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always wanted to write something to me more than a year of Wangzhuan summary, recently finally for some time. Because of my writing level is limited, has not written or not clear place, please paizhuan. I just want to write my real experience, welcome to master guidance. read more

Join chain matters needing attention


franchise market a lot of advantages, helping is awesome, but not so in the franchising business can succeed. Franchising business needs to take into account all aspects, or cause unnecessary losses is not good.

Although a lot of

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Founded more than a year, the valuation broke 3 billion U. S. dollars Is it a free fish or a salted

Abstract: it is said that this was less than two years of second-hand business market has Chinese IDG, Sequoia Capital and other heavyweight investment funds favor, the two sides have entered the stage of negotiations; while the original community model will be split, set up a special division of independent operation, and follow the "rookie Division" mode the introduction of Ali investment.

November and December, these two months can be said to be China’s most grand carnival month. Double eleven, black five, twelve more than a raging tide, waves of stimulus "cut the hand" nerve. read more

Network marketing embarrassed thing 4 dollars story

a few days ago, and a service abroad friends, talk about their company network marketing thing. Daily site 5,6 hundred visits, and did not let the boss happy, but is badly battered, and feel pressure. It is learned that the two sides signed a contract with the CPC website optimization, as the valuation methods, a IP is actually 4 yuan, so the price and Baidu bidding price be roughly the same amount of telephone consultation, but the day is only one digit, so the conversion rate also lets the author drop glasses, sigh in peer money really sad in the way, for the network marketing, advertisers have no hand of chicken. read more

How to store the product

is also a flower shop business, some shops placed the flowers are very skills, so that consumers will be attracted into the shop, and some stores even flowers is very fresh, variety is very rich, but because of the placement problem, it is difficult to attract consumers. Xiao Bian today to bring a lot of dry goods, in the course of the florist’s business, the placement of goods, placing methods will affect the operation of the florist. So, open flower shop, how to put these flower products? read more

Three strategies to make brand relaxed investment

with the growing population of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is increasing, which also joined the industry to join the recruitment of new living   force, into a new business opportunities! In many investment projects, women’s brand investment, we can often see   so, how to make women’s brand easy investment? Xiaobian for you to take three small coup!

brand investment: professional training to promote the investment of

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These promotional techniques to enhance the performance of clothing stores

open clothing stores have tips to learn some simple marketing skills, you can make your business more prosperous shop. There are a lot of sales promotion skills, if you are the first time to open a clothing store, followed by a small series together to understand the skills related to the promotion of clothing stores!

of the major festivals, to mining and clothing store products from the festival culture combination. Then in the promotional activities to create this atmosphere, so that consumers feel the warm atmosphere, consumers are now spending by "feeling", this warm promotions is easy to touch consumers to weak nerves. read more

Wedding photography everyone loves to invest money

don’t say the new, even if it is already married for many years, to commemorate the "old man", will go to the wedding, and now the new marriage, wedding has become an indispensable "designated program". Shoot a wedding photo, thousands of dollars at a time, even more than 10000 yuan. The huge economic benefits can not be ignored, a digital wedding photography, can make money.

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2011 what are the most profitable and successful projects

2011 years, a lot of people are looking for a good project to start a business to get rich, but has not found anything to make money. Entrepreneurship, to identify good business opportunities. With good business opportunities, entrepreneurial success rate will be greatly improved. In 2011, which are easy to succeed in the venture? Here’s a look at the small and make up.

2011 most likely to succeed in business projects?? 1, run errands company

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Write a wonderful life with ideals and dreams

1 the afternoon of 21 March, the Spring Festival is approaching, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng Commission, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, governor Wang Jianjun made a special trip to visit the third batch of aid youth cadres and their families, to send greetings and thanks for sending units on behalf of the provincial government.

"is the work going well? The body also adapt? What are the difficulties in life?" Visit condolences, Wang Jianjun looked at their residence, a detailed understanding of everyone in the youth work, study and life, and the presence of the aid young cadres shook hands on all cadres to aid youth youth work welcome. He said that the counterpart aid is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee and strategic deployment, the central decision-making is correct, we come to Qinghai is worth it. Every young cadres are carrying the ideal, with dreams came to Qinghai, in the green three years of experience will be a lifetime of wealth. read more

Xining 10 million yuan to help farmers build a small barn

previously hit the wheat is not good storage, sun and rain insects eat rat bite a lot of losses, and sometimes the price is too low to sell quickly. Now, most of the government funds to help farmers build a small barn". Recently, according to the Xining Municipal Food Bureau, this year, the city will start the construction of scientific grain farmers work, the first batch of 20 thousand farmers to build a small barn to help farmers better store grain.

farmers’ scientific grain storage construction will take the form of a combination of central financial subsidies, local governments at all levels and the farmers themselves. At present, Haidong Prefecture scientific grain pilot has been carried out, my city in the investigation and promotion for farmers scientific grain related knowledge basis, actively seek state funds, will be the first in Huangzhong to start the work before harvest, to ensure quality and quantity to complete the 20 thousand small granary building tasks, investment of about 10 million yuan, to help farmers scientific grain reduce food losses, improve the farmers’ enthusiasm of scientific and technical level of grain storage. read more

Entrepreneurial failure lessons Shop ten thousand loss in January in the end why

this year after new year’s day, I would like to open a fast food restaurant. The location after a period of time, found a fast-food restaurant in a school gate to transfer, so quietly to the shop around launched a "reconnaissance", fast food restaurants are located in the gate of the school, there are hundreds of students in this school, next to a construction site, workers at there are hundreds of people. Therefore, a more optimistic attitude towards the future. Besides the fast-food license, such as their own to start a run, the license is time-consuming and laborious, not ready to transfer a. After several days of negotiations, although the store equipment up to two thousand or three thousand yuan, I also accept the transfer fee of more than 10000 yuan. read more

HTML5 eventually replace APP Mobile Internet is about right and wrong

everything is repeating itself.

this is the mobile Internet version of "God is crazy" sequel, the last of the protagonist is App, now it is HTML5: one for nearly ten years ago to replace HTML4.01 and XTHML1.0, but after they teeter until recent years again, a version of Web standard technology focus.

therefore, we will follow the value of idealism, tangled, thought, geek evolution of industrial chain and commercial interests — is, eventually when it comes to money – a series of labels to tell a HTML5 about the industry’s "Darling", and the story of the people around it. read more