The industry has shown good momentum of poverty alleviation

of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Guinan county continuously adjust and optimize the industry structure in poor areas, to take a variety of forms focus on supporting the poor village industrial base construction, relying on the development of leading enterprises, and actively build "one village one product, a township industry special industry development pattern, in recent years, a total investment of 118 million yuan to implement poverty alleviation demonstration park, poverty alleviation and catering City photovoltaic power plant construction project. read more

Eastern cadres meet each other

recently appeared gratifying new phenomenon in east area, the cadres and workers of all love each other "test" after the meeting, ask what is the "Three Basics"? What is the "four comprehensive"? What is the three lesson? What is the "two responsibilities"? What is a three vote"…… If the answer would be very dirty things, also may be ordered to "clean up", because the district "knowledge test, Zhishijingda and town (community) level" Zhishijingda activity is the wave after another with a "knowledge the difference will make the whole collective lose lose face.
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Knock out a good project to join the chain

want to find a reliable join headquarters, intentions, and many franchisees to get rich together, started the brand awareness, it seems to be a very simple thing. In fact, the first step is to face the problem is how to choose a good venture to join the project.

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Now do you want to join the food to make money

food and beverage franchise project selection, has been a very hot market, hot projects. Small business venture, entrepreneurial choice to enter the food market, no doubt, is a very wise choice. The quality of the project, the choice of entrepreneurial success!

For now,

investment industry, catering industry is a very lucrative franchise object on the market response is very good, so that the majority of investors to bring good development space, will let you get lots of profits, and operate a restaurant franchise we need to seize the business method well, this will make your food stores get a lot of people’s appreciation, so you can easily make money. read more

My friend WOYO Chinese college drama club was established in Jiaotong University

by (my friend entertainment) sponsored the "WOYO China college drama club" held a grand ceremony at the Xuhui campus of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The surprise is directed "Tang Bohu scholar" and Stephen Chow’s movie director Li Lichi and in the sitcom "family with children" in a corner of Liu Xing, Zhang Yishan also appeared in the inaugural ceremony of the club. As a director, Li Lichi sent to the WOYO Chinese college drama "great expectations, even said to pick some comedy talent in the college drama club, the members of the society had to be overjoyed. In addition, Zhang Yishan is now known to every family in the inaugural ceremony was warmly welcomed by the audience, as if he had been growing a pair of Idol style, is very exciting. read more

Children’s community website or face greater policy risk

in happy net, Renren and other community sites popular adult world, some of the people who have a vision to look at the children. From the beginning of 2009, some of the children of X-1X years old children’s virtual community quickly hot up. For example, Taobao’s former president Sun Tongyu created the "box world", before Tencent QQ pet project director Wang Haibing created the "Moore Park" and "Obi island", "pet story" and "pickup hall", "fantastic pet park" and so on. From the current trend, the trend of increasing the speed of children’s websites, and has attracted a lot of venture capital injection. Such as "Moore Park" obtained from Qiming, $5 million, "Obi island" Sequoia Capital China fund first venture investment fund. read more

Guoxin office to talk about the definition of pornographic information pornographic works of art are

Beijing, June 20, (reporter Liu Yuying) National Internet Information Office official 20 on the "anti pornography · net net 2014 special action when answering a reporter asked for obscenity, pornography has been defined.

Guoxin office 20 bulletin, this year, the cumulative processing, closed pornographic websites of 1222. Before the end of April, a total of 422 closed pornographic websites. And how to define pornographic information, also caused concern.

the responsible person, China’s "criminal law", "National People’s Congress on punishing smuggling, production, trafficking, dissemination of pornographic materials criminals" etc. the law expressly refers to pornographic material depicting explicit sex or promote pornography obscene books, films, videos, tapes, pictures and other pornographic materials. read more

CNNIC said 4 into the user’s social networking site is mainly to pass the time

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "2009 Chinese Internet Social Networking Application Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") showed that the report shows that the main purpose of the 42.4% users of social networking sites is to pass the time".

adult users choose social networking sites when the primary consideration

users to consider the factors of social networking site

on the use of social networking users as a whole, because of the particularity of the social networking site itself, the website platform students / coworkers / acquaintances, become a social factors in the choice of the user site priority, the users accounted for 63.5%, far higher than other factors. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast Dili FB battle event continues to heat up the CCTV exposure Ctrip integr

introduction: Dili FB battle event continues to heat up, this event attracted a lot of attention, like what Baidu "Post Bar door, Ctrip ticket events seem to be sidelined. On this matter, I do not know if you are also a small partner concerned about it?

1: CCTV exposure Ctrip "integral ticket" interest chain behind  

January 9, 2016, a man named Mr. Fu on the network issued a document, the complaint Ctrip sales fake tickets, resulting in their own airport was investigated 3 hours. After the incident on the network exposure, Ctrip in hand, saying go away, this slogan, was a lot of friends ridicule into Ctrip in hand, stay at the airport". For a time, Ctrip selling fake tickets "deceptive" has become a hot topic, many consumers concern. read more