He is how to use group marketing, easy to earn about 500000 of the yearBusiness tracking away from

, but the tool application also faces the Red Sea competition, because enters the market late, the snack tool APP faces "has before the wolf, after has the tiger" the awkward situation >

now more information on the Internet, most people are looking for a simple model, directly used, the pursuit of fast track. You say again badly, too complicated, they are not on the theory too much, not in vain. Tell me more about these interesting cases. They are process, analysis and reference.

dim sum: weak market competitiveness led to the three transition read more

SEO should control the chain operations of the flow and form of surprise

in improving the keywords ranking, keyword external links is very important, and this is also a search engine to improve the site ranking a reference factor. For the webmaster station optimization is the foundation, then the station optimization is to improve, do the keywords of the station optimization is conducive to the overall site ranking and traffic improvements, today I will talk about how to carry out effective keywords of the layout of the external links, keywords layout should use what kind of layout. read more

Soft text advantages and soft Wen release address

network promotion, it is changing, many tricks, no matter what, as long as the network can achieve the effect of the promotion, then, is a good method, but the promotion methods throughout, personally feel that the most effective and useful for the promotion of soft paper, there is a saying, not a webmaster can’t write soft Wen good webmaster, thus the important.

why do soft Wen promotion so important? It comes to search engine to a principle: website domain name website weight voting principle, a domain name, the chain number, then she won in the search engine rankings more read more

Web site design allows users to fill out forms more efficiently

fill in the Internet form is almost every user’s daily experience, such as user site registration and login, shopping, etc., need to fill in various forms. In order for users to get what they want, the form becomes a form of interaction between the user’s requirements and the data needed by the website system. Then the primary goal of the form design is clearer: to fill in quickly, efficiently, quickly and easily.

design goals are clear, so how do you design forms? The following details are presented in terms of form content, organization, processes, forms, elements, controls, and interactions. read more

What is the secret of success

There are many secret

business success, reaching no one I have, I have excellent people of the realm can win in the market easily, so entrepreneurs to learn creative, in the process of entrepreneurship to inventive, efforts to create their own market.

The secret of " read more

The way to make money in a fruit store

there are a lot of people are very focused on health and health at the same time, the fruit is essential in health, as the demand of people is more and more strong, have led to a lot of investors will begin business look to the fruit shop to open it.

As for the read more

Feel the warmth of the government’s care for the poor Xining public welfare workers to send warmth

January 16th, the Spring Festival approaching, Xining City Federation of trade unions, labor and Social Security Bureau of condolences to the 30 poor workers in the city public positions, as they send grain and other necessities and money, so that they truly feel the loving care of the party and the government and trade unions.

is currently in Xining City, a total of 3470 public post coordinators, most of them older, there are old and small, husband and wife both laid off, there are children in college, with my spouse or serious illness life is very difficult. The condolences of the 30 poor workers, the City Federation of trade unions, the city’s labor and Social Security Bureau and the employing units on the basis of careful investigation and screening out. read more

Hao Peng awarded new recruits to the provincial government counselor pointed out that cherish the ho

8 30, governor Hao Peng presented letters of appointment to the 24 provincial government, the new appointment, congratulations to you.

Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong presided over the appointment ceremony, vice governor of the appointment of the appointment of Yang Fengchun. The United Front Work Department of the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the provincial government counselor, responsible comrades attended the appointment ceremony. read more

The second Lanzhou Xinjiang power supply project completed

In order to protect the second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Project on schedule put into operation, the project of power supply project to promote the second lanzhou. 19:15 on September 11th, Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway second double power supply project (Qinghai section) 330 thousand volt Menyuan traction substation charged successfully, marking the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Passenger Dedicated Line power supply project completed, laid a solid foundation for the second Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Engineering post operation play. Second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Engineering is an electrified high-speed railway, the railway artery across Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces, a total length of 1776 kilometers, of which 268 kilometers in Qinghai, is the national implementation of the western development strategy of landmark projects, but also an important part of the Eurasian Continental Bridge railway channel. Train design speed of 250 kilometers per hour. In order to ensure the normal operation of high-speed railway, Lanzhou two-line power supply project, the project has a total dry section of Qinghai beach, Xining, Ledu, Datong, Menyuan, min and 6 traction substation. According to reports, traction substation is mainly for railway passenger dedicated line electric locomotive power supply. The 330 thousand volt traction substation is the second project of Menyuan Lanzhou (Qinghai section) and losing traction substation, Xining traction substation put into operation after the third substations, which means that Qinghai has 3 traction substations in a line, to achieve a cross section of charged. As the second Lanzhou Xinjiang supporting projects, the national Power Grid Corp invested 780 million yuan in building the second Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway electrification project supporting 330 thousand volt power supply, in addition to the 6 traction substation, Qinghai electric power company needs to build 330 thousand volts in Qinghai switching station 2, extension 330 thousand volt substation station 8, the laying of 330 thousand kV transmission line 11 a total of 349.6 kilometers. At present, the State Grid Qinghai electric power company is fully deployed in Qinghai section of the other 3 of the 330 thousand volt traction station of the joint test, the elimination of lack of acceptance, etc.. According to the project operation plan, Datong, dry beach traction station will be at the end of September coming into operation; Ledu traction station is expected to put into operation in November.   read more

The north area of city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau 10 morals duty supervisor posts

recently, the 10 moral obligations of supervisors hired Seongbuk Xining city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau received a letter of appointment, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, individual industrial and commercial households, community cadres and other obligations of supervisors in the wind.

according to reports, moral obligations of supervisors will be timely feedback to the masses of the work of the inspectors comments, suggestions and requests and reports reflect the law enforcement process, law enforcement officers of law enforcement is not in place or violations of the law enforcement behavior, to supervision of the law enforcement team of law enforcement. At the same time, good supervisors can also on law enforcement major action tracking inspectors, and have the right to stop violations of law enforcement officers. read more

Wind makes our city PM2.5 concentration by half

affected by cold air, 18 at night, the wind blew in our city, the city after a night of wind baptism, the morning of the 19 day, out of the house of people obviously feel the air quality improved a lot, the sky has become bright many, the reporter learned from the municipal environmental monitoring station, to continue to plague the fine day multi day air in our city (PM2.5) concentration decreased by half.

it is understood that every January and December is the coldest month of the city, all kinds of pollutant gas emissions of coal-fired heating quantity is the maximum, without considering the external influence under the condition of the two months of the year is the annual air quality in our city the worst month. read more

Xining City, north of the State Taxation Bureau of the provincial civilized unit award

recently, the State Administration of Taxation of the north of the city was awarded the honorary title of "civilized unit" by the Qinghai Provincial Committee of civilization.

in recent years, the north area of the IRS in the correct leadership of the higher authorities, adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as the guide, the full implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, and vigorously promote the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, adhere to the "wealth for the country and law enforcement for the people of the tax work, carry out the civilized industry, civilized unit the post of civilization and other activities, and achieved remarkable results in the cultivation of good morality, practice the noble occupation ethics, cultivate harmonious relationship, civilization tax image and continuously improve the quality of tax cadres. District Office in the overall strengthening of tax collection and management, the quality of construction, construction of a clean and honest government, cadre style construction and wind construction, in the consolidation of spiritual civilization achievements at the same time, continue to develop new ideas, new initiatives launched the activities to build spiritual civilization development in innovation, innovation in development, for District Bureau of the work has played a positive role in promoting, make new contribution to the development of local economy. (author: Zhang Xiaoxin) read more

What are the footwear chain stores need to pay attention to the local location

many people after tired of life now, want to start to change their own situation, for example, open a store is also a good choice, the people want to make money, to make money, then start to do. Open shoes chain stores what preparations? One of the location of the preparation work is very important. How to open chain stores shoes? We should choose the right shop address, to do business. Next, take a look at the shoes chain stores to the site


in the shop before to do market research, know the relevant circumstances of the local population, so as to determine the footwear chain stores business etc.. How to open and chain stores? To study the local population, quantity, density, aging degree and so on is taken into consideration, analyze the data to help determine the location. read more

Three tips on running a car beauty shop

whether you are what kind of business, ultimately want to be still high interest, so in the process of operation, know some skills, car beauty shop is the same reason, so the next Xiaobian give you details about some business tips, car beauty shop!

automotive beauty shop business skills 1:

starting from the subtle, perfect no matter the service item, from each link of contact with customers will reflect a car beauty chain service level, so that operators will be the car beauty chain store every detail on the service process, as much as possible to reach or exceed customer expectations. Car beauty chain of the entire body of employees should also start from the subtle, in the service into the family and friendship, develop good service habits. read more

What guarantee 100 can make money project

entrepreneurs choose to start their own business, nothing more than to be able to earn some money, but the project on the market more species, which projects can make money who do not know. So today, the small series on the market for investors to recommend a few hundred percent of the market to make money to the project, to invest in some entrepreneurs.

software development

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How to attract customers to the cosmetics store layout

cosmetics industry is now developing momentum, open a cosmetics store is good. However, for the novice, the cosmetics store is not easy to open, the layout of the product will have a lot of knowledge. How can the layout of the cosmetics store attract customers? Appropriate decoration and layout is necessary, then the editor to share with you about the details of the layout of the cosmetics store.


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The 17 year sales revenue 27 trillion huge amounts of money to a mystery

according to the latest report shows that the 17 years around the land sales revenue reached 27 trillion yuan, but this huge account whereabouts a mystery, the use of funds released little information, people questioned the maoni.

1999 years in seventeen years, can be described as the history of China’s most rapid land capitalization era, the national land transfer revenue of about $27 trillion and 290 billion, an average of $1 trillion and 600 billion per year in.

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With the Shanghai network check, please check your web site

Receive IDC message:

1, there is no record immediately go to the record. Www.miibeian.gov.cn    there is no record of the site, and soon all were ordered to shut down. Respond to the call of policy, take the time to record. Can not be careless. In particular, the use of space and server owners, but also to pay attention to. Check your server to see if there is a leak site.

2, check the behavior of all mobile phone induced registration and page, as well as union code. This will be the focus of the rectification and inventory in July, pay attention to your site advertising, there is no violation of the union code, in particular the use of erotic screen induced cell phone registration, grab one, a penalty. Pay attention to your previous page. Movie page. Many Shanghai IDC mentioned this point. Particular focus. That page is not fit to be seen are not a lot of personal webmaster, but some webmaster speculation some non deception is not the only person "website.

3. forum in the erotic edge, no record, poor management, will be hard to check, many owners put a forum for a week without management, advertising, mass ad message everywhere, this is very dangerous, not the value of the forum and message board, to close.
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