Entrepreneurial business strategy

good things that we can be more relaxed, in many beautiful things, flowers is a kind of very good, raised the standard of living, people pay more attention to the spiritual enjoyment, so the shop began to rise, highlighting the endless business opportunities. For those who want to invest in entrepreneurship, open a flower shop is a good choice to make money. But in order to successfully run a business, you need to master a certain business strategy. Specifically how to do it? Let’s go and see it. read more

Look at those we should pay attention to the marketing point from one way of Thailand embarrassed em

latest movie is a fire, it is < one way of Thailand > embarrassed embarrassed; until now, has exceeded 300 million at the box office, have to say is a big black horse, running in the dark horse, bring us thinking what would it be, if you think this is a dark horse to the operation, you will see that the way of marketing, after all now tastes so different today, to grasp the marketing opportunities often become more important, so this article will talk about it, we can see from the marketing mode in Thailand embarrassed. read more

Car home CEO Qin Zhi privatization is to seek more opportunities and possibilities


technology news Beijing time on April 28th morning news, CEO Qin cause car home recently released internal e-mail, said the privatization for the future development of the company to seek more opportunities and possibilities.

car home on the 16 day of this month, announced a plan to prepare for the price of $31.50 per ADS privatization. Buyers include: CEO Qin cause car home, Bo Yu capital, Hillhouse capital and Sequoia China.

buyers group this price, compared with the average price of the past 30 days, about a premium of 12.1%, compared with the average price of the past 60 days to a premium of 20.7%. read more

EHI officially landed on the NYSE on the first day of break down 2.50%

shares a car

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 19th news, officially listed on the New York stock exchange a car last night, the first day closing price of $11.70, $12 higher than the issue price fell 2.50%.

a car yesterday to determine the issue price of $12, is located in the lower limit of $12 to $14 price range, plans to issue 10 million shares of ADS (American Depositary Shares), financing $120 million.

a car last night, the opening price of $12, then fell on the lowest hit $10.95, up $12.50. EHI shares eventually closed at $11.70, higher than the issue price fell by $0.30, a decline of 2.50%. (compiler / Xiao rain) read more

Insiders said Baidu due to technical reasons to reduce included new sites

today and a Baidu internal staff dinner chat, he said, in fact, Baidu is not like some small webmaster website said that is not included in the new, but the recent domestic Internet fast development, Baidu’s database server has been running at full capacity. Due to technical reasons, Baidu has been unable to solve this problem, only to constantly update the device to meet the needs. This year the situation reached a peak, because the content increased dramatically under some time ago server instability, but Baidu can improve included in the new threshold, while reducing the number of garbage station page, to reduce the pressure on the server. But some valuable sites have increased to meet the needs of users included. Because Baidu has a lot of confidential data on China’s Internet, and Baidu also provides search services for the Chinese government’s database. For various reasons, large-scale cooperation with foreign companies can not improve the stability of the server. read more

Story 38 home appliance business settled in Taobao mall Tmall.com

Taobao mall yesterday announced the launch of the new strategy, the platform will be open to all retail form, build a new B2C ecosystem, including the red child, serves network, one store, intime network, Kuba, Yi Xun, Lok, Newegg, good music to buy 38 appliance business network collective settled Taobao mall, again to the domain name in the big concern, this 38 home network domain type diversification, such as domain name, domain name and domain name English creative, 38 electricity supplier network which have read more