increases longevity and overall efficiency”, Kanaris said.“With v-belts, chains and couplings no longer required, the internal drive design drum motor, has efficiency gains of up to 30% and lower operating costs,” he said.“Reliability and longevity of conveyor drives pose challenges for belt conveyors to operate in harsh and abrasive environments and failure is ground zero for loss of production. The latest Van der Graaf GrizzlyDrive drum motor with IronGrip lagging is developed specifically to operate in these extreme environments.”The GrizzlyDrive is available from 3-50 horsepower and 8.5″ to 42″ diameter, with thepatented IronGrip high performance lagging design engineered for harsh and vibratory applications, according to Van der Graaf.last_img read more

Dassault and IPACS look at IoT sensing and 3DEXPERIENCE platform combination

first_imgDassault Systemes has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IPACS to jointly pursue technical and business opportunities in key industries in Australia, namely natural resources, defence, marine and offshore, cities and territories.IPACS is an Australia technology company specialising in the collection, monitoring and reporting of real-time asset performance in various industries.Dassault Systemes and IPACS went through a value assessment during a pre-qualification phase for the South Australia Government’s marine and defence industry supply chain programme, the “Virtual Shipyard”, to develop a strong domestic defence industry that will support the Federal Government’s Future Submarines and Future Frigates programmes set to commence in 2020.In the course of the assessment, Dassault and IPACS identified each other as partners with strong and desired skills for technical and business collaboration as they explore opportunities in natural resources, defence and other key industries in Australia, they said. Under the terms of the agreement, Dassault will collaborate with IPACS to create a “first-of-a-kind industrial demonstrator in Internet of Things (IoT) for joint exploration of these business opportunities”, which will leverage IPACS’ IoT sensing technology and Dassault Systemes’ software solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.Kailash Nath Sriram, Managing Director and CEO of IPACS, said: “IPACS currently operates South Australia’s pioneering Remote Operations Centre (ROC) for the state’s resources industry. This new industrial IoT demonstrator will be a fantastic platform for IPACS in expanding our expertise to service other major industries.”The ROC is a collaboration between OZ Minerals, the University of South Australia, IPACS Power and the South Australian State Government that provides an information and communications technology (ICT) platform for remote applications. It examines how vibration analysis of equipment at a distant mine site can indicate impending problems and failures. This enables equipment to be repaired before issues arise and used more intensively for longer periods.The collaboration also further extends Dassault Systemes’ ongoing partnerships with local companies in Australia for industry capability development and expansion.Said Masaki Sox Konno, Managing Director, Asia Pacific South, Dassault Systemes, said: “As a technology partner to IPACS, already an established player in South Australia’s resources sector, Dassault Systemes brings its global expertise and best practices in industrial processes and digitalisation solutions to the collaboration.”last_img read more

EHF CL HANGOUT Kim Andersson and Experts for warmup

← Previous Story Germany invites Serbia, Slovenia and Brazil to Super Cup 2015 Next Story → CRISIS: SG Flensburg lose second match in a row in Wetzlar With Round 1 the of the VELUX EHF Champions League just one day away, handball experts from around Europe gather online to analyse the new season, discuss the biggest summer news and give their predictions for the months ahead.EHF Media and Communications’ Chris O’Reilly will host the broadcast which will feature ehfTV commentator Tom O’Brannagain, contributors Björn Pazen, Bence Martha and Peter Bruun.Also joining is a very special guest from Sweden, former champion with THW Kiel and current Ystad IF right back Kim Andersson. This panel bursting with handball knowledge is certain to provide some brilliant insight and entertainment.The hangout will begin at 17:30 CET on Tuesday 15 September and can be viewed in the video below and on-demand with the ehfTV YouTube channel. read more