How to use the rival and love Shanghai changes to optimize the site

, then the author will give you a try under the assistance of examples to explain.

, a new and old station treat different attitude

can be seen outside the chain of this site showed a slow upward trend, but I really tell you, I have to do a little early in the chain, it has been more than a month to do not >

if we build website just ordinary new sites, so do not get rich quick, don’t want to crawl. If you start to update the content a lot, it is easy to search engine for collection site, perhaps the early collection will be relatively objective, but in terms of the increase or decrease obviously, very unfavorable to the search engine. Every day one or two of the original article, is too slow, the operation time is too long, and if by some slightly weight site fancy, and you will be the original editor. So the new update content means the best use of capacity is moderate, 80% (original + pseudo original) and 20% acquisition.

, using the password and love Shanghai webmaster tools to promote station

may use more webmaster tools, so many people seldom use the password to optimize work. For example, I want to do HUAWEI c8812 rm-607 the long tail keywords. And I know when my competitors do the word of the page, I love Shanghai in the search box above the first domain: domain -site: domain name to determine the initial optimization technique to this page competitors. Then we can learn to add, to step over the opponent. There is an analysis tool is outside the chain of love Shanghai webmaster tools, although it is mainly used to reject the garbage outside the chain of products, but can be seen from the Shanghai love algorithm some adjustments and opponents of the chain layout, although not perfect, but still can use one or two.

The new

will gradually become the old station, the judgment standard is not the site the length of time, but the spider crawling frequency recognition. As the old station or directly over the old station, can be changed to 80% acquisition and 20% (original and pseudo original). Even now love Shanghai for the original content out of the algorithm, but its coverage of the industry is very limited, but this is still not perfect, so don’t worry, we can certainly promote the original. At the same time, a lot of observation site acquisition and original acquisition and their almost, when love Shanghai algorithm update, from guess love Shanghai’s preference, so as to optimize their website.

Maybe you will hear from


in Shanghai Longfeng for more than two years, once you want to switch. Because I think Shanghai is not a dragon pressure technology, as long as a little wonder, who knows outside the station link, station optimization. The reason is to continue to engage in the work of Shanghai dragon, is to use more than two years of experience and entrepreneurial cooperation friends. So to continue to stand in the first line, to understand the change of love Shanghai. Well, here is my website operation method.

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