Said the content to pay why everyone to the network to play red but do not subscribe to membership

this year is the first year of a lot of business events, because only "the first year" two words to stimulate everyone’s eye, "the first year" tends to equate with the opportunity to draw. Unfortunately, this is also the first year of paid content. When this happens, as usual, at the beginning of the three asked to pay for content is the trend of the future? "The first year" natural or synthetic? If the pay is the trend, why people would rather give a reward to the red net pay to read read more

The end of the era of pirated film and television giant profits have fallen sharply

Extended reading: Nora original sin: referred to three ways of contributing pirated television stations will suffer disaster Nora closed QVOD small movie station Nora was sued for patent infringement industry decide on what path to follow hundreds of piracy of film and television drama claim billions of dollars of Wang Xin Nora: product oriented and ups and downs of a grassroots original sin Nora fell thousands of Nora Nora alleged dissemination stand up pornographic information checked: Indoorsman artifact fallenDouble pressure read more

Stop parsing far-reaching Internet interpretation of northeast CN

today is February 2nd, because of the real name system was K out of the domain name does not delete the domain name from the hundreds of thousands, named in the list, you can see the CN daily in one hundred thousand grade speed down! If at this rate, afraid that CN will from the largest national domain soon fell to minimum the recent crackdown network really! Under Henzhao, as for the operation mode, and the original intention of crackdown has not been reached, we don’t talk about, everyone is very clear, but also have their own ideas, there is resentment, a sniff at, of course there are many 5 party support for Mao! Just look at the current situation, indeed there have been countless webmaster fell! Stop parsing CN domain name will cause what effect? I do not have, only to the analysis of several aspects, also hope you teach read more

Internet giants compete for small and medium sites to grow into gold

small owners, their website is not Sina, NetEase that huge amount of traffic, no swarms of advertising companies, but their ability is not ignored, in Chinese decided the future of the Internet revolution, they will have important hidden power.

Tencent shot or acquisition Comsenz

back in half a month before, there will be news of Tencent to buy shares Comsenz, Comsenz is a well-known community platform and service provider, the company’s most famous product is the home of many websites Discuz forums. March 2008, Google has invested millions of dollars in shares Sheng kang. The rumors, but also repeatedly referred to the acquisition of Google may be held in the hands of Tencent investment. read more

Death acceleration vertical footwear B2C pattern change

news January 29th, I believe that friends familiar with the electricity supplier, the vertical footwear business facing numerous casualties, turn turn, change, death, disease, and to seek "married" to describe the most appropriate. Vertical footwear business after this round of reshuffle, now in the domestic electricity supplier to the Tencent rich investment "best buy" dandy, rich two generations of BELLE’s "excellent shopping network" and as early as 2012 Goldman Sachs Group and Heiner Asia ten million U.S. dollars financing "making shoes", forming a vertical the first camp B2C shoe pattern. read more

State Administration for Industry and commerce to carry out antitrust assault on Microsoft

in July 28, 2014, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, organized by the Beijing Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian, Hubei, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Hebei and other 9 provinces and cities hundreds of law enforcement officers of Microsoft Corp in the four premises in mainland Chinese, namely Microsoft (Chinese) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu branch, at the same time counter antitrust raids.

June 2013, according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce enterprise report reflects the Microsoft Corp compatibility issues exist for its Windows operating system and Office software related information is not fully disclosed by tying, file verification and other issues, Chinese suspected of violating the "anti-monopoly law" situation, carried out the verification. read more

My friend WOYO Chinese college drama club was established in Jiaotong University

by (my friend entertainment) sponsored the "WOYO China college drama club" held a grand ceremony at the Xuhui campus of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The surprise is directed "Tang Bohu scholar" and Stephen Chow’s movie director Li Lichi and in the sitcom "family with children" in a corner of Liu Xing, Zhang Yishan also appeared in the inaugural ceremony of the club. As a director, Li Lichi sent to the WOYO Chinese college drama "great expectations, even said to pick some comedy talent in the college drama club, the members of the society had to be overjoyed. In addition, Zhang Yishan is now known to every family in the inaugural ceremony was warmly welcomed by the audience, as if he had been growing a pair of Idol style, is very exciting. read more

Network severely criticized friends website

Beijing Network News Information Council in 2007 third the Council scene

May 23, 2007 morning, Beijing News Network Information Council held the third annual meeting of the Council, recently part of dating websites (channels) on prostitution information analyze and review.

read more

Domain hot 7 in late August, the industry’s most fire corn

in August in a hot scene, mid Sina Mars domain name, Google $12 billion 500 million acquisition of Motorola mobile off the upsurge of domain name registration and other popular events, caused concern in the industry, there are still several late domain in popular concern domain, such as Fang Chuan Yi Xun will enable the domain name, Groupon domain name who is bigger who, then understand so far in late August, the tight eye-catching

domain name?

easy fast suffered Jingdong read more

With the Shanghai network check, please check your web site

Receive IDC message:

1, there is no record immediately go to the record.    there is no record of the site, and soon all were ordered to shut down. Respond to the call of policy, take the time to record. Can not be careless. In particular, the use of space and server owners, but also to pay attention to. Check your server to see if there is a leak site.

2, check the behavior of all mobile phone induced registration and page, as well as union code. This will be the focus of the rectification and inventory in July, pay attention to your site advertising, there is no violation of the union code, in particular the use of erotic screen induced cell phone registration, grab one, a penalty. Pay attention to your previous page. Movie page. Many Shanghai IDC mentioned this point. Particular focus. That page is not fit to be seen are not a lot of personal webmaster, but some webmaster speculation some non deception is not the only person "website.

3. forum in the erotic edge, no record, poor management, will be hard to check, many owners put a forum for a week without management, advertising, mass ad message everywhere, this is very dangerous, not the value of the forum and message board, to close.
read more

Go to the community, chief executive officer!

      community CEO is a great way for large companies to stay efficient.

      when Jobs returned to apple in 1997, Apple Corp seems to have past hope.

      but the innovation management consultant expert Gifford · Gifford believe that apple can revive. Jobs will once again arouse the power of Apple’s community, his first few failed to truly understand the community to become a big brand Apple Corp. The engineers who designed the first apple computer were very proud of their contribution to the community, and they printed their signatures on the first batch of Macintosh computers." read more

Adsense network broadcast 4G license officially issued WeChat circle of friends changed business

1.3Q, vice president of second war case trial today the supreme law judge

December 4th morning news, the Supreme People’s Court issued a notice, at 9 on the morning of December 4th in the first court hearing the case of the public hearing of the Tencent in the case of unfair competition in 360. This is the second case in the 3Q series.

it is reported that the morning of December 4th, the Supreme Court held a public open day, invited 80 netizens and media representatives to attend the hearing of this case, and the vice president Xi Xiaoming personally served as chief judge. read more

The electricity supplier golden master era five sides patron director of the heat price war

is blind or friction, orderly competition? Is staking, or only for the self preservation? Since May, B2C launched a website called "the history of the largest price war, until this week, has Tmall, Jingdong,, Gome online mall and Kuba, Yi Xun and many other sites involved in dangdang. Each site has accumulated promotional promotional investment over ten billion.

this round of home appliances 3C products as the core of the electricity supplier price war from the parties involved in the number of funds and momentum are more than ever before, and even lead the industry on the "price war" will affect the development prospects of B2C Chinese questioned the electricity supplier industry. read more

Marketing is the biggest problem in precision marketing

          we are from the beginning of 05 years, will target in the field of mobile marketing. This paper puts forward a series of concepts, including three parts: interactive marketing, loyalty marketing and directional marketing. The innovation of these products is based on the following three parts. While talking about mobile marketing, we focus on the field of education. Many concepts have not, so these products, services are facing the problem of market development. In this we have invested enormous human and financial resources, but if we can make use of resources and the industry to do the market, which is our biggest channel. read more

Look at those we should pay attention to the marketing point from one way of Thailand embarrassed em

latest movie is a fire, it is < one way of Thailand > embarrassed embarrassed; until now, has exceeded 300 million at the box office, have to say is a big black horse, running in the dark horse, bring us thinking what would it be, if you think this is a dark horse to the operation, you will see that the way of marketing, after all now tastes so different today, to grasp the marketing opportunities often become more important, so this article will talk about it, we can see from the marketing mode in Thailand embarrassed. read more

Do the sea Amoy platform eat buyers can be the enemy of Jingdong

is a Jingdong of the electricity supplier to head challenge.

in today’s cross-border imports of electricity providers, almost a consensus – Import platform, is the big brother of the war, no chance to start empty-handed. Because of this industry to the threshold is very high: Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon and other large platform after SF, look at fiercely as a tiger does, the NetEase the participants in the middle and the nouveau riche, ocean terminal, honey bud baby took a forerunner. However, there will always be people who don’t believe in evil, jinhaimi global purchase founder Xu Jun is one of the second half of 2014, he was shot, but the choice is the most traditional way to build a sea Amoy buyers ecosystem, sea Amoy edition beauty. read more

Baidu knows how to extend the method (with a solution to the problem)

has been a Baidu to know is one of the best word-of-mouth marketing tools, see Baidu know promotion value of many people, in the operation of Baidu know a lot of people, but the real success is scanty, those successful people are Baidu know how to operate it?

Baidu know the benefits of promotion

Baidu know promotion relative to other platforms to promote better, first included and ranking above, Baidu know there are certain advantages, because it is Baidu’s own products, ranking by Aladdin processing channel, so as long as the problem out, is ranked second seconds. The second one is to see a lot of customers in the right products, through the Baidu know a business reputation query problem, such as certain products, how certain product price is how much, how to query and etc.. And the only thing that customers trust is Baidu know, because most of the other platforms is an article, and Baidu know that more people are involved, so the trust is better. The last advantage is to protect their own brands, due to the vicious competition of a competitor, resulting in your brand affected, so there must be in the promotion of the brand to do self brand protection. read more

Baidu quietly launched shopping applications Baidu micro purchase

[TechWeb] January 25th news, Baidu has recently launched a shopping Web application Baidu micro purchase, you can quickly order, without registration, the current goods mainly from shop 1.

"Baidu micro purchase is web application of Baidu search results page, the application writes:" Baidu micro purchase offer quick purchase channels for the majority of users, without registration, fast orders, cash on delivery, eliminating the cumbersome registration and payment process. Micro purchase all goods are provided by the well-known large online mall, genuine guarantee." read more

Beijing buy consumer complaints explosion rose nearly 28 times

China News Agency, Beijing, December – (reporter Du Yan) in recent years, the rapid growth of network consumption at the same time, the amount of complaints also rose sharply 15

. 2011 year, Beijing industrial and commercial departments to accept online shopping consumer complaints accounted for nearly 3 of the total amount of complaints, which, buy into the hardest hit, consumer complaints grew by nearly 28 times.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, 15, the Joint Commission on the Christmas, new year, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, the four quarter of online shopping consumer tips. Beijing city industry and Commerce Bureau official said, 12315 center statistics show that in 2011, a total of online shopping consumer complaints received by the, accounting for nearly 3 of the total complaints, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 2.16 times. Among them, the top five for daily necessities, household appliances, clothing shoes and hats and recharge service, computer and accessories. read more

Innovative solutions for vertical B2B sites


community for a vertical B2B website, is one of the most important part of the user stickiness, it is essential to establish the website promotion, brand building, customer loyalty, the construction must be vertical B2B website community in a crucial position.

but the current industry vertical B2B website too much, some a small industry, there are nearly 10 B2B sites, almost every B2B website has a forum, but many web sites is the basic decoration, because too few participants, not enough to produce value forum. Forum most of the use of mobile network forum, there is no personalized, according to the actual situation of the industry, tailored to the appropriate forum. read more