On the local site optimization techniques the long tail keywords is very important

local website because the scope is fixed, can provide the various line activities, Shanghai dragon is not only can be done online, the line is also very important, but also the modern meaning of Shanghai Longfeng issues need to be considered, because of the popularity of the site is an important factor in determining the effect of Shanghai dragon. To improve the visibility of the site is not only the line of work, the line key.



failure case: the author of a friend, a local second-hand housing site, because he wanted to improve the site traffic, do a lot of the keywords, such as "second-hand housing information" such words, the flow of import is invalid flow (no conversion), the customer is concerned with local information, do not pay attention to other city information. Because a large amount of energy spent on national key words, and reduce the local keywords of the Shanghai dragon, the conversion rate is very low, one year of operation, the final closing.

station, standing in the place many friends are not fully aware of this, in order to improve the site traffic, started the national key words, the results of the two are doing well. Do local station will all face the place, not because the scope is too large for picking a watermelon seed lost, The loss outweighs the gain.

2, Shanghai dragon is the long tail keywords keywords key

for local advertising

3 do the activities under the line


1, Shanghai Longfeng for local

Of course, mainly for the local

said affect the visibility of sites of Shanghai Longfeng ranking effect, in order to improve the visibility of the site. "

usually do local website, keywords competition is relatively small, each keyword import traffic is limited, can not rely on a limited number of keywords to get a lot of traffic, only to get traffic through a large number of keywords, by way of the realization of the overall flow Many a little make a mickle., the website is very considerable.

local name for a local station, compared Shanghai Longfeng difficult to optimize local stations and the lower site promotion, low cost, high probability of success. A lot of friends in the optimization of the local site, can not grasp the local website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect is not ideal, surfing the web site optimization network share where the Shanghai dragon skills, allows the reader to grasp the local website optimization Shanghai dragon and the essence of mystery.

a lot of friends in the local operation site, focus on a limited number of target words, this is very wrong, Shanghai Longfeng focus on a large number of long tail keywords. We have to place a second-hand car website as an example, the target keywords can locate several, such as Beijing Beijing second-hand car, second-hand car trading and so on, the long tail keywords for Beijing BYD Beijing BMW second-hand car, second-hand car and so on, to improve the overall traffic site through thousands of tens of thousands of the long tail keywords.

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