Cosmetic agent chain how to avoid the off-season

we all know, the cosmetics market has always been a very hot market for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose the agent to enter the business of cosmetics, cosmetics market is very powerful choice. So, cosmetics agents chain stores, how to avoid the off-season?

cosmetics franchise is caused by the interest of many consumers, but investors will inevitably encounter sales in the off-season, in the face of this situation, investors are doing? Price, nature and effects are of concern to consumers, and the choice of promotion, and effective off-season promotional efforts can not be too large, one is sales growth has a certain limit, the two channel is to prevent a huge backlog of products, will hinder the promotion of late, consolidate relations and consumers. read more

Datong County, the first primary school and other 6 schools of the school safety project started con

2012 in the morning of August 18th, Datong Qiaotou first primary school and 6 other schools held the school safety project groundbreaking ceremony, which marks the Datong County to social operation way of financing the construction of the school safety project in full swing. Datong County People’s government deputy county magistrate Li Tianlu and County Finance Bureau, housing construction bureau, the development and Reform Bureau, Land Bureau, bureau of education and other relevant units attended the opening ceremony. read more

Built during the year in Xining network platform to prevent corruption under the lights black

April 7th, according to the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Propaganda Department staff, the end of the year will be built in Xining covering the city, the county level network reporting platform, a full range of anti-corruption.

this year, Xining city will urge the coordination group to guide County anti-corruption work adjustment of personnel, improve the rules of procedure, conscientiously implement the central office "on the investigating staff suspected of Party members and strengthen cooperation and coordination of the opinion" violation of the law in criminal cases, strengthen the clues for the establishment, in collaboration with the public security, procuratorial and Audit Department of coordination mechanism, the formation of the overall anti-corruption efforts. Improve tracking supervision mechanism, coordination of anti-corruption coordination group to determine the matter, to carry out regular supervision and inspection, strict accountability. Guiding counties and towns to strengthen the network reporting platform construction, completed before the end of the city and county level network reporting platform; 2016 completed by the end of the city and county and township network reporting platform, network reporting platform, city, county and township level three full coverage problem; to further broaden the source of clues, before the end of April this year the County Commission for Discipline Inspection to set up a sound problem clues collective evaluation system, five types of clues disposal in strict accordance with the provisions of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the disposition; guiding the county, township discipline establishment and improvement, do lead to joint handling, cross handling, handling and other cooperation mechanisms in the year before the end of June, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Based on handling the cooperation area, and actively explore the discipline the reform and innovation of integrated power handling, supervision mode. read more

This year due to the violation of the provisions of the eight Xining investigate and deal with the p

Since the promulgation of the provisions of the central eight, Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau insisted that the central authorities to investigate and deal with violations of the provisions of the spirit of the work included in the focus of the eight. Since this year, were investigated in violation of the provisions of the eight issues 14, 10 people given party discipline, the organization for 5 people.The provisions of the eight

in the correct four winds, Xining City, innovative methods of supervision, at the node. Pay attention to the key time node of the publicity and education and supervision and inspection, the 7 traditional festivals every year as the focus, to focus on every holiday before the holiday, festival, festival of the three special inspection work within the city. Before the holiday, issued a notice to remind the ICAC, and the establishment of independent supervision posts "in the county departments; centralized supervision and inspection section, take the bus into hotel, unannounced visits to check checks invoices and other ways to carry out a thorough investigation of the consumer; after do criticism. New year’s day, Spring Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period group consisting of 24 of the city’s various departments and units of work discipline, work efficiency, service attitude and the implementation of the provisions of the central eight launched 4 investigations, issued a "briefing" thorough investigation of 3 style construction period of enforcement of work discipline and 82 units to implement the existing problems of information system, management and other aspects of the bus were named briefing exposure. read more

What are the best ways to manage the inventory

brand bedding to join, the election of a good way, is the key to be more entrepreneurial worry and effort, this paper analyzes some skills, entrepreneurs can choose on the way and the method based on the actual situation, together at the bar!

What are the inventory management method

read more

Store holiday management also need to pay attention to safety precautions

During the holiday season, the store traffic is very large, many shopkeepers want to do a lot of business, but ignored the security issues, resulting in the operation of the store was hampered by

. In fact, in daily life, we all want to live in an era of a peaceful and prosperous time. Doors are unbolted at night.. But this is only a beautiful dream, in real life, a thief is everywhere, especially in the Spring Festival this commodity sales peak, and stores the special moment People are hurrying to and fro. During the festival, only hold the fruits of labor, hard earned money to really put into his own pocket. read more

Is it expensive to join the East Valley, Hand-Pulled Noodle

Hand-Pulled Noodle museum the most common

in our life is what look like? Is nothing more than two or three tables, a few benches, raise a small window, first pull the first Hand-Pulled Noodle museum. The traditional nature can only meet the basic consumer demand, but now people’s living consumption concept changes, the traditional consumption model has been unable to meet a large number of consumers. Want to invest Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum, a creative franchise brand, is the beginning of your success on the road. read more

How to join the Chaozhou congee casserole

catering sector Chaozhou congee casserole high flop rate of the news has spread like wildfire, before the small series have reason to introduce this phenomenon is why, many investors see that catering to join is very interested in this Chaozhou casserole porridge, so some of the details to join here Xiaobian introduce under Chaozhou like congee casserole.

Chaozhou congee casserole in Chaoshan Han in Guangdong province is the traditional name, is a special casserole cooked salted porridge. Porridge is the main ingredient, ingredients are generally River seafood, poultry, snakes, frogs, turtles etc.. Chaozhou congee casserole is a new rising industry in 1990, first appeared in the Shenzhen area, at present throughout the Pearl River Delta region. According to incomplete statistics, there are already thousands of specially cooked Chaoshan casserole porridge shop. So Chaoshan casserole porridge to join read more

Tuniu sued since media people Yu Bin said it has taken legal action for libel and announced yesterday in the official WeChat public number tuniu trumpet ", people from the media, Nanjing EPSCO Network Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Yu Bin repeatedly issued to distort the facts, the article is for libel tuniu, bin filed a civil lawsuit.


pointed out that in August 18th, the way cattle has filed a civil lawsuit in Nanjing Xuanwu District People’s court accepted the case, and. At the same time, the way cattle will report to the public security departments in the near future, pursue the criminal responsibility of the parties. read more

Group purchase industry now lodging precursors from barbaric growth to savage.

editor’s note: in a wink, 2011 last month. In the upcoming 2011 farewell occasion, carefully comb history of domestic new economy industry this year, to see if it can bring what experiences and lessons for the development of the 2012 seven emerging industries, is the most important. From this week, the new economic weekly will use 5 full pages, multi angle, wide field of view analysis of the characteristics of the new economic industry development in 2011, to readers.

reporter He Jun

from March 2010, China’s first group buying site was born so far, less than 2 years, the number of sites to buy the same as the cell split as the storm increased to more than 5 thousand. So, this piece of virgin land between the group purchase market night was filled with dense seedlings. Every seedling all do everything possible to get access to the sun and rain, growth, in order to usher in the autumn harvest. It is best to be able to turn from herbaceous to woody, evergreen. read more

Let the content of business and free content separate

      morning and wisdom brigade member Liang Zhenkun chatted with his group plans, because his website is mostly content accumulation, so it is recommended that he be a "user experience guide" of the website, and chatted for a while and the title of the topic, I think is written down, let more Zhilu members to share.

      first of all, the concept of "free" content. Because this phrase is not particularly rigorous, in order to everyone in the back of the reading does not produce ambiguity, I just say what I know about it. In fact, the contents of the site are free to browse, and here to say free more tourists online travel action unnecessary or unwilling to pay extra services. read more