Network identity will be the real name after Shanghai Longfeng what will change

will license

CCTV interview last week for the false information after reports, today people’s Congress and apply for network access procedures after the draft should provide true identity. False information resulted in a person’s loss, but also to the criminals made void. In fact, the CCTV news broadcast, I feel the network real name system is sooner or later, but there may be a lot of details to consider, after all, only the source to control well, do not let the false information on the Internet spread. read more

I want to give up, do stand a webmaster helpless

I give up the cause of ——————-

data interchange for trade station

1: mainly because Chinese garbage station flood, appear a batch of so called stationmaster!!!


2: practitioners quality is too bad, provoke me, I will burst your advertising!!!


3: search unfair treatment, promotion I ranked first!!


4: advertising revenue and traffic is not in direct proportion, I will not pay you, what you are resistant to!!!


5: does not have perfect legal provisions for protection, filing, closing servers, sky overhead hosting fees, Mars bandwidth!!! read more

What are the criteria for drug placement

pharmacies are a lot of places, as long as the pharmacy has a deep understanding of the people, you will find that the drug classification is not the same. The country has a detailed classification of the relevant standards, a clear classification criteria. The drug is placed in accordance with the state’s classification of drugs for the performance, so it is conducive to strengthening the classification of prescription drugs and non prescription drugs, to avoid confusion and to avoid the occurrence of the wrong drug thing. read more

What are the strategies of spring barbecue buffet

as we went to the spring outing, like to eat barbecue barbecue, there is now a spring barbecue brand, so that whenever you enter the store can feel the breath of spring. Spring barbecue restaurant interior environment elegant, retro, decorated with a long history of stone carving stone, highlighting the classic Chinese wind. Tasting delicious stone barbecue restaurant, also watch the original objects, enjoy the original ecological nature spring barbecue, washing. Can you join in the spring barbecue? Today to answer this question, first of all, the answer to this question is yes. But want to join the need to follow a certain join policy. read more

Shop to do business also need to pay attention to the face of the project

some shopkeepers feel as long as their products are good enough, and then provide quality services, the store business will not be bad. However, after all, the competition is fierce business, if you do not pay attention to the face of the project, lining no matter how good the bigger role. So, if it is a shop to do business, we need to do a good job, the face of the project oh.

12 8, Shandong, Zhangqiu City Bureau (Marketing), the customer manager ray ray came early in the morning to visit the king’s store in Ji’nan. A door, the boss Zhao Jun enthusiastically greeted: room manager, come in and see!" read more

Henan’s first charter flights to Europe began

with the continuous development of economy, the exchange has increased a lot, the traffic is gradually developed. In order to further promote regional economic exchanges, the Henan first through the European Charter Flights started, opened from Rome to Zhengzhou flights, which is convenient for the economic development, but also adds a lot of convenience for your travel.

7 18 evening, at about 9 am, from Italy, the Rome airlines to fly to Zhengzhou to fly a smooth landing at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, becoming the province’s first charter flights through europe. After the opening of this route, will greatly shorten the length of the voyage to Europe, Zhengzhou, travel time to facilitate the Central Plains tourists straight line to play in europe. read more

Choose to open a snack bar process

choose to open the snack bar process? The snack bar is now on the market in China has great development space, many investors recognized, of course want a detailed look at the snack bar open process, in fact, snack bar open process can be divided into different stages of the specific process, today, Xiaobian to introduce you to a snack bar open flow is what kind of?

This stage is

read more

Analysis of the reasons why Japanese don’t like to start a business

Japan’s economy is relatively developed, but entrepreneurship in Japan and we did not imagine so fire. Japan’s mobile Internet plus once ahead of the rest of the world for many years. But in this round of the intelligent mobile phone as the core of the mobile Internet business tide came, we were surprised to find that China in many aspects and Japan has been in the same starting line, even more than the Japanese.

I in 2012 and 2013 respectively visited Japan two well-known mobile Internet incubator, a is a famous Japanese Vc firm in the incubator in Tokyo, one is Japan’s second largest operator KDDI launched called incubator Labo, the former is similar to China’s innovation works, which is like business incubator of the China Telecom. But in these renovated a new office inside, the number of entrepreneurial team is very small, it seems deserted, which is China’s entrepreneurial atmosphere fiery 3W coffee or garage coffee in stark contrast. read more

The coffee shop to join the threshold is not high more worry

delicious coffee, always very popular, loved by consumers. Join the coffee market, is a very profitable market. And coffee joined the threshold is not high. So, open a coffee shop, in fact, is more peace of mind!

global coffee, the annual consumption of about 10 million tons, which accounted for 1/4 of the world’s population Chinese annual coffee consumption is only 300 thousand tons, at present China’s coffee consumption is more than 10% of the rate increased year by year, the development prospects of China’s coffee industry unlimited. read more

Xining public security departments to combat the black car action in full swing

March 9th, reporters from the city traffic bureau, the city Department of transportation, Xining City Public Security Bureau to carry out joint combat "black" illegal taxi operation management activities comprehensively in our city. Combined with the action, Xining will establish a joint law enforcement departments, the majority of the people to actively participate in the fight against the black car long-term mechanism, fundamentally solve the black car repeatedly hit the phenomenon can not help. read more

The poignant story behind college students’ Entrepreneurship

After graduating from

University, what is it? Most people are thinking, I want to make money. Yes, it is necessary to make money, but how to make money, this is the most critical part of the money to earn a skill can be, but also to earn their own way, so as to earn a good. When I enter the University, the first concept in my mind is: "I want to make money". Because of the tuition fee, the pocket money has been left few. In middle school, I rely on gambling to win the money, I don’t want to go to university in gambling. So every day looking for a job outside the school ran more than and 20 stores and companies are: "sorry! We do not recruit people! Sorry, we have filled!" later, I was in a villager’s help, found a very low wage work, 2 yuan a small when the wages is late, I still cherish this be not easily won the job, desire to do him. However, in the end, because of a small mistake, I lost the job, I have to start again. I believe a lot of passion just entering college classmates like me had a similar experience! However, the dream and passion of the hardships of life and can not impair our heart! I think later and began to study part-time work, why is it so hard to find??? Why are college graduates employment so difficult?? me? That is: read more

Steamed delicious nutritious fast food rich good choice

do fast food business, the choice of the hot market is a good choice to steam delicious nutritious fast food. The food brand market prospects, strong business strength, popular in the market. The development mode of headquarters gradually mature, can provide a guarantee for the awesome franchisee, choose to cooperate with us, to make profit more easily.

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Shijiazhuang innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

entrepreneurial era, fought in the entrepreneurial market has not only after 80, more and more college graduates 90 entrepreneurs have been into the community, not afraid of difficulties and fear of dangers, they began to dream trip.

2015 in October 13th, to further support the students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, Shijiazhuang University Of Economics, Huaxin Institute and wheat commune signed a cooperation agreement to build students’ innovation and entrepreneurship center in the conference room of Shijiazhuang University Of Economics Huaxin institute. The two sides will work together to improve the innovation and entrepreneurship courses, providing innovative entrepreneurial practice opportunities, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship education, in order to reduce the cost and risk management and entrepreneurship, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, help college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. read more

How much money is needed to Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet

we have in mind the national hero grassland Tiemuzhen, surely we will not be unfamiliar. That’s what we all hang on to Gen Gi Khan. Mongolia Khan empire. Future generations to remember our heroes will be in various forms to commemorate, such as opening a restaurant with a hero. Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet is one of them.

Beijing Tiemuzhen catering Co. buffet featuring grilled fast food chain brand, is a professional engaged in the operation and management of catering franchise chain project company. With Korean barbecue, Ximeng ShabuShabu, with Chinese traditional diet characteristics, cultural characteristics of fashion elements into Western-style food. read more

Investment in hot pot restaurants should pay attention to what

hot pot as a feature of delicious, very popular in the food and beverage market, for people to bring a different cuisine, attracting more people’s attention, the market is very large. Open a hot pot franchise, there are a lot of problems need to pay attention to, we need to consider a lot. So, investment in hot pot restaurant to pay attention to what?

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Domain hot 7 in late August, the industry’s most fire corn

in August in a hot scene, mid Sina Mars domain name, Google $12 billion 500 million acquisition of Motorola mobile off the upsurge of domain name registration and other popular events, caused concern in the industry, there are still several late domain in popular concern domain, such as Fang Chuan Yi Xun will enable the domain name, Groupon domain name who is bigger who, then understand so far in late August, the tight eye-catching

domain name?

easy fast suffered Jingdong read more

Stationmaster net broadcast pseudo base station Backpackers secret QQ public beta starting a new wav

1 monster destruction note: Feng Xin had high margin to mobilize people storm technology  

yesterday, A shares had Chizha the monster storm technology released results notice is not optimistic, is expected before 2015 three quarter profit of 20 million 255 thousand and 700 yuan to 26 million 488 thousand and 200 yuan, down 15%-35%. Prior to this, the first half of its performance fell 70%, storm technology, what happened to you?

if you want to select the ten big demon stocks in 2015, storm technology can be ranked top three. Since listing in March 24th this year, the science and technology from the issue price of 7.14 yuan skyrocketing, in 40 days, the limit of 36 this stance, in May 21 reached 327.01 yuan the highest price record, or close to 50 times this year, the trading king. read more

P2P net loan is referred to the left 86 people quilt 14 million yuan

[Abstract]2014 December, the new problem platform reached 92, the monthly incidence of the problem platform from the beginning of the year rose to 5.65% in the year of 1.36%.

U.S. net loan investor list


technology news (Le Tian) January 13th news, the recent P2P industry controversy, on the former Shenzhen P2P enterprise loan beauty network accused of problems, from November 20, 2014 onwards suddenly unable to cash, 86 investors about 14 million yuan quilt.

According to media reports, more than 86 investors from all over the country gathered in Shenzhen, looking for the United States and net loan money". The loan network headquarters is empty, even the electricity had been stopped, only two men left the office equipment. Luohu Shenzhen Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigation. read more

The video site VIP, but not worth look at chicken ribs

VIP (Very Important Person) can be called VIP, advanced users, senior members, etc., in the field of network video, some people call it VIP, also known as members, in fact, the same meaning. Including Sohu, Tencent, Iqiyi video video, storm video, Youku, Thunder KanKan and many other online video platform to provide VIP services for users (you can enjoy special services), one of the most important function is that it can get rid of psoriasis advertising, but also the world a clear net.

According to the general read more