How the Internet subversion of these 17 industries we know

Internet is not the most valuable place to produce a lot of new things, but the potential of the industry has been digging again, using the Internet to enhance the thinking of traditional industries. From this point of view to observe the impact of traditional industries, the Internet has three characteristics:

1, breaking the asymmetric information bureau, do everything possible to transparent all information.

2, the integration of the use of large data, making the maximum utilization of resources. read more

Four portal status Tencent, NetEase play games, Sohu, Sina advertising

Abstract: it is not difficult to see that in the face of the opportunities and challenges of the development of the times, once the portal bigwigs are actively looking for the direction of their transformation. In recent years, Tencent to cut the entrance to the community, the formation of covering games, video, entertainment, finance and other industrial chain. NetEase also began a comprehensive layout, force the game.

for the domestic Internet companies, ten years can change a lot, can change people’s surfing habits, can change people’s needs of the Internet, ten years can even let mainstream users have changed a generation, ten years is a period. From 2005 to 2015, some old Internet companies fall into the curse of ten years, declining, declining. But there is also some old but not aging of the enterprise, or accumulate steadily after or steady, more powerful with a thousand li a day. read more

Children’s community website or face greater policy risk

in happy net, Renren and other community sites popular adult world, some of the people who have a vision to look at the children. From the beginning of 2009, some of the children of X-1X years old children’s virtual community quickly hot up. For example, Taobao’s former president Sun Tongyu created the "box world", before Tencent QQ pet project director Wang Haibing created the "Moore Park" and "Obi island", "pet story" and "pickup hall", "fantastic pet park" and so on. From the current trend, the trend of increasing the speed of children’s websites, and has attracted a lot of venture capital injection. Such as "Moore Park" obtained from Qiming, $5 million, "Obi island" Sequoia Capital China fund first venture investment fund. read more

Ministry of commerce online shopping new regulations users can unconditionally return what you think

Ministry of Commerce yesterday issued a new online shopping rules, roughly as follows:

1, give consumers the time to consider cancellation


platform operators to encourage the establishment of a cooling off period system, allowing consumers to cancel orders for no reason in the cooling off period.

authoritative interpretation:

"this system allows consumers to buy if you do not have no reason to return." Ministry of commerce information secretary Li Jinqi said that this is not mandatory, platform operators can decide whether to set up a cooling off period. Of course, the cooling system does not apply to all goods, cold products, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.. read more

Shop No. 1 single brush exposure group purchase electricity supplier data is water again by the foot

business in recent years the pace of development in the domestic fast, even in Europe and other developed countries are feeling Chinese electricity market slide, huge sales, such as Taobao in 2012 day was to achieve a record day sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan, the record even in external short time is difficult to surpass, and in the day the same day, the Jingdong and the 1 store sales data and other electronic business platform is also very impressive, from this data we feel that the current electricity supplier in the form of a good, but from a practical point of view, into 2013, the electricity supplier day seems to be not so moist, transformation, Gome Kuba downsizing group purchase website in fall, the electricity supplier industry seems shrouded in a cold, which is obviously different and the current statistics data. read more

Look forward to e-commerce in the future the road is clear and sunny

2011, the domestic e-commerce grad raging like a storm. Through the analysis of survey data, Analysys International, iResearch, planning and other well-known institutions collusion one draws the following conclusion: the 2011 comprehensive platform of electricity and pure business collective weakness, but the brand business is still strong, very rapid development momentum, the entire e-commerce market can be described as "East West sunrise rain". Below, we will take a look at this year’s major electricity supplier companies market performance. read more

Yao Jinbo 8 years, how to win the information from the website of the city of 58

[] lead (58 city) is a life information classification site was established at the end of 2005. Located in the local life service platform, mainly for small businesses, the number of active merchants reached 4 million, monthly independent users of the national website, the city of, the size of the 27 cities. Involved in the life of services, including real estate, recruitment, automotive, housekeeping, catering, second-hand trading and other aspects. From its inception in 8 years, VC has been repeatedly favored capital, mostly Japanese companies. Apply to the United States IPO two times. Today, sources said, 58 city to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted a IPO prospectus, plans to be listed on the NYSE, codenamed WUBA, the highest financing $150 million. Eight years of business model to explore what to bring the advantages of competitors beyond the city of, the future development trend of Chinese classified information website how to see? read more

Google improved search quality search results highlight the author

Google search results in the article placed the author photos and links

[TechWeb] June 29th news, according to foreign media reports, in order to improve the quality of Google search, Google launched a new feature, the search results will highlight some of the author of the article.

Google Product Manager Sagar Kamdar said, the prominent signature is a great way to identify and highlight high-quality content, and the center of the network. People tend to want to know more about the author, read more articles, and even want to interact with the author." read more

HTML5 eventually replace APP Mobile Internet is about right and wrong

everything is repeating itself.

this is the mobile Internet version of "God is crazy" sequel, the last of the protagonist is App, now it is HTML5: one for nearly ten years ago to replace HTML4.01 and XTHML1.0, but after they teeter until recent years again, a version of Web standard technology focus.

therefore, we will follow the value of idealism, tangled, thought, geek evolution of industrial chain and commercial interests — is, eventually when it comes to money – a series of labels to tell a HTML5 about the industry’s "Darling", and the story of the people around it. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast pseudo base station Backpackers secret QQ public beta starting a new wav

1 monster destruction note: Feng Xin had high margin to mobilize people storm technology  

yesterday, A shares had Chizha the monster storm technology released results notice is not optimistic, is expected before 2015 three quarter profit of 20 million 255 thousand and 700 yuan to 26 million 488 thousand and 200 yuan, down 15%-35%. Prior to this, the first half of its performance fell 70%, storm technology, what happened to you?

if you want to select the ten big demon stocks in 2015, storm technology can be ranked top three. Since listing in March 24th this year, the science and technology from the issue price of 7.14 yuan skyrocketing, in 40 days, the limit of 36 this stance, in May 21 reached 327.01 yuan the highest price record, or close to 50 times this year, the trading king. read more

The Internet is the money from the foolish people

see "the Internet is from the foolish people pay" this sentence from the ADMIN5, very interesting, what to say. I can’t write Wencheng chapter, so I’m a bit to say:

1, search engine bidding

          service provider: "point, the user gives me a point, if the God give me a chance, I will let my users every day ten thousand times!"

          advertiser: "where is my advertising fee?" (wasted)

          website user: "this is not what I want!" (free search engines) read more

Yu Bin Baidu know the first change in 2008

recently on Baidu know friends found a problem, from the beginning of January 22nd, Baidu know the right, originally only a classification expert, now a classification is One divides into two., hall of fame, is a rising Master classification list. (pictured)

According to the

Baidu know the official introduction, the new "classification Master rise weekly from the different classification, calculation of user is selected as the best answer with numerical reward points as classification rise points, statistical classification increased most points (a user classification before 200, two class 50) into the classification of this week" Master classification up list". read more

Live originator Meerkat death giant siege under the innovation dilemma

Meerkat became popular in last year’s SXSW Music Festival, once in 2015 to become the most popular mobile broadcast one of app, but this quickly became popular legend but could not speak too long, finally came to an end in the 18 months after its birth.

Meerkat is the parent company of Lift On Air CEO Ben Rubin in the Twitter Meerkat from App Store has announced that the next frame, and that the Meerkat team did not disband, next will focus on new product Houseparty.

Houseparty is a Meerka team developed a multi person video chat applications. The VerGE data show that the current Houseparty has millions of users. Currently, Meerkat’s Twitter account has been changed to private mode, the official website is also connected to the Houseparty home page. read more

Tuniu sued since media people Yu Bin said it has taken legal action for libel and announced yesterday in the official WeChat public number tuniu trumpet ", people from the media, Nanjing EPSCO Network Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Yu Bin repeatedly issued to distort the facts, the article is for libel tuniu, bin filed a civil lawsuit.


pointed out that in August 18th, the way cattle has filed a civil lawsuit in Nanjing Xuanwu District People’s court accepted the case, and. At the same time, the way cattle will report to the public security departments in the near future, pursue the criminal responsibility of the parties. read more

Competition for the license gradually subsided third party payment companies for lack of distress

third party payment business license battle seems to have subsided, whether it is to get a license or not to get the license of the enterprise, its next to do is still to develop their own business. Reporters found that with the third party payment market structure increasingly stable, many companies need for talent is also growing.

technology, marketing talents in popular

in July this year, the reporter went to a third party payment companies in Shanghai interview, just to see a lot of people come to the company for. Deputy general manager of the company, Mr. Sun told reporters that the third party payment companies now need more talent, most companies will often release recruitment information. read more

Public security reminder WeChat ask for a phone number or a new scam

Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau official micro-blog "Zhejiang police" issued 14 alerts, currently has more than the implementation of fraud by WeChat, if WeChat made friends to borrow money or send mobile phone number, to call and then make a decision.

it is understood that the implementation of fraud by means of general WeChat: first told his friend WeChat mobile phone brush machine, mail list is lost, hope that friends will send mobile phone number through WeChat and WeChat; friends will receive a verification code, and fraud to brush after landing WeChat needs verification friends asked WeChat to send verification code for friends. read more

EHI officially landed on the NYSE on the first day of break down 2.50%

shares a car

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 19th news, officially listed on the New York stock exchange a car last night, the first day closing price of $11.70, $12 higher than the issue price fell 2.50%.

a car yesterday to determine the issue price of $12, is located in the lower limit of $12 to $14 price range, plans to issue 10 million shares of ADS (American Depositary Shares), financing $120 million.

a car last night, the opening price of $12, then fell on the lowest hit $10.95, up $12.50. EHI shares eventually closed at $11.70, higher than the issue price fell by $0.30, a decline of 2.50%. (compiler / Xiao rain) read more

Li Kaifu 99% will eventually dominate the market network group purchase only four or five

large-scale operation or become the real way to buy the domestic site, the domestic more than 5 thousand buy site will die, only the size of the group has reached the size of the group will eventually become the market leader in." Li Kaifu, chairman and chief executive officer.


"full house"

network group purchase Gaopeng Shanghai company recently suddenly and sharply declining employment, many industry insiders as the current site of the survival status of the group purchase index sign. Well known Internet expert Liu Xingliang August 19th in an exclusive interview with Xinmin reporter admitted that the network group buying industry is currently in the early stage of the mature, the survival of the fittest is in progress. read more

Mother to child and pet shopping sharing community or will become the next

Analysys International: launched in February 2011, with its share of community shopping mode, a short period of time has accumulated a large number of users, and can take more than 100 million monthly transactions for Taobao, and receive a certain percentage of the commission. as a women’s clothing based vertical shopping community, e-commerce and social functions will be a good combination of this model will be successful in other vertical segments.


EnfoDesk Analysys think tank analysts believe that with the rapid development of maternal and pet electricity market, as the population flow shopping sharing community will play an increasingly important role. read more

Love to build a network platform to commemorate the birth secret

days ago, students from the Hunan University to the independent research and development of network on March 18th officially launched. The Worship Network in Hunan province is the first large-scale professional network Memorial platform, to promote our province funeral reform, promote green worship, is of great significance to establish civilization. The worship network also gave birth to our province of spiritual civilization construction in the history of a thick and heavy in colours.

According to the read more