Business to a competitor

for different people, for business understanding will be different, some people think that business is a simple process of struggle, and some people will think to do poineering work the most important thing is the choice of the project or the provision of funding. In fact, want to business success, to play the role of the factors is very much, here Xiaobian emphasize that entrepreneurship is more important or spirit.

some people would say that the business must have a certain amount of money accumulation, but also to have a wealth of experience; it was also said that the business should choose the right time, to be careful. But Li Bingjie’s entrepreneurial experience tells us that entrepreneurs Ganpin daring spotted the market, as long as, the right project, brave to go out, to receive a dream sooner or later. read more

What are the necessary conditions to open cake shop

When people

birthday, will prepare a C to celebrate, because of the popularity of the cake, so cake shop business must be very good, you know how to open a cake shop how much of what conditions?

what are the prerequisites for opening a cake shop?

1, the owner quality requirements:

1) as the owner, operators need to have management ability, can be arranged in good order shop management.

2) with the ability to invest, investment funds (usually around 200 thousand).

3) as an operator, investors should have a keen business acumen, and have a certain ability to analyze. read more

Focus on personal connections to buy to build a network of contacts

contacts that interpersonal relationship, interpersonal network, reflect people’s popularity, social relations. According to the dictionary, the interpretation of the network as "interpersonal relations and interpersonal context", often used in the field of politics or business, but in fact, no matter what the industry, everyone will use the network. In the webmaster network is playing a pivotal role in the Guo Jijun led by well-known domestic webmasters often haunt the major gathering is to gather the webmaster circle of contacts. Alibaba is in the days before the grand line of business circles "connections", hoping to "network through open network connections between online services, including production, name card holder, name card to the latest news, customer dynamic function. read more

Consumers buy a house out of the service fee Sue reconciliation awarded 30 thousand

SouFun compensation

Zhang Xi

purchase period has been communicating with developers to bargain, the deposit is ready to sign a contract, but was told the salesman to spend 15 thousand yuan to buy third SouFun group purchase service, can enjoy the preferential price of 100 thousand yuan. The unexpected costs, let people purchase sun Mao Yizhisuzhuangjiang Soufangwang and developers Shanghai ridge King court both.

a few months later, after the court coordination, the two defendants compensation on the spot by sun Mao 30 thousand yuan. It is understood that, in fact, the payment of compensation is soufangwang. read more

Official announcement on the promotion of easy media Li Linglong resignation

recently, the media have inquired about the media publicity Shenzhen branch Li Linglong turnover and company operation, then our thanks to the media attention, some media is not clear the truth, caused by the relevant reports are not true, in order to avoid confusion loss reported facts, issued the following statement, to straight:

Yi Yi media was founded in August 2002, and changed its name to the promotion of advertising network ( and set up headquarters in Zhuhai, founder of Mr. Tan Tingfei. The company is investing in mainland China, not Hongkong. read more

Liepin CEO Dai Kebin how to move the inactive years into the workplace, headhunting fees 90 million

entrepreneur & I dark horse continued to focus on online and offline integration capabilities of the company. They have a lot in common: in the vertical subdivision of the field, in-depth understanding of the relationship between industry users, the establishment of a system, with a strong IT system, business models are heavy enough…… Mobile Internet era, severe vertical will bring inspiration for traditional services.

after Comtech core city, "entrepreneurs" & I horse to bring you another severe vertical case — headhunting network. read more

Sina change conjecture Cao Guowei still introduced Ali palm resources situation

technology Tencent reported in December 19th Joe

the latest round of personnel changes around the two story version of sina, the protagonist is responsible for Sina’s sales department COO Du Hong.

the first story: the current Sina CEO Cao Guowei Sina micro-blog commercial poor responsibility, transferred to the chairman, Du the replacement become Sina new six CEO; second story: more than just "have an ulterior motive" lie – only Du Hong himself denied, Sina official also has micro-blog, the former definition "false information". read more