Watching American TV, learning Entrepreneurship the HBO comedy Silicon Valley taught me 6 things abo

4. is the best delivery for

I mean the unification of the price system, which means that the retail price of the product sold in all places should be unified, so that when we promote it, users will not be lost to other places. Some products sold on the Internet is very chaotic, what prices are there, Taobao sold dozens of dollars, the shop selling hundreds of such vicious competition, we all sell well.

hole in the brain are very large, often come up with some seemingly shiny.

play is who actually owns the intellectual property rights of the Pied Piper team IP. At first, chief executive Richard was hired by Hooli, the fictional technology giant Hooli, similar to shlf1314 in reality. Later, Hooli sued Pied Piper, claiming that the latter’s technology should have belonged to itself and intended to recapture the intellectual property.

Many entrepreneurs

project is in the Internet sales of slimming, breast enhancement products, we all know that female product is most easily in the commodity sales and profit rate is the highest, weight loss, breast enhancement products in women’s products have a high demand, high profit margins, easy network sales and other characteristics, it even many webmaster choose to do women, reduce weight of the station, through their website alliance can earn money, but earn money is limited, and the union buckle quantity seriously so I do not advocate this Wangzhuan way. Through the search engines such as sh419 advertising, you can see, this kind of advertising has a lot of people do, and the key words Click the price has reached several yuan or tens of dollars, can see how profitable this kind of product is.

The main line in the

network to make money, make money online, referred to as wangzhuan. As the name suggests, "Wangzhuan" refers to the use of computer equipment, server through Internet Internet from the network profitable way to make money. This is an explanation from the sh419 encyclopedia. Summed up is the use of the Internet for low-cost entrepreneurship.

first of all to choose products, the Internet has many related weight loss, breast enhancement products, then how to choose good products for sale? I choose the product has three requirements:

understand the legal issues that the company may face

3. after sales support

you know we just to earn money by selling products, we have the advantage of network marketing rather than product experts, must take the customer service to product manufacturers to do, because they were better than us, to solve customer problems.

if you want to make investment into the company, then please read all the details and make sure you understand the meaning behind the terms. Whoever holds the majority stake in the company means that he has greater voting power and influence when he or she is divided within the company. If this happens to you, then you might like Jobs fired by the board of directors even if you are CEO.

in order to avoid this situation, only when the company has special job requirements, you hire the corresponding staff. The mindless hiring of a bunch of marketing and sales people looks smart, but you can’t do anything until you see the bottom of the money.

in the play, developers of Pied Piper often focus their energies on non core products. If it is not your core product, it will only distract you and hinder your success.

2. price system unified

are a lot of personal webmaster and open shop or know some network marketing and promotion skills, if you can open shop and advanced goods to the customer on delivery, if the person is.

don’t develop too fast,

I am China’s 3 million webmaster in a very ordinary small webmaster, have done personal website, have done SEO, opened shop, do plug-in navigation. In many webmaster Wangzhuan site and saw a large number of articles to share my Wangzhuan, after reading the article and try various Wangzhuan summarizes some of my little experience to share with you.

This time I choose the

below is the protagonist Richard, Erlich and others in the process of entrepreneurship taught us a few points.

it seems that every time Richard takes control of the company’s finances, something happens, so they have to expand their team. When you hire new employees, be reasonable. Blind expansion can lead to serious financial problems.

1. profit margins high

more financing = control power is lower,

HBO comedy "Silicon Valley" describes a Pied Piper of the Silicon Valley record prices, despite the fact that people laugh works is fictional, but entrepreneurs can also learn from the play to some real entrepreneurial experience.

financing can really help the company grow faster, but taking money from an investor means you have to give up some of your equity. You lose part of your control of the company every time you give up some of your shares or start a new board seat. In the story of Richard, some serious problems happened later.

this is an important lesson for entrepreneurs. Never develop your own project on your company’s computer, even during the off hours. Because of this, you could ruin your future start-up company.

business profit is the most important, there is no profit thing everyone will do, so high profit margins to ensure our income, because we have the marketing cost, ensure all the big profits we can to promote.

Do Wangzhuan

focuses on your core business,

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