After 80 Ma Ma said

quickly get the life of the first pot of gold, alone is not enough to work, their own business is the kingly way. For 80 entrepreneurs, Ma said. Venture will always select the most easy to do the most happy to do business, not to make money, but you love him, you love the work you love to do this thing, it is the biggest passion, biggest motivation.

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One hundred thousand yuan entrepreneurial choice to open a bar in Dali

the current society, if you have money, if only the bank has been put there, so your money, perhaps a lifetime only so much, perhaps will not be reduced, but also will not increase, if slightly economically minded people, will invest here Xiaobian to introduce a one hundred thousand yuan to open a bar an instance of the!

LOLA27 year old graphic designer     personal dream: to open a bar in Dali

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Small venture reference

small business, what projects can choose? In fact, as long as the business to find the right industry, you can quickly lock the appropriate investment opportunities. Xiao Bian summed up two points, hoping to find a reliable reference for novice investors, so that we can tap into the new year to become rich new business opportunities. If you are interested in this question, learn quickly.

fast-paced era has arrived, people’s increasingly fast pace of life, so when you eat more in favor of those restaurants. In addition to the traditional KFC and McDonald’s, some of the characteristics of the Chinese fast food stores are also very popular, store in a continuous line of people, do not stop the over Taiwan, bring abundant profits to the operators. read more

Drinks investment election love is still the outcome of how

many people love to drink milk, including my own small, there are delicious fruit milk taste is good, in our lives can also play a milk tea role, with different varieties taste delicious drink for us.

tea is one of the most popular delicious drinks, it has long been in the food and beverage market has a high popularity. Love is still fruit margin as authentic tea brand, adhere to good raw materials to make good products, to give consumers a unique gourmet experience. So, love is still fruit edge join? Is the right choice for business, it is a very rare to make money good project! read more

Alibaba 1688 imported supply platform, the first stop in Zhengzhou curtain

in order to promote economic development, countries have made a lot of policy change, experimentation area, cross-border e-commerce currently set up many highlights for the economic development, is of great significance to China economic development and regional economic development in the future.

4 26, "The Belt and Road 1688 Alibaba (Zhengzhou) import sourcing platform" national cooperation ceremony held in Zhengzhou, the provincial Party committee, Zhengzhou mayor Ma Yi, vice governor Zhao Jiancai, Alibaba group vice president Ren Geng attended the launching ceremony of cooperation. read more

How much do you know about the sales promotion

clothing industry is one of the fastest growing industries, but also one of the most concerned about entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs to operate clothing stores, of course, the more profitable the better! Clothing stores sales we have encountered, gift coupons, full 300 by 100, when shopping promotions meet the eye everywhere! But in addition to this promotion, do you know any other marketing techniques? Introduced in the following clothing sales promotion, we take a look at!

for special offer goods, shopping malls of the deduction is generally low, so the pay deducted points costs less. Especially for those quarterly and annual shopping guarantee safety, while the major holidays to buy a special offer back to their products, sales will go up, and the loss can be reduced to relatively small proportions.

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Xian’s cooking art to tell you what a small Hot pot Hot pot cultural significance

China’s five thousand years of cultural accumulation makes Chinese culture has formed a system, even if it is to eat, we also have their own food and beverage culture, take the popular hot pot project now. Eat hot pot, not just eat it. And understand it. As a dedicated Hot pot diehard powder, you only know how to eat, but also know what Hot pot culture? Xiao Bian today in the know God to the little knowledge of eight, where you Amoy come up Knowledge has no limit. knowledge! What is the cultural significance of hot pot? Xian’s cooking art small Hot pot to answer. read more

Paris Bay sweet join advantage

what is the core of the restaurant industry? Is the consumer, but also the health of consumers. Only eat at ease, in order to eat satisfied. All walks of life are so. Understand their core competitiveness, can be a long time and high.

Paris Bei sweet (ParisBaguette) brand, has always adhered to the quality and health is the soul of the company, the future will continue to adhere to the brand’s commitment to quality. In all aspects of production, we will never use expired raw materials, raw materials or raw materials. We are willing to accept the supervision of consumers to work together to ensure that our products of high standards and high quality, together to promote the healthy development of China’s baking industry. read more

Zhoukou Fugou Henan branch to take four measures to improve the quality of cigarette retail

cigarette terminal retail quality, will be able to directly affect the results of the sale, for this reason, not only the retail store owners are more concerned about the local governments concerned. In order to further consolidate the results of the construction of modern cigarette retail terminal, recently, Henan, Fugou branch actively take measures to enhance the quality of modern cigarette retail terminal operation of the.

is a focus, play the role of the terminal model. Closely combined with the actual work, clear retail terminal goal of building and construction standards, and constantly improve the quality of modern retail terminal construction, continue to strengthen the existing terminal management level, give full play to the leading role of the demonstration of advanced terminal. read more

Super daddy teach you tea shop management tips

milk tea shop to join the industry is now more popular one of the entrepreneurial projects, because of its advantages in joining other advantages than other projects, so more and more people are willing to join the ranks of the team. So bright business prospects, coupled with the following business skills to believe that your career will be able to do the best.

super daddy teach you the tea shop business tips

first, cost control

no matter what the industry has the cost and profit of the two part, do milk tea shop also, the lower the cost, of course, the higher the profit. But it is important to note that the cost control does not allow you to cut corners, but to save unnecessary expenses. read more

Which projects are suitable for small entrepreneurs

on the market a lot of entrepreneurs, each because of their different circumstances, are not the same in terms of the way and choice of the project on the market, there are some people choose small business, small business for open what shop?

handicraft shop: run into the store before the factory, make full use of the characteristics of the female workers Xinlingshouqiao, sewing handkerchief, cushion, tablecloth scattered at home to complete. Handmade products, the style of the opportunity to repeat less, easy to accept customers. Small investment, low risk. read more

State Administration for Industry and commerce to carry out antitrust assault on Microsoft

in July 28, 2014, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, organized by the Beijing Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian, Hubei, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Hebei and other 9 provinces and cities hundreds of law enforcement officers of Microsoft Corp in the four premises in mainland Chinese, namely Microsoft (Chinese) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu branch, at the same time counter antitrust raids.

June 2013, according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce enterprise report reflects the Microsoft Corp compatibility issues exist for its Windows operating system and Office software related information is not fully disclosed by tying, file verification and other issues, Chinese suspected of violating the "anti-monopoly law" situation, carried out the verification. read more

Marketing is the biggest problem in precision marketing

          we are from the beginning of 05 years, will target in the field of mobile marketing. This paper puts forward a series of concepts, including three parts: interactive marketing, loyalty marketing and directional marketing. The innovation of these products is based on the following three parts. While talking about mobile marketing, we focus on the field of education. Many concepts have not, so these products, services are facing the problem of market development. In this we have invested enormous human and financial resources, but if we can make use of resources and the industry to do the market, which is our biggest channel. read more

Yao Jinbo 8 years, how to win the information from the website of the city of 58

[] lead (58 city) is a life information classification site was established at the end of 2005. Located in the local life service platform, mainly for small businesses, the number of active merchants reached 4 million, monthly independent users of the national website, the city of, the size of the 27 cities. Involved in the life of services, including real estate, recruitment, automotive, housekeeping, catering, second-hand trading and other aspects. From its inception in 8 years, VC has been repeatedly favored capital, mostly Japanese companies. Apply to the United States IPO two times. Today, sources said, 58 city to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted a IPO prospectus, plans to be listed on the NYSE, codenamed WUBA, the highest financing $150 million. Eight years of business model to explore what to bring the advantages of competitors beyond the city of, the future development trend of Chinese classified information website how to see? read more

Li Kaifu 99% will eventually dominate the market network group purchase only four or five

large-scale operation or become the real way to buy the domestic site, the domestic more than 5 thousand buy site will die, only the size of the group has reached the size of the group will eventually become the market leader in." Li Kaifu, chairman and chief executive officer.


"full house"

network group purchase Gaopeng Shanghai company recently suddenly and sharply declining employment, many industry insiders as the current site of the survival status of the group purchase index sign. Well known Internet expert Liu Xingliang August 19th in an exclusive interview with Xinmin reporter admitted that the network group buying industry is currently in the early stage of the mature, the survival of the fittest is in progress. read more

VC refused to finance literature website

May 24th, the mom in the world — financing national tour owners meeting, spread the latest insider, VC has made it clear that it would not carry the risk of investment in the development of literary website, let originally survive in the clip gap in the literature website is can’t do anything. This is the editor of the Admin5 in the national tour of the General Assembly on the invitation of the mother of Ali’s VC scene questioning dialogue.

Admin5 editor: "after Shanda in recent years the continuous acquisition of starting point and Jinjiang literature network and occupy half of the country literature market, literary website is no longer affected by VC are welcome." read more

PP assistant selling $100 million Another grassroots counter attack

recently heard the news, UC and PP assistant has reached a wholly-owned acquisition agreement involving an amount of more than $100 million, the settlement is nearing completion. However, the parties are a little secretive about the transaction, there is no confirmation message.

this rumor is dramatic, keywords eye-catching is just this year to completely get rid of takeover rumors UC, although they did not recognize this list of business; and PP assistant will make people feel a little strange, plus up to 100 million dollars worth, a lot of people on the "illusion" of the company is out of nowhere: who is this man? What can read more

ICM plans to launch.Xxx domain name registration and promotion

news: it is reported that since December 15th 10, ICANN.Xxx officially approved a new top-level domain, the United States ICM Registry days before the launch of the first founder of plan for.Xxx open registration, said it will allow qualified companies to obtain.Xxx domain name registration and promotion rights.

It is understood that the founder of

, plans to include the.Xxx domain name registration, registration based on how to promote the company, provide information submitted to apply for participation in the.Xxx domain in the promotion plan, many participants, will be the birth of the first.Xxx domain name registration company promotion. read more

If you have 600 million micro-blog grassroots fans what to do

How can

have 600 million fans?

today, this article does not talk about Ma Lei, Liu Qiangdong, don’t talk, do not talk about jindong. We have a change. Today, we talk about the Internet, and these groups are completely different from another group of people, a group of real grassroots.

but you don’t look down upon this group of grassroots. Although this group of grassroots ring in the arena without one million, but many of these hidden skills, even V doesn’t add the grassroots micro-blog WeChat account, hundreds of millions of fans to master, and some even tens of millions. read more

Who should we trust in the world of the Internet

      a, what is the change in our

      "the invention of the computer is the greatest invention of the century", the last century at the beginning of 90s a word, certainly is no doubt the influence of computer application in the world. However, after entering twenty-first Century, the computer application light gradually covered by a bright light, that is "the internet". In twenty-first Century, the role of computer applications has slowly become a tool from the protagonist, the era of a network. read more